Take Her, She's Cheap

Season 10, Ep 6, Aired 10/31/64
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  • Ma Carp tells her son Rainey, somebody ought to fix the wheel on the wagon. It's been broke for a week. Matt sees five boys. He follows them to Ma. Matt wakes Rainey to help fix the wheel. Pa wakes and comes in. Pa whines about his lack of luck. Matt meets their daughter, Allie. Matt stays for dinner. Pa offers Allie to Matt. Allie tells Matt he speaks so nice and smiles so pretty. Mel Billings shoots up Matt's office. Then goes to the Long Branch and tears it up. Matt beats up Mel and takes money for the Long Branch repair. Then throws him and his brother Loren out of town. Allie is lost on her way to Dodge and comes into the Billings' camp. She tells Mel she's going to the Marshall. Mel says he figures the Marshall owes him something. Allie reaches Matt's. She tells him it was terrible. Matt takes her to Doc. Allie didn't tell her folks she was leaving. Allie says her attacker knew Matt and was repaying a debt. Matt wakes Quint to get his horse. Matt takes Aliie to identify Mel. They find Loren's body. Matt and Allie come up on a cabin. Matt wakes Mel. They fight. Mel grabs a rifle. Matt plugs him. Matt tells Allie he's taking her back to her folks. Allie says she can please him. Allie wants him, Matt doesn't feel that way. Rainey straps on a gun. Matt tells him let's see you do something with it. Matt tells Ma, Allie is a good girl and rides off. Ma tells Allie about Ma's nice Pa and brother. With Matt that's three nice men. That can't be all there is. Aliie notices a smile on Ma. They agree to be cheerful and smile at each other.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Burt Reynolds


  • Ken Curtis


  • Dennis Weaver


  • Roger Ewing


  • Buck Taylor

    Newly O' Brien

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    • "What kind of people are you, anyway? You couldn't have been born this way, you must have to work at it!" -Matt

    • "Festus when you see me you'll know I'm back." - Matt

    Notes (1)

    • Lauri Peters was previously in the episode, "May Blossoms" (Feb. 15,1964) as Festus' cousin. She was in the films, Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation (1962), Summer Holiday (1963) and For Love of Ivy (1968). She was also in episodes of the television series, Ford Startime, The Road West, and Ghost Story. She is as talented as she is pretty, not only being an actress but a dancer and singer as well. She has acted on and off Broadway in such productions as Sound of Music,with Mary Martin and Cradle Will Rock with Leonard Bernstein, and at such major repretory companies as the Guthrie, San Diego Old Globe Shakespeare Festival, Arena Stage, McCarter Theatre and Theatre Company of Boston. She was co-founder in 1993 with Sanford Meisner of the Meisner Extention at NYU (Undergraduate Drama, Tisch School of the Arts). She is Artistic Director and Master Teacher of the Extention. She now teaches the Meisner work outside of NYU. She was married to actor Jon Voight from 1962 to 1967.

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    • jmikeh Oct 21, 2013

      Sad episode. But sweet in another way