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  • Doc: Why don't you take that money and invest it in something? Why don't you do that? Festus: Invest it in what? Doc: There's wonderful land values outside of Dodge. Now why don't you go out there someplace, look around, and buy yourself a lot? Festus: A lot of what? Doc: A lot! A lot of land! Festus: Well fiddle, I can't afford to buy a lot of land. You probably could the way you've been a bilking and gouging... Doc: Oh hush up! I'm trying to help you, for heaven sakes. It don't cost a whole lot to buy a little lot. Festus: What do you mean it don't cost a whole lot to buy a little, or a whole lot to buy a lot, what do you mean??? Doc: Well I mean... a little lot of LAND! Festus: But there ain't no such a thing. A little's a little, and a lot's a lot, there ain't no little lot, or lot of little, don't you see? Now you want that beer or don't you? Doc: No I'm... I'm all worn out. Festus: If you change your mind me and Newly will be over at the Longbranch having a whole lot of little beers. Now I'm buying.