A Town in Chains

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Quotes (5)

  • Matt: Well I'm not much of a bettin' man. But if I was, I'd sure bet on something worthwhile.

  • Arlene: Save, ha ha ha. Drunks, squaslie and a cloud of hoardes could save this town better than those ridge-runners in there. You think I was raised in a shoe box or something.

  • Arlene: Yeah, them in there, they're smart. You, you had an original idea it'd blow your head off.

  • Oregon: My old man always said 'half the world was made by talking loud'.

  • Oregon: If that's a blanket then hogs wear scarves.

Notes (2)

  • Note at the end of the episode: Portions of this picture were filmed in the Coronado National Forest, Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture.

  • An interesting note - Most Gunsmoke fans know that Ken Curtis was actually a great singer - he replaced Frank Sinatra on Tommy Dorsey's Big Band. That was why he went to Hollywood. But on this episode - another actor - Med Flory (Sheriff Van Berkle) was an accomplished Jazz Saxophonist and leader of a well respected Jazz group - "Super Sax" - which took classic Jazz Solo transcriptions of Jazz Legends such as Charlie Parker, etc and voiced them for an entire Saxophone section - very intricate Jazz Recordings.