Sound of Trumpets

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Quotes (1)

  • Writers: Larry Forrester, Robert Pirosh Quote 1 ORWELL, voiceover: When they tore down my house in San Diego to made an empty place for a new high-rise, I felt they were trying to tell me something. So I decided to stay in Santa Monica.... Quote 2 CLARENCE: Hey, listen, that musta been a quite a party over at Ziggy's last night. They say you pulled some ol' drunk out of the drink. ORWELL: A special ol' drunk. Name's Art Sully. Ever heard of him? CLARENCE: The Art Sully? You aren't putting me on? ORWELL: I throw the nobody's back, Clarence. Quote 3 ORWELL [on the telephone]: ….How about the loaner? CLARENCE: That's not what I was looking for, Harry. ORWELL: Clarence, are we having the same conversation? CLARENCE: You know we sometimes give a loaner to a customer when he leaves his car here. Your car is not here, Harry. ORWELL: Well, it's not here either, Clarence. That's why I need a loaner. CLARENCE: Well, where is it? Orwell: I don't know where it is. CLARENCE: You're getting careless, Harry. ORWELL: Somebody stole it. [hears Clarence laughing] Clarence, that's not funny. CLARENCE: Petty theft never is. Quote 5 ORWELL: He used to be a bouncer at the old Sapphire Club…He was still working there at the time of the Reisman killing. It was a knife killing. TRENCH: [That was] Twelve years ago, Orwell. I didn't know you collected antiques…apart from that car of yours.