Growing Pains

ABC (ended 1992)
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  • S 7 : Ep 26

    Growing Pains: Return of the Seavers

    Aired 10/16/04

  • S 7 : Ep 24

    The Last Picture Show (2)

    Aired 4/25/92

  • S 7 : Ep 23

    The Last Picture Show (1)

    Aired 4/25/92

  • S 7 : Ep 22

    The Wrath of Con Ed

    Aired 4/11/92

  • S 7 : Ep 21

    Maggie's Brilliant Career

    Aired 4/4/92

  • Cast & Crew
  • Joanna Kerns

    Margaret 'Maggie' Katherine Malone Seaver

  • Leonardo DiCaprio

    Luke Brower (1991-1992)

  • Alan Thicke

    Dr. Jason Roland Seaver

  • Ashley Johnson

    Christine "Chrissy" Ellen Seaver

  • Tracey Gold

    Carol Anne Seaver

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  • show Description
  • Growing Pains was sitcom originally aired on ABC from September 1985 to April 1992. It went through seven very succesful seasons with a total of 166 episodes, each special in its own way. Growing Pains was about a family of five, the Seavers, who lived on Long Island, New York. Jason Seaver was the father, a psychiatrist, who had his practice at home. (From the 1st to the 5th season) Maggie, his wife, was a journalist who worked for the Long Island newspaper in the first three seasons of the sitcom. She got a job as the news anchor for channel 19 news and worked there through the middle of the 5th season when she decided to stay at home. Jason moved his practice out of the house to an office. During the last seasons, she worked at home writing a consumer awareness column for the local newspaper.Together, Maggie and Jason raised four children. They often worried about "who would stay home with the baby" or would "be there for the kids" and the responsibility was often juggled, even fought over, between the two parents but eventually settled. The youngest, Chrissy, wasn't born until the 4th season and suddenly "grew up" from being a toddler to a five year old between the 5th and 6th seasons. The oldest of the four children was Mike. A dare-devil yet charming, Mike helped Growing Pains ratings shoot sky high and quickly became the 80's pin up boy appearing on cover after cover of teen magazines.During the 4th season, Mike moved out of the house but not too the loft above the garage. The 2nd oldest was Carol. Carol was the complete opposite of Mike. She was a straight "A" student, (a "nerd" according to her brothers), struggling with social obstacles at school, just like most teenage girls. From wanting a nose job, to dealing with the death of her boyfriend, (Sandy, played by Matthew Perry) to tolerating her roommate at Columbia University, Carol added a lot of comedy as well as a serious side to the show. Next was little Ben. Ben was a clever "con-artist" in the beginning and a little more naive during his teen years, sometimes being his brother's sidekick and other times his worst nightmare.And of course, Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio-- then only 16 years old-- joined the cast during the final season when the show felt their ratings were dropping. The Seavers, reluctantly at first, took in a homeless boy, Luke Brower. Luke was one of Mike's students at the Community Health Clinic and quickly became one of the Seavers. Luke left with his father, George, during the end of the final season to help him open up a truck stop in Tuscon. The sitcom ended before Luke ever came back; Maggie got a job in Washington D.C. which required the family to move. In the last episode, the Seaver family gathered around a picnic blanket on the floor of their empty living room, remembering all their pastimes.Theme Song LyricsShow me that smile again, (Oh, show me that smile) Don't waste another minute on your cryin', We're nowhere near the end (We're no where near) The best is ready to begin. As long as we've got each other, We got the world spinnin' right in our hands, Baby you and me, we gotta be, The luckiest dreamers who never keep dreaming. As long as we keep on givin' We can take anything that comes our way Baby, rain or shine All the time We got each other Sharin' the laughter and lovemoreless

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  • Quotes (457)

    • Jason: You know, I read an article that said two-career couples should really make special effort to always remain... frisky! Maggie: At breakfast? Jason: At all meals.

    • Mike: (walking in while Jason and Maggie smooch) What's the matter, you guys aren't gettin' enough? Jason: Mike, a lot of kids would get smacked for a remark like that. Mike: Come on, Dad. You can't hit me. You're a liberal humanist. Jason: Could be an "accident." Carol: Could be a dream come true.

    • Carol: Mike, you give new meaning to the word, "vacuous." Mike: Oh, yeah? What was the old meaning?

    • Maggie: (overhearing Mike's conversation) Mike, what is the House of Sweat? Mike: Well, it's... you know... Carol: It's that new under-20 dance club on Jericho Turnpike. Mike: Yeah, and it sounds like a great idea, Mom. It's a safe, wholesome place for teens to congregate. Maggie: And the larger the group, the smaller their brains get.

