Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

Cartoon Network (ended 2007)
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  • S 4 : Ep 8



  • S 4 : Ep 7

    The Death of Harvey

    Aired 7/22/07

  • S 4 : Ep 6

    Juror In Court

    Aired 7/15/07

  • S 4 : Ep 5


    Aired 10/30/06

  • S 4 : Ep 4


    Aired 10/23/06

  • Cast & Crew
  • Gary Cole

    Harvey Birdman, Judge Hiram Mightor, Various

  • John Michael Higgins

    Judge Mentok the Mind-Taker, Various

  • Stephen Colbert

    Myron Reducto, Phil Ken Sebben, Various

  • Thomas Allen (II)

    Peanut, Various

  • Peter MacNicol

    X The Eliminator

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  • show Description
  • Feel The Power... OF ATTORNEY! Once, he was known as the aviary superhero called simply Birdman (during the 1967 Hanna-Barbera series, Birdman & The Galaxy Trio). Along with his specially trained pet eagle, Avenger, he fought crime as many others before him, and many others following him, did. Eventually, Birdman fell on hard times, and the hero route went by the wayside. He soon shot a pilot for a talk show (which eventually became Space Ghost Coast To Coast) but it too failed to go anywhere for him as he was (obviously) replaced by Space Ghost. Finally, at some point, Harvey Birdman was inspired to become a lawyer. Now, as an attorney, he represents his fellow former Hanna-Barbera cartoon stars, in a variety of strange cases. With opposing council made up of his former villains, the Judge a prehistoric superhero named Mightor (of the 1967 series Mighty Mightor) and his pet/partner Avenger working as his personal secretary, Harvey tackles the cases only a guy in a business suit with a mask & large wings can! Regular characters on the show include Reducto, Potamus, Peanut, Gigi, Mentok the Mindtaker, Phil Sebben and several opposing attorneys.moreless

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  • Quotes (195)

    • Vulturo: Would you mind telling me if Johnny and Hadji know how to play baseball? Dr. Quest: Why, I'm not sure. Vulturo: I see, you're not sure. Dr. Quest: No, no, wait, wait a second. Yes, I lectured them several months ago because they were hitting a small white spheroid with a cudgel bouncing it off the tractor beam housing, of all things!

    • Harvey: Your dad and Race were..."buddies."

    • Dr. Benton Quest: Since I know he'll never do it himself, I'm going to step right up and toot Mr. Birdman's horn. [Harvey backs up, uncomfortable] Dr. Quest: Way to go, Harvey. [Bandit barks, and is picked up by a swooping Avenger] Dr. Quest: You too, Bandit [Everybody laughs. Dr. Quest pats Harvey's butt and he stops.]

    • Harvey: I have to tell you, Zin's robot was perfect. I can't think of how he could have done it other than using a life-sized body mold of you, Race. But where would he have gotten one of those? Bannon: Yes. Where, Race? Tell us where. Race: Er, fellas, guess what. Bad connection. High-pitch man's voice: Race, come on sweetie! Race: I'm going to have to sign off.

    • Harvey: I want you to know that your father loves you both very much. Jimmy: But he throws like a girl. Harvey: So did Martina Navratilova but that doesn't mean she wasn't macho in many other important ways.

    • Bannon: I treasure them. I love them dearly. And when I'm not working on my projects like a way of accelerating particles to subsonic speed using just magnets, for instance... Harvey: Thank you, Dr. Quest. Bannon: ...wave forms, constant rate... Harvey: Nothing further! Bannon: ...sum, which surprisingly equals the mass of the atom and, seperating them by weight, we should see...transforms into hippie...magic! Judge: Shut up, you weirdo.

    • Harvey: Dr. Quest, tell us a little about your relationship with-- Bannon: Well, Race and I met one night-- Harvey: With your boys.

    • Judge: State your first name, your last name, and occupation. Lizardman: Lizardman, Lizardman, and erm... lizardman.

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    Notes (94)

    • Harvey works for the Sebben & Sebben law firm, the name of which is a play on "7&7", an alcoholic beverage made from Seagram's 7 and 7-Up.

    • The show was originally going to be part of a series of "Adult Cartoons" that would air once on a special night. However, after looking at the content and seeing the other shows they had setup, the light turned green for more episodes to be made. Along with Sealab 2021 and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, this show was responsible for the entire concept of Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.

