Have Gun - Will Travel

The Brothers

Season 5, Ep 11, Aired 11/25/61
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  • Episode Description
  • Bram Holden killed Edna Raleigh's husband, and Edna wants revenge. Armed with an grand jury indictment, an arrest warrant, an order for arraignment, and documented evidence, she asks Paladin to travel to the outlaw town of Thornburg and either kill Holden or bring him back for trial. Paladin naturally elects to bring him back, unaware that there is a deluded old man in the offing, who is convinced that Holden is his evil brother Arnie.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Paul Hartman

    Possum Corbin

  • Sam Rolfe

  • Herb Meadow

  • Peggy Stewart

    Edna Raleigh

  • Johnny Western

    "Ballad of Paladin"

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    • Hey Boy: Mr. Paladin. (Shows him his own card, with a brief note on the back) Paladin: Hey Boy. Where is E.R? (Hey Boy gestures into the lobby) Hey Boy: The sage Yung Ti has said that a man who is blind, may yet scent the truth. (Holds card up for Paladin to sniff) Paladin: Well, Yung Ti was obviously a man of some discernment. Hey Boy: Yes. Maybe. But he was killed by jealous husband.

    • Paladin: Evening.
      Edna Raleigh: Good evening.
      Paladin: Perhaps you'd share a liqueur with me?
      Raleigh: I'm not here to enjoy myself, Mr. Paladin.
      Paladin: No?
      Raleigh: Would you--would you kill a man named Bram Holden for me?
      Paladin: Bram Holden? Bram Holden of Thornburg? No. No, I don't take money for killing men, and if I did, Bram Holden would be one of the last I'd try.
      Raleigh: Now, listen. Two years ago in Fredrickstown, he beat my husband to death with a roofer's hatchet, and he's never been tried for this. Here is an indictment from a grand jury. This is a warrant for his arrest. This in an order for arraignment. And there is documentary evidence to him. Now, what is Thornburg, a foreign country? They say that none of these things are any good in Thornburg.
      Paladin: Not without a passport from Bram Holden.
      Raleigh: All right. I'll be completely honest with you. I have paid two men to try and kill Holden. Now one of them tried, and I--I haven't ever heard from him. And the other one just took my money and left. Now, Mr. Paladin, you are my last hope.
      Paladin: Thornburg is a foreign country. And Bram Holden is its king; you tried to pay for the assassination of a king in his own stronghold.
      Raleigh: Then, uh, you won't do it either, huh?
      Paladin: No. No, I won't kill him. But I will bring him back for trial.

    • Possum: That's a hundred-percent goat-milk broth. Curdled it right in here myself. You see if that don't perk up the hairs on ya. Tasty, ain't it?
      Paladin: Well, that does have quite a taste. You got my guns?
      Possum: Stowed away tight inside. I ain't exactly the trusting type. I wouldn'ta come by the name Possum if I was. You'd have been cooked dead before another sun fell. Him, too. He's still ticking. You or him the lawman?
      Paladin: Neither one.
      Possum: Ah, make no never mind to me. 'Nother swill of this?
      Paladin: No thanks. Prospecting?
      Possum: Manner of speaking. But you wasn't.
      Paladin: No. Possum, what's the nearest point of civilization?
      Possum: Oh. Puma Gulch. Trading store there. 'Cept I ain't headin' that way.
      Paladin: I'd be happy to pay you.
      Possum: No.
      Paladin: Three hundred dollars?
      Possum: No.
      Paladin: Five hundred dollars? (Possum brings out a heavy book)
      Possum: Well. Ah. Delphinium Encyclopedia of Knowledge. Bought the whole set off a salesman in Tucson. I read me up to the "N's" before my eyes watered out. Maybe you or him might read me along the way?
      Paladin: Thousand dollars?

    • Possum: Want some crawlie stew? Plenty of good white lizard meat in it. Paladin: Not right now, thanks.

    • (Holden panics when Arnie fetches out an ax. Paladin knocks the ax out of his hand, and Possum snatches up his gun and shoots Holden.) Possum: Huh. Don't matter now if they hang me four times over. Now that I done the one thing I've been living to do. You gonna take me in? Paladin: Yeah. Possum: Will ya read to me outa my books on the way in? Paladin: Yeah. I'll read to you outa the books.

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