Light Makes Right

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  • Sunni: What'll we do now without the great Gummies? Gruffi: We'll go on like always. After all, that's the Gummi way.

  • Zummi: We failed. Grammi: Failed? Why, we contacted the great Gummies, saved Dunwyn, and defeated Igthorn all in one day. I'd say we did o.k.

  • Igthorn: I've lost it all. Toadie: Don't worry. Dukie still have Toadie. (Igthorn loses his temper and chases Toadie)

  • Toadie: Why doesn't Dukamonte just burn down naughty castle? Igthorn: Because, I don't want to rule over a pile of rubble, mushroom mind.

  • Tummi: (looking at the giant Gummiscope) Boy, the great Gummies never did anything small, did they?

  • Toadie: But, your Dukieosity, it's just make believe. Igthorn: Since we know that Gummi Bears are real, it stands to reason that Gummi inventions are real too, sparrow brain.

  • Toadie: Simple Toadie loves stories.

  • Igthorn: Condemned! So this is what Gregor does to my childhood home.

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  • First Season Finale