A Family of Killers

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  • Elton: "There's trackers, and there's TRACKERS. Dillon's a TRACKER."

  • Hargraves: "When it come time for killin' him, I reckon I didn't have the guts for it." Matt: "Took more guts not to, Bob."

  • Crazy Charlie: "Ya know what I been thinkin'? I'm gonna cut off Hargraves' ears, dry 'em out, and wear 'em on a string around my neck."

  • Elton: "I'm a mite scared of any man that comes after me with a .45 and a hangin' rope."

  • Elton: "I think I'll learn you two boys lil' somthin' 'bout outlawin'. You don't play their game. If we went to them, we'd be playin' their game. They come here to us, be playin' ours."

  • Festus: "Them Sutterfields, they're a hair trigger outfit just meaner than a four headded rattlesnake."

  • Matt: "Will you come as a lawman?" Hargraves: "I been a lawman all my life."

  • Crazy Charlie: "The next time you're standing facing a shotgun looks like a hollow log, you tell me who's standing on the other side of it."

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