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  • S 1 : Ep 29



  • S 1 : Ep 28


    Aired 3/16/04

  • S 1 : Ep 27


    Aired 6/7/03

  • S 1 : Ep 26


    Aired 3/16/04

  • S 1 : Ep 25


    Aired 8/30/03

  • Cast & Crew
  • Wendee Lee

    Black Rose (US) (.hack//Unison)

  • Kirk Thornton

    Orca (US)

  • Mona Marshall

    Kite (US) (.hack//Unison)

  • Crispin Freeman

    Balmung (U.S.)

  • Lex Lang

    Crim (U.S.)

  • show Description
  • In a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game called the World, everything is just fun and games. However that is not the case with Tsukasa. He is unable to log out of the World and, unlike other players, he can feel pain. However, he also gains a Guardian with immense power. Mimiru befriends Tsukasa and is shocked to discover his condition. She and Bear try to help but Tsukasa ends up attracting the attention of the Silver Knights, the moderators of the World. After Tsukasa's Guardian struck down their second-in-command, Silver Knight, and several other players, Subaru, the leader of the Silver Knights, though hesitant at first, calls for the capture of Tsukasa. However, as they go deeper into the mystery surrounding Tsukasa's problem, things become more complicated as the problem sprouts from the very core of the World.moreless

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  • Quotes (126)

    • Tsukasa: (To Mimiru) I can't remember..No! I haven't! Maybe..You don't need to believe me, but I can't remember!

    • Silver Knight: Is that the one reason? Tsukasa: Why? Not good enough?

    • Mysterious voice(talking to Tsukasa):As long as we walk together, I will protect you.

    • Tsukasa:Instead of dwelling on the fact that I can't log out, just think that I don't have to. After all, now I don't have to return to that ludicrous world. I like it this way...it's not so bad...

    • Silver Knight: Why do you run? Tsukasa: Because I think it's fun.

    • Mimiru: Remember you said you didn't like me before? Didn't you? Tsukasa: I did. Mimiru: Good. Because I HATE YOUR GUTS!

    • Grunty: "It is not my choice to grow up you understand, but now that I have grown up into an adult, I realize that this town is not in need of another like me. So this is good-bye."

    • Sora:Boring and smart, or interesting and foolish. What's your preference? BT:But the worst is a boring fool, like you.

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    Notes (103)

    • The episode title refers to the type of game the show is set in. An RPG (Role Playing Game).

    • First Aired on TV-Tokyo in Japan on April 3, 2002.

    • The episode title refers to Tsukasa's guardian.

    • First Aired on TV-Tokyo in Japan on April 10, 2002.

    • The episode title refers to all of the talk of how Tsucasa can stay in The World at all times and not log out.

    • First Aired on TV-Tokyo in Japan on April 17, 2002.

    • The episode title refers to Tsukasa being wanted by the Crimson Knights.

    • This episode was referenced in the novel .hack//AI BUSTER 2. In the second chapter, Albireo, investigating Tsukasa, finds him shortly after the female PKKs are killed. When he calls out to him, the Guardian and Macha slammed him against a wall. Albireo attempted to get answers out of Macha until he threatened to delete her, but she summoned a Guardian that Data Drained him. This all took place after the Guardian killed the female Player Killer Killers.

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    Trivia (38)

    • If you look at the body on the floor in the end you can see that the person is wearing a skirt.

    • The root town "Dun Loireag" can be translated into "The Weaver Guardian". The Weaver Maiden is part of a festival of Tanabata that is held on the 7th day of the 7th month.

    • Mac Anu (The city of water) can be translated into Son of a Goddess.

    • First appearance of Crim.

    • A-20 is a Twin Blade. The same class as Sora.

    • Sandy Fox (voice of A-20) is also the voice of Mistral from the .hack games and Mireille from .hack//DUSK

    • First mention of the hacker Helba, who later plays a large role in the Playstation 2 .hack games.

    • A character looking exactly like Mimiru, except donned only in green is seen in the background.

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    Allusions (9)

    • Orca and Balmung, two very important characters in the games are mentioned briefly in this episode.

    • All of the episode titles in the show refer to certain parts or elements in the given episode.

    • This episode mentions the play "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett. In the play two people wait for another person (Godot) to show up only he never does.

    • One of the questions asked in the quest that Mimiru, Tsukasa and Bear are on refers to the movie 'Roman Holiday' by William Wylers. A romantic comedy. Wherein the Princess, leaves her overbearing duties (Alluding to Tsukasa using 'The World' to escape his real life) Abandoning her old life being a success, Princess Ann becomes a different person by pretending who she isn't. (Much like Tsukasa playing a role in a Video Game)

    • When Mimiru is talking to Tsukasa, she mentions that if she had Tsukasa with her at Pachinko, she would make a lot of money. Panchiko games are for amuzement and designed like pinball machines. Pachinko parlors share the same reputation as Casinos.

    • Tsukasa's father is seen trying to convince his son's doctor to 'pull the plug' on Tsukasa. In this conversation, he bring up the name 'Nancy Cruzan' who was a popular figure in the right-to-Die movement.

    • Morganna references Hans Christian Anderson's "The Little Mermaid" when telling Tsukasa about his choice.

    • The sound upon meeting Harold, is the same sound that Mai could hear inside 'The World' in .hack//LIMINALITY.

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  • Fan Reviews (56)
  • Yes I know I'm late but I feel I should give this a review.

    By jeromemenezes, Nov 19, 2013

  • its a complicated anime which doesn't have much fighting in it if you want more fighting go play the games.

    By shadowysea07, Jun 24, 2009

  • The stepping stones to a dramatic project.

    By Kemicle, Mar 24, 2008

  • Nearly perfect in every way. A MUST-WATCH for all anime fans!

    By winter123, Mar 06, 2008

  • I feel like I wasted around 10 hour of my life watching this show... this anime doesnt present anything new, or at least new good stuff.

    By Leu-kun, Oct 24, 2007