Have Gun - Will Travel

Lady on the Stagecoach

Season 2, Ep 18, Aired 1/17/59
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  • Paladin is traveling on a stagecoach with four others, one of whom is Della White Cloud, the educated daughter of an Apache chief. The stage is also carrying a strongbox full of gold, which Ed Rance wants.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Richard Boone


  • Steve Fisher

  • Guy de Maupassant

  • Sam Rolfe

  • Richard Whorf

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  • The ugly issue of prejudice is raised in this episode--and they avoid any pat answers at the end.

    By dkhenderson1, Oct 23, 2008

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    • Mrs. Grayson: Is that woman riding on the same coach with us? Stationmaster: Yes, ma'am. And so is this gentleman. Paladin: Paladin. Stationmaster: Uh, this is Mr. and Mrs. Grayson. (Paladin murmurs an acknowledgement) Mrs. Grayson: How do you do? Stationmaster: And this is Mr. Barnes. He's a representative of the biggest feed store in St. Louis. Mrs. Grayson: Well, can't you arrange to have her stay over until the next coach? Stationmaster: Why? Paladin: That's a fair question. Barnes: Well, you see, it's not that we mind, but, after all, we do have a lady riding with us. (Holds out some cash) I'm, I'm sure you understand. Stationmaster: But, Mr. Barnes, you paid for your tickets yesterday! Paladin: Are we just about ready to roll? Stationmaster: Yeah, right away. Paladin: Thank you. Excuse me. (Turns to Della) May I escort you to the coach? Della: Thank you. Paladin: I like to be of service to a lady, the pleasure is always mine.

    • Paladin: "You have many enemies, who know not why they are so, but like the village curs, bark when their fellows do". Della: Henry VIII, isn't it? Paladin: That's right. Della: "If you have no enemies, it is a sign Fortune has forgotten you". Paladin: Well, I see your education in Shakespeare has not been neglected.

    • (The outlaws bring in the strongbox) Barnes: See, that's, that's all they wanted. I'm glad I told them where it was, it's bought us all our lives. Paladin: It's bought us all a common grave, if this man is Ed Rance. Rance: You know me? Paladin: I know you--by reputation.

    • Rance: Who's this? Paladin: That's Della White Cloud, she's the daughter of an Apache chief. And bad totem for you, Rance. Rance: Ma'am? You're just about the prettiest thing I ever did see. Prettiest thing ever. Now, ma'am. You ain't got no cause to be scared of me. None at all. Paladin: Rance, did you ever see what happens to a man who touches an Apache girl against her wishes? It takes him a week to die, and him praying for death every minute. Barnes: Nonsense, she's just an Indian. Take her, and the gold, let the rest of us go--(Rance punches him) Rance: (To Grayson) You sit down. (To Barnes) Ain't you ever learned proper respect for a lady?

    • Barnes: Talk to them! You talk their language! Paladin: You talk to them, they understand yours better.

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    Notes (1)

    • Dolores Vitina has been credited elsewhere as "Vitina Marcus", or simply as "Vitina". She is probably best known as "The Girl from the Green Dimension" on two episodes of Lost in Space.

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