Thirty a Month and Found

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Quotes (5)

  • closing narration: Their names do not roll with the thunder of Jefferson or Paine, but between 1866 and 1882 for thirty dollars a month and found, these hard and lonely men pushed five million cattle into the heartland of a growing nation. They were the builders of this land. note: "Found" means free meals and lodging.

  • Will Parmalee: Man can't tote a house and kids around on a horse.

  • Tait Cavanaugh: Man won't go along with the railroad, he's finished. In a few short years there won't be no such thing as a trail drive. We gotta face that.

  • Quincy: You don't drive cattle boy. You push 'em.

  • Will Parmalee: He died the best way a cowhand can. Sittin' on leather.

Notes (1)

  • David Brian, who portrayed Tait Cavanaugh, was credited with a Special Guest Appearance.

Trivia (1)

  • The tombstone in the opening scene is dated 1873, but in several episodes that took place BEFORE this one, the year is 1875.