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    Anxious Near Dixieland

    By yahwehsprince, Sep 15, 2014

    I LOVE this show! When does the 4th season premiere?

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    Seriously love this show.

    By shelllynn22, Jul 08, 2014

    I love this show because it doesn't make us southerners look like hicks and hillbillies. The characters are laugh out loud funny. I didn't start watching it till in-between season 2 and 3 and I downloaded it and watched it straight through, then I brought it to my husband, he laughed so hard he almost stopped breathing a couple of times, hehe. Then we took a vacation to see the family a few weeks ago and we all sat and laughed again. My fav episode will always be 'heat wave' from season 1 though. Anyway, I love that they make jokes about the south without being ridiculously over the top and insulting. It helps that the Hubby and I fight over who is hotter, I say Wade, he says Zoe! Lol. It will be depressing if they only give us 10 episodes this season and end the show, but I am kind of used to the CW canceling shows not long after I take an interest in them.moreless

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    Would be great if any couple lasted more then a couple of months.

    By gailscarfino, Jun 30, 2014

    It is very frustrating the way everyone goes through relationships. It's okay to make a few actually work. It's way to predictable to know in advance that each relationship is going to run about a half a season before the couple breaks up, not to mention its unrealistic, that every relationship end in a break up. And then of course a couple of months later they are friends again as if they never had feelings for each other. Everyone has dated everyone now. It's time for some to stick together.moreless

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    Hart of Dixie Fashion

    By shilainc, May 12, 2014

    Checkout the Fashion of Hart of Dixie Brasil here

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    Hart of Dixie the adult Wonderland

    By lisagallaghr, May 10, 2014

    This show is great as pure escapism. I find Bluebell so abstract and unrealistic it meets all my imagined expectations of every American small town that you hear about in a Taylor Swift song. I want to go there and be friends with Dr Zoe Hart. The smart, controversial and quirky girl next door. (literally to Wade and Lavon) It fuels my desire to unveil whether or not people can have their happier ever after. I agree with many of the comments on this page that season three hasn't met the same standard as season one and two however I disagree that it is due to Joel or not enough action happening. It wouldn't have been good to see Zade back together as it would have been depressing and too repetivive to recap on a relationship that didn't work. Hart of Dixie brings a smile to every viewer due to its optimism, positivity and wholesomeness. Town bake sales, southern belles and inter town athletics competitions are all alien and fascinating to me. I want to know more after every episode(even in season 3) The storyline is overflowing with events and cunning plots, thank you Lemon. I agree with many of you I did not like Joel at the beginning but he grew on me more and more when I saw that he was really good for Zoe, you could tell this person was the only person so far who could deal with her crazy plots and plans and loved her anyway. It was the first stable relationship we have ever seen Zoe in and she shone as a result. I found it very realistic and affirming to know that even when you think your options are limited, there are always more fish in the sea. Dredging up the past is not something we, as human beings, enjoy. To sum up, I love Hart of Dixie. Please keep the adult Wonderland of Bluebell as perfectly perfect as it is already.moreless

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    Love it!

    By 4a-second, Apr 19, 2014

    just love this show! It brings me joy,it makes me smile and my heart warms whenever I watch it. It feels good to have a show like this to look forward to when there are so many other shows that are so dramatic/hectic/dark a time there I had lost hope for it,in the beginning of this season the show seemed to lose its touch. But these last 3 episode where just wonderful and I just l-o-v-e how the friendship between AB, Lemon and Zoe is evolving. It reminds me of my girlfriends. I love the actors, the vibe, the music, the setting, the clothes and the themes. Thank you for putting a smile on my face on a otherwise boring saturday morning!moreless

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    bad luck

    By mariuswilfredbotha, Apr 06, 2014

    I hate the way joel has left I would love to seen him and zoe together. wade had his change and he blew it joel and zoe didn't have a connection but they have loved each other I don't like the woman that wade is seeing it will be better if she left

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    bluebell is back!

    By alyssaschroeder754, Apr 05, 2014

    The passed few episodes have been amazing! We're finally getting back to the old Bluebell! Joel has left & the show is back on track. Everyone start watching again! It's getting good!

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    Bluebell Bollocks!

    By jamjaw, Apr 02, 2014

    My friend and I started watching season 1 and got instantly hooked. Season two had us hanging by the seat of our pants and we couldn't wait to see what was going to happen in season three, however......... the introduction of Joel was very disappointing, Zoe may as well be dating her brother, as that is the amount of chemistry between them, unless of course your Angelina Jolie. Bring back Zade!!!

    Wade has lost all his charisma and charm and George Tucker is now a lifeless "Booner" with no real storyline to his character anymore.

    Lavon has obviously been using estrogen patches and now just annoys us with his constant need for attention about his failed relationship with AB and every other relationship he has had. Bring back "Labeth"

    AB is the one for Lavon however it would be nice for Lavon to have to woo her back in that old fashioned Southern manner.

    We like what you have done with Lemon, she has a little zest and character now and she is not as pent up anymore.

    Now Tansy, while she has a sweet side, her intelligence is that of a wombat, "eats roots and leaves"

    If the writers continue down this current path with the characters, season 4 will be dismal and I guess we would say goodbye to Hart of Dixie and G'day to "Bluebell Booners"


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    My Harts not in Dixie

    By Annare1959, Mar 23, 2014

    What a disappointment this season has been. Why is Joel on this show and when will he be off the show. He's out of place, but that doesn't help make him likeable. The 1 thing he has going for him is that he moved to Blue Belle but really how long can that carry him? This show is bringing on new people and getting rid of them almost as fast as The Walking Dead is. Wade and Zoe were great, but his new gal pal, lacks a back story and they show so little of her that's it hard to get bonded. Lemon was missing for several episodes and the story line suffered from it. In fact, what is the story line now?! Hope they do better next season or it will be the end of them for me.moreless

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