Lynch Town

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Quotes (7)

  • Rob: "One thing Jake used to always say, 'There ain't one lie outta ten anybody believes. So it just ain't worth the breath to lie. Less it can save your skin'."

  • Rob: "Bunch of dogs.....just so many bones to go around. So you gotta be quicker and slyer and better at thievin' than anybody else you get left out."

  • Rob: "Jake and me used to do pretty good in the garbage cans around high falutin' places. Once we got us a whole halfa chicken out of a garbage can. Somebody spit tobacco juice all over it. We just cleaned it off at the livery pump and ate the whole thing right down to the gizzard."

  • Doc: "You'll never die of overexercising your cerebral processing." Festus: "That's good."

  • Doc: (to Festus) "You mean to tell me that you took one of these pills every time you opened your mouth and shoveled food in there? That'd be about 28 times a day!"

  • Doc: "You know, someday I'm gonna figure out why babies always decide to get born just as I'm gettin' ready for bed."

  • Jake: "Took me a whole week to earn that $4. A whole week!"