Have Gun - Will Travel

Silent Death, Secret Death

Season 5, Ep 29, Aired 3/31/62
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  • Episode Description
  • Paladin is hired to locate Courtney Burgess, who has the reputation of being something of a cad. The only clue is a letter sent to his sister in Sacramento seven years previously. Paladin's search leads him to a lonely fort with two survivors, the threat of typhoid, and an impending Indian attack.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Michael Pate

    Chief Tamasun

  • Johnny Western

    "Ballad of Paladin"

  • Albert Ruben

  • Shug Fisher


  • John Holland

    The Colonel

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    • (A woman has requested that Paladin search for her missing brother.) Paladin: You suspect violence. Arthur: Mmmph. With brother Courtney the victim? It's hardly likely. Beatrice: How can you say that? Arthur: Because I've encountered hundreds like him. This nation has produced a bumper crop. The Bad Check Fraternity. Brotherhood of the I.O.U. Beatrice: That's not being fair-- Arthur: I'm being honest. That's what Mr. Paladin needs, honesty at this end. If not at the other. The quick smile, the empty promise, the moist handshake, that's what you look for. And when you feel the sudden thrust of a knife between your shoulders, that's when you know you've found Courtney Burgess. Beatrice: My husband's merchant's mind fails to acknowledge that--some men are born special. Destined for more than...keeping ledgers.

    • (Paladin enters a room and gets attacked from behind. He throws the man back, and draws.) Hodges: You must be fond of that gun. Paladin: I've grown attached to it. Hodges: You gonna kill me? Paladin: Should I? Hodges: Well, if you're takin' a ballot, I vote no. It's the Colonel you've come for, I suppose. Paladin: Now, how would you know that? Hodges: Well, Mister, everybody comes lookin' for the Colonel, it's a regional sport, like lacrosse.

    • (Paladin examines the man behind the desk.) Paladin: This man isn't drunk. He's ill! Hodges: Typhoid. Paladin: Typhoid? Well, that'd account for the empty water barrels, but what about those three in the orderly room, now typhoid didn't take them out. Hodges: Oh, would you believe it, out of a company of twelve, all but those three defected? You know, once Nature turns on Man, it ain't but a hop, skip, and a jump 'til Man turns on himself.

    • Paladin: Well, this man's sick. He needs a doctor, he needs medicine.
      Hodges: There're folks in Hell who need an ice water.

    • Hodges: Hope you brought a horse. Paladin: Only as far as the woods. Hodges: I don't hear anybody layin' railroad track. How you plannin' to bust out of here? Paladin: That's a good question. How are you? Hodges: As long as Tamasun doesn't attack, I, there's hope. I'm still alive. Paladin: Well, he knows this fort is unprotected, what's holding him back? Hodges: A healthy fear of typhoid. That's my little ace. I ain't played the big ace yet. Paladin: No horses, no water. Two hundred miles from nowhere, besieged by hostile Indians and fever. What are you saving it for? Hodges: You play your hand. I'll play mine.

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    Notes (1)

    • Filmed on location in Bend, Oregon.

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