Island in the Desert (2)

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  • Ben: I'd rather die than be without it (the gold).

  • Festus: You're a mighty man, Ben Snow. But you ain't got the sense to holler suey if the hogs are eatin' you up.

  • Matt: Newly, I've known Festus a lot of years. Never knew a man who cared less for material things. If he's totin' that gold it's because somebody's makin' him do it.

  • Ben: (to Festus) You've already wasted water on him. Now you're wasting sweat on him. You're a fool.

  • Ben: Throw me the gun, Festus. Sorry to cheat you out of your hangin'.

  • Ben: (to Dixon) Now you know how a sick coyote feels when he's out of luck and friendless.

  • Ben: (to Dixon) Colder than a witch's kiss, ain't ya?

  • Matt: Least we know Festus has water now, so he might be all right.

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Notes (1)

  • 'Portions of this picture were filmed in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Department of the Interior, National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management'.

Trivia (1)

  • How did Festus manage to dig a hole to bury Dixon? He had no shovel and the desert soil is very hard.