The Wiving

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  • Matt: I guess if nobody's mad enough to press charges, not much I can do.

  • Hannah: I have never seen so much romancin' goin' on in so short a time in my whole life.

  • Jed: Shep baby broke that himself. Don't tolerate nobody else. I wouldn't get on that critter's back for store-bought whiskey!

  • Hannah: Honey, you don't have to give me reasons. Girl, I will dance at your weddin'.

  • Jed: Spirit! I like that! You remind me of my first wife! She could spit fire and spin honey! I just may come a courtin' after all!

  • Jed: (looking at the girls) "Middlin', I'd have to say middlin'. You ladies step down." Hannah: "You better do it. Crazy as he is, we don't wanta make him mad too."

  • Shep: "What he said was 'find some town women'. He didn't say how."

  • Hannah: "Ever since I took over, this place (the Long Branch) is been nothin' but trouble."

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  • The plot in this episode is quite similar to that of the 1954 MGM musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. In this case it's 3 brides for 3 brothers.