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    Ending details.

    By MrTideman, Feb 24, 2006

    Details to the ending: his father, siting in the shade of the tree up on the hill patting his dog, listens to his son's talking of taking "some responsibility" on the other side of the tree, dies a happy man, and then the son hugs his father goodbye.

    note: the $7,000 in bank notes go flying into the wind as Adam and the bounty hunter, Stark fight before the Matt, the Marshall arrives.

    -- Mr. Tideman, sorry to have not seen the first part of this episode on today 2/24/06 @ 2-3 pm, having watched the first 1/3 hour of Rbt. Stack's "Unsolved Mysteries" reference another hill story, that of The Falcon Lake UFO close encounter of "Stephen Michalak" in 1967 Canada.

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