Guiding Light

CBS (ended 2009)
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  • S 58 : Ep 57

    Ep. #15761

    Aired 9/18/09

  • S 58 : Ep 56

    Ep. #15760

    Aired 9/17/09

  • S 58 : Ep 55

    Ep. #15759

    Aired 9/16/09

  • S 58 : Ep 54

    Ep. #15758

    Aired 9/15/09

  • S 58 : Ep 53

    Ep. #15757

    Aired 9/14/09

  • Cast & Crew
  • Lynne Adams

    Leslie Jackson Bauer (#1) (04/1966-04/1971; 07/1973-06/1976)

  • Mary Kay Adams

    India von Halkein (08/01/84-04/1987; 08/01/90-12/31/90; 11/23/99-08/25/99

  • Nancy St. Alban

    Michelle Bauer (#4) (10/27/00-11/22/05)

  • Grant Aleksander

    Phillip Spaulding (#1) (10/1982-12/1984; 12/1986-02/16/91; 03/08/96-11/12/04; 02/09/09-)

  • Michael Allen

    Michael Bauer (#1) (1957-1961)

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  • show Description
  • The late soap journalist Christopher Schemering once wrote that soap operas are not just dramas; "they're little pockets of American history." So it's only fitting to consider that at one time, The Guiding Light,-the longest running program in broadcast history, spanning 71 years-- brought fifteen-minute bits of escapism to war-weary housewives, as their men trudged off to fight the indignities of WWII. It brought social awareness to a nation that began to think about the big picture beyond their picket fences and suburban streets. Soap opera is a truly dynamic genre that reflects life as it is lived, the quintessential American art form. Although berated and belittled, the soap opera has an illustrious lineage, with no less than the books of Charles Dickens as an inspiration. Created by the legendary, if not iron-fisted Irna Phillips, The Guiding Light began its life on January 25, 1937. Originally, the show focused on the Chicagoan suburb of Five Points, a bustling enclave of German-Jewish immigrants hoping to find their own piece of the American dream. Giving them the hope and inspiration they needed was a kindly minister named Reverend John Ruthledge (voiced by Arthur Peterson of Soap fame). The Reverend's sermons of hope and forgiveness made such an impression that a bestselling book was published of his most popular homilies. The Reverend's message could be summed up by his favorite mantra from Edwin Markum "There is a destiny that makes us brothers, none goes his way alone, all that we send into the lives of others, comes back into our own." On the desk near his window, the minister placed an old lantern, a "guiding light" to those parishioners passing in the cold, hopeless night. In the 1940's the Reverend Ruthledge enrolled as a chaplain to do his part of the war effort. However, when the production of the show moved to the west coast, Peterson refused to join them, so Irna Phillips had the minister die when his plane was shot down overseas. His "friendship lamp" went too with the production move to the town of Selby Flats, California. Reverend Matthews took over for the late Rev. Ruthledge as the center of hope and inspiration. However, by the time that the show was slated to move to television, the religious undertones of the show were virtually gone and the focus was moved yet again to the family Bauer. * Guiding Light was cancelled on April 1, 2009 and the last episode aired on September 18, 2009.moreless

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  • Quotes (617)

    • Meta: Joe didn't even say good-bye to me. He told me if I ever came back, it wouldn't be because he'd ask me to come back. It was only because of Kathy that I left.

    • Reva: Here I am world! Reva Lhayne Lewis - tramp, adulteress, scarlet woman! (looks a Josh) How'm I doin', Bud? Not enough? Okay, can't disappoint Joshua! (jumps into fountain and begins to splash herself) I baptize myself "The Slut of Springfield!" Isn't that right, Joshua? Isn't that what you want people to think of me? Tell everybody to come out and watch. (starts doing a stripper dance) You like this, Joshua? Huh!? Josh: (angry) Put your clothes on, and get the hell out of here! Reva: (laughing and crying) Why! Aren't you enjoyin' this? You look at me like I'm naked all the time. You don't think I have a brain or a heart! All your dirty li'l mond sees is my body! So, here it is, Joshua! Take a look! Take a good look!

