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    By thefanof, Oct 30, 2011

    Harry's Law returned with a bit of a new look. They have a shiny new office, some new associates and no more Malcolm (thankfully.) But the same attitude is there that has always been there.

    We start off with one case that could easily be seen on an episode of The Good Wife with Harry defending a man who all the evidence points to having killed his wife. That storyline did not conclude though as the show is experimenting with multiple episode cases. This is not as good as Damages, but let's see if it works out for the show.

    The other case was something absolutely ridiculous with an artist suing the guy who bought his painting because he changed it. I wish I could make this stuff up.

    Solid start though. Let's see if viewers get behind it.moreless

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    What happened?

    By gmmace, Oct 30, 2011

    Wow, I liked this show's first season, but now I feel like I'm watching a competely different show. All the charm of the small office/shoe store in a not-so-great part of town is gone. Instead of walk-in clients and helping out the little guy Harry is now part of a big corporate firm. I love the relationship between and Tommy, but everything else seems to have changed. In the first season, Harry took cases because she wanted to and really seemed to enjoy what she was doing. In this opening show of the new season Adam was in just a couple scenes, Jenna in just one passing scene, and Malcolm was mentioned, but didn't appear at all. From reading some other articles on the internet, both the Malcolm and Jenna characters have been dismissed from the show. I doubt Damien will be walking into Harry's new high-rise office since she's moved out of the neighborhood. Too many changes. Sorry, but I'm deleting my Season Pass to this show.moreless

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    Too many changes all at once

    By karlmeszaros, Oct 30, 2011

    I loved this show from the get go and was looking forward to the new season. I knew there would be cast changes, having read about them but I didn't know about the new law offices. How do we get from the shoe store to suddenly having a small army of staff? I found it to be too much of a leap. I was never a fan of Brittany Snow's character and if Cassie is the replacement, I like the change. I'm not sure about trading Malcolm for Oliver, but I do like the character so far.

    I would hope Adam gets a bigger role in future episodes and I would love to see more of Rachel. That relationship was a big part of Season 1.

    I enjoyed the artist case. It was well written and had the feel-good ending that makes this show charming. The other, the multi-episode case I'm not so sure about. If Roseanna is replacing Josh Peyton and/or Kim Mendelsohn, it's a downgrade. She is way too mean and vindictive and there's enough of that in life without introducing it to that level in a TV show.

    All in all, it's not awful, but it's just too much all at once. Hopefully as the season unfolds, the new cast will mesh well.moreless

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