Island in the Desert (1)

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Quotes (6)

  • Ben: Gold can build or buy the devil.

  • Festus: Here it is hot enough to fry a horseshoe. Me totin' a load like this. I gotta have me a drink.

  • Ben: (singing) Ten Strike girls are fat 'n sassy, red dyed hair an' mighty brassey.....smiles and sweet talk just like honey, pick your pocket for your money.....

  • Matt: Uhmmm, good a man as Festus is, I'm worried about him this time. This Gard Dixon, 'bout the closest thing to a vicious animal I ever saw.

  • Festus: I'll find her. Us Hagens has got an eye for saloons.

  • Dixon: Deputy, if it had been you and me on that trail out there alone, you'd be crow bait by now.

Notes (1)

  • 'Portions of this picture were filmed in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Department of the Interior, National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management'.

Trivia (2)

  • This episode takes place in 1873.

  • When Ben and Festus are in the desert, you can see two white contrails from jet aircraft in the sky.