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  • Kitty: Matt it's not your worry.

  • John Wayne: Good evening. My name's Wayne. Some of you may have seen me before. I hope so. I've been kicking around Hollywood a long time. I've made a lot of pictures out here. All kinds. And some of them have been westerns, and that's what I'm here to tell you about tonight. A western. A new television show called "Gunsmoke". No, I'm not in it. I wish I were though. Because I think it's the best thing of it's kind that's come along. And I hope you'll agree with me. It's honest, it's adult, it's realistic. When I first heard about the show "Gunsmoke", I knew there was only one man to play in it. James Arness. He's a young fellow, and maybe new to some of you. But I've worked with him and I predict he'll be a big star. So you might as well get used to him, like you've had to get used to me. And now I'm proud to present my friend Jim Arness in "Gunsmoke".

  • Matt Dillon: Sometimes I wonder if there's some good men planted here on Boot Hill. On a given day, any man can be a bad man. With enough anger inside of him, he can be a killer. Take that one day out of his life and he'd have been buried in a respectable cemetery. My name's Dillon. I'm a lawman.

  • Kitty: (as Matt is being fitted for the new jacket) He almost looks fit for courting for a change. (later, in reference to the coat) Matt: So you like my new coat? Kitty: Yeah I think it's fine. Matt: Good, maybe I'll put it on for you someday.

  • I don't know what this town would do for excitement if that bay ever gets civilized.

  • You choose up sides in a hurry, when the shooting starts.

  • "No woman needs a husband like that!" -Matt

  • Chester: Somebody ought to open him up and fill him full of grass. Matt: You talk like an indian, Chester.

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  • Besides Pat Hingle, Morgan Woodward, Mills Watson, Ken Swofford and Don Collier all had each guest starred in episodes of the original series at different times.

  • This television film is actually called: "Gunsmoke: To the Last Man"

  • Pat Hingle was a regular for 9 episodes of the series as Dr. John Chapman, filling in for Milburn Stone.

  • This is the first time someone is on tv with a handicap.

  • The episode is only 30 minutes! I saw the episode on TV Land.

  • The DVD lists the episode as Night visitor.

  • Guest Star Sebastian Cabot is best known as valet, Giles French on the series, Family Affair (1966-71).

  • Virgina Arness, former wife of James Arness, has a cameo role in this episode.

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  • in this episode this is the first time we see the long branch salon

  • Two of the names on the wooden tombstones Matt walks by on Boot Hill say: Frank Gogchen 1882 and Jack K Smith 1875 The 1882 date seems to be too late, considering that Matt says in one episode that he was in the Civil War (unless he was a drummer boy).

  • when this episode was frist made for radio series the original title for this episode was called smokeing out the beatles

  • Matt wore a black hat.

  • Jase Murdock left Matt for dead as he was coming to Dodge to be Marshal.

  • When Matt walks into Doc's office after Bailey has been killed by Amos, he almost falls over (to his right). If you watch close (and in slow motion) you can see his right ankle roll over. His arms swing out in an effort to stay upright then he casually continues on with the scene.

  • This is an interesting Doc episode. He finds a "Typhoid Mary" and to prove his case, he has the man cook for him and asks Kitty to cook the exact same meat for Matt.

  • This was actually the first episode filmed, but it was decided that "Matt Gets It" would lead off the first season.

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  • Title: "Ten Little Indians" "Ten Little Indians" is a children's rhyme that was the basis for Agatha Christie's mystery novel And Then There Were None, in which ten people are trapped on an island and killed off one by one. Various movies have been made based on Agatha Christie's book, usually with the title Ten Little Indians.

  • Quote heard on Album: "We've got about an hour of daylight left..." -Matt
    This episode of "Gunsmoke" is feature in the album, Pink Floyd - "the Wall," but not in the movie version.

  • When Doc asks for Mary and Patricia's family name, the girls stammer a bit, then Mary answers, "Brady". This is probably a reference to the show, The Brady Bunch, then in its third season. Todd Lookinland, who portrayed Jake in this episode, is the brother of Mike Lookinland who portrayed Bobby Brady in The Brady Bunch.

  • .: .
    This episode is Gunsmoke's excellent take on the John Steinbeck classic, "Of Mice and Men"