Gummi Bears

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Quotes (335)

  • Toady: Naughty Gummies! It's dungeon time for you.

  • (Cubbi lets Loopy go with the other wolves back to the wild) Gruffi: That was a very grown up thing you did Cubbi. I'm very proud of you. Cubbi: Maybe I should have got a goldfish after all.

  • (Loopy bounces like a Gummi Bear and bounces on the poacher) Gruffi: Oh boy, now I've seen everything. A wolf that thinks it's a Gummi Bear.

  • Poacher: What luck! Two blabber bears for the price of one. Gruffi: That's Gummi Bears, you idiot!

  • Poacher: Oh, shut up, blabber bear. Gruffi: That's Mister Blabber Bear to you, pea brain.

  • Gruffi: (he finds Cubbi and is about to confront him about running away) Aha. I'm going to give that kid the scolding of his life. Cubbi: (doesn't see Gruffi yet) Look Loop, Gruffi was right. You'll never learn to take care of yourself so I've got to teach you. You gotta listen. Gruffi: Well, I'll be bounced.

  • Cubbi: Zummi. Do you mind if I have a pet? Zummi: Oh, I think that's a fine idea. A little field mouse perhaps or a goldfish wouldn't be much trouble. (Loopy knocks down some books in front of Zummi) Gah! Cubbi: Or...Uh...How about something a little bigger?

  • Cubbi: Poor little guy. We can't just leave him, Tummi. Tummi: Yeah, but Gruffi said...Uh...Something or other. Cubbi: But he's too little to be all alone. Please Tummi. Tummi: Well...

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Notes (29)

  • The show has been dubbed into the following diferent languages: -Spanish(Latin) -Spanish(Spain) -Japanese -Portuguese -Russian

  • The Series Premiere

  • The Carpies 1st. appearance.

  • Calla meets the Gummies for the first time.

  • If You Listen Closely, when Sunni sounds like Grammi, Katie Leigh is using her Rolf The Dog Voice from "Muppet Babies."

  • First Season Finale

  • The episode title is a spoof of the Christmas carol "Over the River and Through the Woods".

  • The Poacher from "Loopy, Go Home" makes a cameo as an inmate in the dungeon when Cavin has been framed for theft.

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Trivia (15)

  • When Grammi and Tummi first approach the bird on the nest, they have something in their baskets and in the very next shot, the baskets are empty.

  • When Grammi Gummi loses her "face" during the act in Never Give a Gummi an Even Break, the "human" one underneath it bears a strong resemblence to June Foray who is the real life voice of Grammi Gummi.

  • When the sculptor is putting the rabbit he caught in his wagon, you can see Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck as part of his collection.

  • Sunny is barefoot for a split second in the scene where Duke Igthorn grabs her.

  • We find out that Gummiberry Juice is not simply the gummiberries thrown together, but put in numbered amounts and finished with a secret stirring technique. If the stirring technique is done too fast, the unstable magics will make the juice explode, forcing you to start over. If you drink Gummiberry Juice minus purple gummiberries, you swell up into a living ballon.

  • When Gruffi is taking a bath, the shelf above him has rubber Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck toys.

  • Some of the bugs on the plate that Grammi is holding are wearing the same gloves that Mickey Mouse wears.

  • Zummi Makes It Hot is the first episode that deals with Zummi's fear of heights.

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Allusions (30)

  • The title of this episode is an allusion to the popular proverb "An apple a day keeps the doctor away".

  • Title: "A Gummi by Any Other Name" References a line from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Speaking about Romeo, the man she loves but who bears the name of her family's enemy, Juliet says "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet", in other words even he were not called Romeo he would still be the man she loves

  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

    The title of the second ep. is a play on the song "Someday, My Prince Will Come" from the Disney animated movie Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs.

  • The episode title "Toadie's Wild Ride" is a parody of the Disney theme park attraction, "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride."

  • Dirty Harry Duke Igthorn's mercenary, Flint Shrubwood, is clearly influenced by this recognizable character played by Clint Eastwood. His character's recognizable catchphrase, "Go ahead, make my day", is spoofed in the phrase "Go ahead, take my pay."

  • Movie Allusion: The tile of the episode is a spoof of the Spaghettie Western "For a Few Dollars More" by Sergio Leone.

  • The episode title is a spoof from the tagline of Superman Comics "Faster than a speeding bullet."

  • The episode title is an spoof of the nursery rhyme "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean".

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