Scot Free

Season 9, Ep 32, Aired 5/9/64
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  • Festus and Matt find a guy shot in the back. They bury him. Someone's moved into the old Whitaker place, Nora Brand, a widow. Matt talks to Nora then he and Festus leave. A guy comes out of the bedroom. Matt checks the wanted posters. He doesn't find the murder victim. Millie Scott and her six boys come to town. She asks Matt if he's seen her husband Rob. He's been gone a month. Matt asks Gert when she last saw Rob. She says over two weeks. Gert has had this cowboy who has staked a claim to her for two weeks. Nora visits the grave of the victim. She tells Rob (the bedroom guy) you should've buried him. The victim was Nora's husband. Matt asks Jim, the stagedriver, if Rob has ridden with him. He says not in over a year. Doc's taking a load of food to Millie. Doc tells Festus he's giving up doctoring and going to the gold fields. Festus plays along and says he's passed the hat and got him a grubstake. He hands Doc a bag of coins. Matt's making his rounds. Gert's in an alley. She tells Matt, Rob with a woman and they're not in Dodge. She says Rob wants to own a woman, till he does, then he moves on. Harper Pruitt tells Matt Rob has been working as a hired hand for him. Rob knocked Harper out and took $500 and a Appaloosa horse. Matt and Festus noticed the horse at Nora's. Harper says Nora and her husband looked at stock at his place. His description of her husband fits the victim. Nora meets another guy out on the prairie. They kiss. Nora pulls away from Rob. She tells him to clear out. Nora tells Matt Rob killed her husband. Matt tells Nora she better come to Dodge for her safety. Gert sees Rob come into the Long Branch. She leaves her cowboy to go to him. He tells her he's just there for whiskey. Her cowboy shoots Rob. Matt asks Rob who killed Nora's husband. Rob says she done it. Matt tells Nora Rob's dead. He tells her, he said you killed your husband. Rob figured there was was another man all along. Nora muses I didn't think he was that smart. Matt arrests Nora. Matt tells Millie to remember the good times. She says she got better than that, as she looks at her six boys.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Burt Reynolds


  • Ken Curtis


  • Dennis Weaver


  • Roger Ewing


  • Buck Taylor

    Newly O' Brien

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    • Festus: "Well, I've did all the thinkin' I'm a-fixin' to do today, Matthew. If I figure on doin' any thinkin' tomorrow, I'll leave you know."

    • "Did I ever tell you What I think about men?" "I still do" -Kitty

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