Lynch Town

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    The Town is Lynched!

    By cooltvperson, Jan 27, 2014

    Matt Dillon is sent to a neighboring town to investigate the hanging of a crook accused of murdering a saloon gal. When he realizes that the man was innocent, he forces the drunken judge to hold an inquest trial to prove once and for all that the man was innocent.

    What do I think of this episode of Gunsmoke? Well, it was OK. It could have been a little better in the tension department, but thanks to James Arness and the supporting performance of Rob Fielder as the crook's son, this episode is a decent watch. I particularly liked the speech the judge makes on the decisions the town made. It was so compelling I gave the episode a slightly higher score than originally planned.moreless

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    The Town That Lynched Itself

    By ClassicShoppes, May 24, 2013

    The episode is fine; it's the constant ads that's annoying, too frequent & too long. If there was a way that the ads could be phased out at will this would be a dynamite site.

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