The Busters

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Quotes (4)

  • Harve: I'll tell ya. Man ends up breakin' horses all his life, he's gonna end up with broken bones. He gonna end up with scars and weak far as busters go, we're old men.

  • Newly: (his last line of series) How about some coffee. I'm buyin'.

  • Zoe: Usually when a man talks to me it's for himself.

  • Mitch: We are gonna have a time. I'm gonna buy some whiskey, get some women. He's gonna be talkin' 'bout this two days after he's dead.

Notes (3)

  • Harvey Daley (Gary Busey) was the final character killed on the series.

  • This is the final episode for Newly

  • A Sept. 1, 1975 repeat of this episode capped off a 20-year era of TV's first prime-time western, Gunsmoke.

Trivia (1)

  • At one point in the scene where Harve is proposing to Zoe, if you look at the wagon over Harve's shoulder you can see the reins move and then the wheel goes around for just a split second.