Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

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Quotes (227)

  • Patsy: Play fair, Harry. Charlie is trying her best. Harry: You're just saying that because you're winning.

  • (Everyone picks teams until only Charlie is left.) Harry: (Not happy) Okay, I'll take Charlie. Sid: Harry, that's very un-sportsman like. Give Charlie a chance.

  • Harry: Try to kick the ball past me. (Charlie kicks the ball and it hits Harry.) I said past me, not at me.

  • Trike: Go Blue! Taury: Uh Trike, we're Red. Trike: Oh right. Go Red!

  • Soccer Ball: (calling out Harry on his bad conduct toward Charlie) I don't mind being kicked around. That's what I'm for. But there's no need to kick everyone else around as well. I'm not playing unless everyone gets to join in. Taury: Yup, the ball's right, Harry.

  • Harry: Foul! Pterence is flying. Referee Whistle: (whistles in disagreement) Sid: There's no disagreeing with the referee, Harry. Pterence is allowed to fly. He's a winger.

  • Dinosaurs: 1 2 3, jump! Harry and Charley: We're on our way to Dino World!

  • Harry's Mom: Things can always be replaced.

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Notes (6)

  • Show creator Tony Collingwood steps in for writing duties on this episode.

  • The events of this episode would seem to prove conclusively that the writers of the show are not interested in basing stories on the original Ian Whybrow Harry books. One of the books is titled Harry and the Dinosaurs Say "Raahh!", but this episode is nothing like that book. In the book, Harry's dinosaurs come with into the dentist's office. In this episode, Harry doesn't even get to the dentist until the very end and Mom says it would probably be best for Harry not to bring his dinosaurs in.

  • Blue Robot: My name is Blue Robot and this is the Blue Planet, in case you hadn't noticed. Such a magnificent color. Why don't I show you all around?

  • The troll seen guarding the bridge is the same one that stole Sid's glasses in the episode, "Look What I Found."

  • This episode takes place after the events from the past episode, "I'm On A Quest."

  • "Space Captain Harry" is the first, and to date, only two-part episode of Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs.

Trivia (42)

  • Charlie's name is misspelled as Charley in the closing credits.

  • Charlie and Harry don't enter Dino World until about three minutes into the episode and spend an unusually short time there.

  • This marks the first time the dinosaurs jumped into the bucket and shouted, "We're on our way to Dino-World!"

  • Jamie Watson, who voices Taury, the T-Rex, gives an excellent performance in this episode as Clem. Clem is a male frog with a strong southern U.S. accent and dialogue.

  • Although Sid is the smartest dinosaur, he doesn't know anything about computer technology.

  • To call Charlie, Harry dials 8070, which must be some sort of fast-dial programmed into the phone.

  • Usually, Harry says the title at the beginning of the episode, but this time Nana says it.

  • We learn that Steggy is an artist.

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Allusions (16)

  • Bend it like a Brockasaurus: this is a play on the phrase "Bend it like Beckham", which of course refers to British soccer star David Beckham.

  • The BGM played in the stadium bears a striking resemblence to "Get Ready for This" by 2 Unlimited.

  • The Ole' Ole' song sung by the dinosaurs in the opening scene is a traditional European song normally sung during soccer matches.

  • Clem, the frog guest character in this episode, reappears as a cameo character without any dialogue in the episode "I Can't Find My Favourite Sock!" later on in the series.

  • Harry says "To the dino-mobile!" in this episode, a sure reference to the batmobile seen in the various Batman movies and TV series.

  • Old Saxon asks Harry why music isn't any fun and calls him Harry B-Dary Carry. This may be a clever reference to the late Chicago Cubs announcer Harry Caray.

  • Harry's nose growing really long is probably a Pinocchio reference, although Harry wasn't doing any lying at the time.

  • Harry's shouting "He's alive! He's alive!" after activating his robot dinosaur creation is an obvious reference to cheesy Frankenstein / Frankenstein-type films when Dr. Frankenstein (or some other mad scientist) cries "It's alive! It's alive!" after the monster comes to life.

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