    • Jason: Now that I'm in charge at home, we can try things my way. Mike: All right! Jason: You don't even know what my way is. Mike: Sure, I do, Dad. It's a Sinatra song.

    • Jason: (on phone) No, our Mike is only 15, so he wouldn't be driving a car. I see. Maggie: What did he say? Jason: He said, "That's why your Mike is in our jail."

    • Biker: What are you in for, kid? Mike: I, um... I killed a man just to watch him die! You? Biker: (backing away) Unpaid parking tickets.

    • Jason: Mike, you probably don't remember this, but when you were three weeks old, I took you to the Mets home opener. Cradled you in my arms. Up comes Donn Clendenon, hits a shot off the left-field scoreboard to win it in the 12th. I hugged you real tight, jumping up and down. And you... you threw up in your complimentary Mets batting helmet. Mike: I'm sorry, Dad. Jason: It was my fault. I never should've let you suck that beer off my finger.

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    Notes (179)

    • The German episode title is "In schlechter Gesellschaft", meaning "In Bad Company"

    • Actress Elizabeth Ward was the original person to play Carol Seaver but they re-cast her because she didn't quite match the family. You can also see her a little bit in the police scene.

    • The German episode title is "Wer hat meinen Hund angemalt?", meaning "Who Painted My Dog?"

    • Music: Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell"

    • This is the first of Olivia d'Abo's two, unrelated appearances on Growing Pains. She can also be seen in season two's "Employee of the Month."

    • The German episode title is "Die reinste Phantasie", meaning "Purest Fantasy"

    • The German episode title is "Die Testfrage", meaning "The Test Question"

    • Ami was taught only one karate maneuver for this episode; coincidentally, she is now married to competitive-kickboxer/actor Jerry "the Golden Boy" Trimble.

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    Trivia (35)

    • The song Jason and Mike sing before they are interviewed by the news crew is "Dancing in the Dark" from Bruce Springsteen's album Born in the U.S.A..

    • Ben's middle name is given as only Humphrey. It would be extended to Hubert Horatio Humphrey in later episodes.

    • When Mike & Lisa turned on the lights of Jason & Maggie's bedroom, the first thing you can see is a picture of Maggie holding a baby. That picture will later be used for the theme song.

    • When Jason is talking on the phone with the police officer, you'll notice the address he says: "15 Robin Lane". In later episodes, the Seavers' address is fixed at 15 Robin HOOD Lane.

    • Though Ben received a dog for Christmas, it simply vanished, never to be seen or mentioned again.

    • This marks Kirk Cameron's first on-screen kiss.

    • Mike describes his mother as "tall, blonde, looks like Donna de Varona," a play on her being the real-life sister of Joanna Kerns.

    • When Maggie and Jason and Carol are talking after she won the money, When Mike and Ben sat down, Ben sat in the chair that Mike sat and Mike sat in the chair that Ben sat.

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    Allusions (81)

    • Jason: Mike, do you even know what my way is? Mike: Yeah. It's a Sinatra song. "My Way" is best known as Frank Sinatra's signature song. It was originally a French song by Claude Fran├žois and Jacques Revaux and was adapted into English by Paul Anka.

    • Maggie is heard humming the theme to Who's the Boss? at the start of this episode.

    • Maggie says, "A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do," complete with Western drawl and swagger, paraphrasing a popular misquote of John Wayne in the 1953 Western, Hondo. The real quote is, "A man oughta do what he thinks is right."

    • Mike's red baseball cap in his back pocket is a reference to Springsteen's Born in the U.S.A. album cover.

    • Maggie's editor Fred says, "Well, that's the public for you. They think we all look like Lou Grant." This refers to the news producer introduced in the Mary Tyler Moore Show who later became a newspaper editor in his own show, Lou Grant.

    • Mike: Attack of the Crab Monsters. Attack of the Crab Monsters is a 1957 B-film about scientists who discover that giant crabs mutated by atomic tests have an involvement in the disappearance of researchers.

    • This episode's title comes from the 1983 movie A Christmas Story.

    • The title of this episode comes from a poem by T.S. Elliot titled "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock".

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  • Okay show.

    By cactusjack39, Sep 02, 2009

  • Takes me back to the 80s!

    By JPPT1974, Aug 05, 2009

  • For all Time the best TV Show. French website of the TV serie :

    By growingpainsfr, Mar 24, 2009

  • Growing Pains was about a family of five who lived on Long Island, New York. Jason Seaver, a psychiatrist, who had his practice at home. Maggie, his wife, was a journalist who worked for the Long Island newspaper and later got a job as the news anchor.

    By KAF17, Aug 07, 2008

  • nice show for the family. totally 80s. Predecessor of Seventh Heaven.

    By TheAnonymous1, Apr 11, 2008

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