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    on the off chance i ever meet my angel reva

    By reaganmillar, Jan 17, 2015

    hi I heard kim likes to hear from her fans; so ill give this a shot. hi angel reva shane. I have loved u since I was a kid growing up watching gl. I was going threw a lot of the same types of things as daisy was. and still struggling with them, but seeing it played out on tv has helped me a lot. when daisy had the abortion I was going threw similar stuff and drew strength from her and reva. it really gave me strength to see reva fighting for her kid. I really wish I could meet the imfamous reva shane. it is like my bucket list dream. reva really is breathtakingly talented. and I attest my guardian angel. I am a forever fan of kims. she was also great as mavis on d women. but it is reva that I fall in love with and dream of meeting. someday... the daisy stories helped me get over s o much in my life. I wish reva knew how much I value and adore her and how amazing I think she is. I see so much of me in daisy. it is like her character is telling my story. Reagan from Canada.


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    Are they available anywhere?

    By matrixmary, Dec 31, 2012

    recently put the first 25 episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful on their website and I am enjoying it VERY much. It makes me wonder if there is anywhere that makes the rest of the series available? Also I would love to see The Guiding Light, As the World Turns, and the original episodes of The Young and the Restless. If the networks had any smarts, now that they have cancelled nearly all the soaps they should release all of them on DVD. I think for those of us that grew up with them, they could make a killing! I would certainly be willing to buy them! As far as I know, Dark Shadows is doing well on DVD so why not some of the "normal" soaps?moreless

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    By JuneBishop, Sep 18, 2012

    I have been watching these shows since I was born please bring them back. Not everything must be real. I miss the whole cast. I grew up watching these shows with my grandmother and my mother. Now they are all gone. I always felt like they were a part of my family and I could not wait to see them again.

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    bring them back on......

    By KristinaMcCoy, Aug 01, 2012

    we miss them so much and they need to be brought back on,if you were a kid and you watched shows growing up you wouldn't want them to leave either so how about it,do the right thing cbs and bring the soaps back.....the realality shows aren't working for alot us and you may want ot think so but we really want to leave things way they were.....your well missed just ask your fans?

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    Normally I would go, "TURN OFF THAT LIGHT!" but...

    By MadameCat, Feb 11, 2011

    ...there's something about this light that's...special. It isn't a crappy teenage drama, it isn't a boring teen show like SWAC, it's been on for many graceful years, and it excited me when I saw bits and pieces of it while channel surfing. I'm wondering how it kept so many fans and still had somewhat good of a following, made it to the Guinness Book, and STILL is a household name after all these years on air. Trust me, at first glance I wanted to extinguish it, but after seeing a few episodes, I love it. Please, if you're sick of the teen drama stuff, watch Guiding Light instead...moreless

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    I'm PO CBS you get rid of GL for as the price is right come on guys...I would rather go stick my head in the sand than to sit here and watch as the price is right...Come on...Bring GL back...

    By MistyClarkson, Sep 21, 2009

    I can remember watching this show as a little girl... Being 25 almost 26, this is the only show I like watching...Now I have nothing to do being a sahm, my children love this show as well...I love seeing all of them...They are like my family...I very sad about seeing this show go...So maybe down the line here in about a couple of months you rating will go down so just maybe you guys will bring it back to us...PLEASE... Im heart broken... Reba we love you and Gosh (josh) we love you as well too... I cried when Alan died :( cant believe that happen what so ever...moreless

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    The zeal of the writers and sponsors for the young, audience spells the death knell for GL. I have enjoyed you since watching with my Grandmother during the 50's on into the 80's with my own children. Oh I wished to share you with my grandchildren.

    By CindySivula, Sep 17, 2009

    I am deeply disappointed that CBS is pulling GL. I have watched during good writing and bad for just over 50 years. I was watching it devotedly in the late 60's,70's, and early 80's losing interest when the younger (I was only 20) audiences were sought. My children have continued to watch (they're in their late 20's and 30's) and have the same complaint I had then,story lines were deleting the older, well loved/hated characters and very rarely looked back into the old stories for historical data (who was barren and miraculously gives birth etc.) The actors in most cases were excellent, the writing suffered greatly and thus killed GL. Killing Alan and sending Josh off are just two examples.moreless

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    "Will Be Missed"

    By jerseyjones, Sep 14, 2009

    Yeah well this show will end on Friday September 18, 2009 and it will be missed by me and other fans it shouldn't be taken off the air they should keep it on and just change a few things but anyway I think this show is great alot better than Y&R + B&B right now because there kind of dumb at this moment in time. Unlike those two shows I really liked all the characters except for Harley but she left a year ago. Loved this little quote they did to: "There is a destiny that makes us brothers

    None goes it's way alone And all that we send into the light of others Comes back into our own."

    Just had to add thatmoreless

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    This daytime programme has stood the test of time, but one has to wonder if time has really run out for this programme or IF this programme can rise from the ashes that recent directors/producers/writers have taken it down to?

    By maggiewhy, Jul 08, 2009

    I have watched this programme since since 1967, when I remember that it was still in black/white. Through the years I have watched unbelievable storyline come & go but I NEVER thought I would see the end of this programme. I was stunned to see that they were turning off the light for good and had to wonder if it was because of all the changes in the recent yrs. I was not, and still am not, a fan of the way the programme shooting was changed. I thought, and apparently ALOT of fans agreed with me, that it wasn't beneficial to the show. Then some of the solid staples of the show that left (ALOT of rumours were that they didn't like the changes either), yet this had happened before, but never when the show was already bleeding. This led to even lower ratings, and one would think that if the show wasn't doing well with ratings that some of the changes that had been implemented would be rethought, yet this wasn't the case. The powers that be (Ellen Wheeler and David Kreizman) did not listen to their fans, which honestly boggles ones' mind. It seemed to me that those in charge of keeping this show on the air and successful weren't interested in this any longer. Ellen Wheeler made the choice to "change" not only the setting look but major characters and focus on a younger cast. Once again she did not listen to the shows fans. I can not tell you how many message boards I visited during this time of "change" and the message was the same... THEY DIDN'T LIKE IT, yet Wheeler and head writer David Kreizman DIDN'T listen to their public. They stayed the course of the changes to the show (i.e, how it was shot as well as the storylines that were just "out there"), and even though they knew it was killing Irna Phillips lifes' work, they went ahead with "their" vision. I am very sad and angry that a staple of my life will be no more come September. This programme took me through my childhood illnesses, college exams, raising my four sons and everything else in between.moreless

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