    • Ed: Imagine if someone is lucky enough to get Maureen's heart.

    • Roger: It is so strange to me how all this developed between us, but your approval of me, your acceptance , came to matter to me so much. I can live with the hatred of all the burghers in this town, I can even relish it, but I never would've been able to stand yours.

    • Dolly: It's my Independence Day!

    • Beth: (to Harley) I don't forgive you for what you did to me, but I have no need for revenge anymore. After all, becoming a Spaulding is its own kind of hell.

    • Ben: You know I didn't rape her, Ross. In your soul, you know that, and that's what really scares you!

    • Sean: (to Ben) Give me one good reason not to kill you!

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    Notes (219)

    • Note that in the early days of the soap, the show is only 15 minutes long.

    • This is the 1st Episode of the TV edition of "THE GUIDING LIGHT" on Monday June 30, 1952 on CBS-TV since the Radio edition of "THE GUIDING LIGHT" debuted on NBC Radio on January 25, 1937.

    • The song playing during the Hall of Mirrors sequence is the Donna Summer, Barbara Streisand duet "Enough is Enough."

    • The Hall of Mirror sequence is directed by Harry Eggart.

    • The Hall of Mirror sequence won critical acclaim, giving Guiding Light its first Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series for the 1979-1980 season.

    • Hillary Edson joins the cast as Dr. Eve Guthrie.

    • The Joe Cocker, Jennifer Warnes duet "Up Where We Belong" is heard at the beginning of the show.

    • Jeff Phillips (Hart Jessup) leaves the cast with this episode.

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    Trivia (294)

    • In this episode we see flashbacks of Matt and Vanessa when they were together on the island, from before they knew who each other really were.

    • -Gus was flying to Chicago, which is strange because Springfielg seems to be in Illinois so Chicago wouldn't be that far away. -Gus goes to Chicago and back in the length of ONE episode.

    • Today's episode had been reported to have been Gina Tognoni's first official appearance as Dinah Marler, however those scenes have appeared to have been cut.

    • Cassie discovers that her identity theft has been going on for years. Has she not even checked her credit card statements?

    • You mean people in Europe can't tell the difference between the real Cassie and Dinah with dyed blonde hair?

    • At the beginning of the scene set in the Spaulding boardroom, there was a picture on the wall of Phillip with a white background. However, towards the end, the picture changed to one with a darker background.

    • In today's opening credits, it showed Ellen Weston still as Head-writer and David Kreizman still doing breakdowns.

    • Kimberly Hamilton is listed twice in the credits, once as a breakdown writer, and once as a script writer.

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    Allusions (147)

    • Dinah: "Okay. Um...on the way home I want to make sure that we pick up a pint of chocolate mint ice cream and some pringles. I'm into this sweet/salty thing."
      Pringles are manufactured by Procter and Gamble, which also produces "Guiding Light," as well as "As the World Turns."

    • Gus Aitoro: Don't rule that out, because I read a spoiler in Soap Opera Digest. That could happen. This is a reference to the real-life magazine Soap Opera Digest, which has spoilers, casting news, articles and interviews, all of which are about daytime dramas.

    • The "Sanjaya" inspired mohawk is in reference to Sanjaya Malakar, a contestant on the 2007 season of American Idol, who was known for his unusual hair stylings.

    • Gus: Another great day on Walton Mountain. This is an allusion to the hit series The Waltons, in which nearly every episode had that saying in the prologue.

    • Ashlee: Will Ferrell on Ice. This is an allusion to the Will Ferrell movie Blades of Glory which was released in 2007.

    • Ava: Oh hey, it's Hugh Grant. I'm his biggest fan. Is it any good? Hugh Grant is a British movie star known for his many romantic comedies.

    • Gus: By the time Rocky gets to Russia and he's carrying the log through the snow... This quote is an allusion to the movie Rocky IV in which Rocky travels to Russia to fight Drago.

    • Coop: I wonder if I'm related to Terry Bradshaw? Terry Bradshaw is an ex-pro football player who some consider one of the greatest quaterbacks of all time.

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