Gentry's Law

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Notes (1)

  • Guest Star John Payne (1912-89) was a classic movie star, he starred in many film classics including Star Dust (1940), Sun Valley Serenade (1941), To the Shores of Tripoli (1942), Miracle on 34th Street (1947), and Kansas City Confidential (1952). Though he starred in two television series, The Restless Gun (1957-59) and as host on Death Valley Days (1972-75), his appearance in this Gunsmoke episode was rare because he didn't usually do series guest spots on television.

Trivia (1)

  • After Matt is shot at and thrown from his horse, he rides up to Gentry's house and his face is dirty from lying face down on the ground. Then when he arrives to arrest the Gentry boys, his face is clean.