    • The pilot was produced by the minds at CN's Atlanta studio "Williams Street" and animated at J.J. Sedelmaier Productions in New York City. It moved on to new studios afterwards.

    • Debuted in a "stealth" airing in late 2000. It was largely the same as the regular version, save for a few dialogue and musical differences.

    • On the Volume 1 DVD commentary track, Erik Ritcher tells that when Apache Chief picks up the telephone pole, it changes color. This is a tip of the hat to the old animation style where the color would change on objects when it shifted from being a background object to a prop on the cells.

    • This episode was poorly produced by the original crew who started the episode overseas. The producers saw the condition of the episode, took it back to the US, and finished the product themselves. Due to this, some of the animation is poorly done, and the audio is blairing.

    • The Multi-Culture Pals: Apache Chief, Black Vulcan (that's Supervolt!), Juan Gigante, The Negotiator & his super-sidekick, Pitseleh, the French Tickler, and Jesse Jackson.

    • The reason the only Superfriends who appear are Apache Chief, Black Vulcan, and Zan fron the Wonder Twins is that they were all created for "The All-New Superfriends Hour," and such are owned by Hanna-Barberra; saving the red tape and editorial approval that would be needed from D.C. Comics for any of the more famous Superfriends.

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    Trivia (57)

    • Judge Mightor's Lexus' licence plate says HORN GOD.

    • At the very start of the episode when Dr. Quest and Race are talking, there is a pink mug sitting on the oven. When Race picked it up, it's black with "Worlds Best 2nd Dad" written on it. When he puts it back down, it's pink again.

    • Judge Mightor asks the Lizardman what his first name is to which the Lizardman replies "Lizardman". Later on, the other Lizardmen call him "Bill".

    • When Harvey and Dr. Benton first meet, Avenger is typing something on the typewriter - the typewriter carriage actuallys goes the wrong direction. It should go to the left, not the right.

    • Settings on Reducto's shrink gun: Small, Smaller, Smallest, Teensy, Wee, Titlin', Kleiner, Frappe. He shrinks Birdman on the Titlin' setting.

    • When Apache Chief walks into Harvey's office, we hear a Star Trek sound effect of a door opening. But wait... Harvey's office doesn't have that kind of door there.

    • So apparently theres a bunch of smoke coming out of the car when Shaggy and Scooby get pulled over, but the real life footage shows nothing coming out.

    • When the typewriter is first seen in the cave, it has paper in it, but in the next shot, the paper mysteriously disappears.

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    Allusions (241)

    • Cumulus, the Storm King: There's a picture hanging on the wall of Harvey's office, in which Cumulus is giving Birdman some sort of plaque.

    • Mightor: Mightor is a caveman superhero and the "first" superhero to live in the stoneage, the show aired on CBS as the Mightor and Moby Dick show.

    • Martina Navrátilová: Is a former World No. 1 woman tennis player. Navrátilová became one of the first major sports stars to announce that she was a lesbian.

    • Dr.Vult/Vulturo & Dirth, the Vulture Bird: Dr. Vult has created a costume to counteract Birdman's powers. He also created a mechanical bird named Dirth to combat Avenger. Vulturo was hired by FEAR to destroy Birdman. Vulturo appeared in two episodes of Birdman.

    • Harry Chapin - Cats In The Cradle: Harvey saying "Hmm... The cat's in the cradle, and the silver ball..." is a reference to the song "Cats In The Cradle" by Harry Chapin.

    • Johnny Quest: The characters of Jonny Quest, Dr. Benton Quest, Hadji, Race Bannon, the Lizardmen, Dr. Zin, the various other villains, and of course, Bandit, are best known from the 1964 series, Johnny Quest.

    • Number One, Leader of FEAR: The bartender at The Bird Cage is no other than Number One, the Leader of FEAR from the old Birdman cartoon. He appears frequently in other episodes at the bar.

    • Reducto: Introduced in this episode is Reducto, originally a mad scientist who has created a reduction ray. He uses this ray to demand money from Central City or he will shrink it's size. After being defeated by Birdman he is shrunken down to microscopic size. Reducto appeared in one episode of Birdman.

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