The Iron Men

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (7)

  • Chauncey: I should kill you for that. Matt: You're one of the few men I know that might have had a chance once.

  • Kathy: (to Chauncey) But I sure would like to stick around, see how much guts you really got.

  • Hired Gunman: You don't leave a man with a lot do ya? Matt: You didn't bring a lot with ya.

  • Chauncey: You know I think it's nice the way you trust me. Matt: I never did trust ya. Just liked ya.

  • Chauncey: This is a lousey world Matt, everybody loses. I need a drink.

  • Chauncey: Matt, you dirty old horse thief you. How are you? You musta led a charmed life or else they'd a buried you years ago.

  • Chauncy: (the morning after) How's your head? Matt: Well, I'll tell you one thing - I had a hard time getting my hat on this morning.

Notes (1)

  • Matt is the only "regular" to appear in this episode.

Trivia (3)

  • John Russell, who plays evil cattle baron Carl Ryker in this episode, played marshal Dan Troop on the TV series "Lawman".

  • Although he isn't shown "under the influence", Matt gets drunk enough in this episode to be hung over the next day.

  • When Matt and Chauncey get into a fight, Chauncey has a bruise on his eye, and Matt a cut on his cheek. Both injuries last through breakfast, then are miraculously healed and never seen again.