Have Gun - Will Travel

The Moor's Revenge

Season 2, Ep 15, Aired 12/27/58
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  • Episode Description
  • Shakespearean actors are going to perform in San Diego during their roundup. They are in for a rough reception. A lovesick gunfighter is among the audience. The show's promoter hires Paladin to keep the peace.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Patricia Morison

    Victoria Vestris

  • Sam Rolfe

  • Julian Claman

  • Morey Amsterdam

    Lucien Bellingham

  • Richard Shannon

    Ben Jackson

  • Fan Reviews (1)
  • Shakespeare helps to tame the West in an episode that is sheer delight.

    By dkhenderson1, Oct 22, 2008

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  • Quotes (9)

    • Bellingham: Now, look, you're into me $500. I'll make it $1,000 if they stay in town and do the show tonight. Paladin: I can try. Bellingham: And remember my establishment has to remain in one piece. Paladin: Well, that could happen. Bellingham: And I've gotta be here, too. And alive, besides.

    • Paladin: Hello, Ben. (Long pause) Ben: Paladin. Nobody gun you down yet? Paladin: They keep trying. Ben: Good luck to them.

    • Charles: When (Paladin) began issuing orders in that tone of voice. I came close to striking him, if you hadn't held my arm. Victoria: I did? Charles: Yes.

    • Paladin: This is not a theatrical costume I am wearing. This isn't a toy. It's a gun. There are six bullets in it, possibly six lives, and it's part of my working gear.

    • Jackson: How much you paying? Bellingham: Oh, roughly $100. (Jackson glares at him) Uh, roughly. Smooth it out, it's more like $500. That's it, $500. Uh... $1,000. Jackson: Then that's what I'm getting. Bellingham: Now, wait a minute, Mr. Jackson. You gotta let a man put by a little money for his old age. Jackson: Maybe you won't need it. I'll take the job.

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    Notes (1)

    • Vincent Price stood 6'4" and seemed to tower over R. Boone in a scene in which they both leap to their feet from their places at a dining table.

    Allusions (1)

    • The Shakespearean actors were based on an actual acting couple, although the timing is roughly forty years previous to Paladin's era.

      Lucia Elizabeth Bartollozzi, (June 1797-Aug 8, 1856) half English, half Italian, married Auguste Armand Vestris at the age of 16. He abandoned her four years later, but she continued using his name in her theater career. She was both an actress and a contralto opera singer, and, while popular in her time, was better known as a theater producer and manager. In 1838 she married Charles James Mathews (Dec 26, 1803--June 24, 1878), an English actor known for his ability to handle French-speaking roles.They did a tour of America that same year, apparently to lukewarm reviews.

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