Have Gun - Will Travel

The Siege

Season 4, Ep 28, Aired 4/1/61
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  • Episode Description
  • The three Brent brothers, known as the Water Bugs, have been poisoning water sources in the dry lands of Arizona. A fund is raised to hire a man to bring the brothers to justice, and Paladin takes on the job.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Herb Meadow

  • Perry Lopez

    Bobby Joe Brent

  • Robert Karnes

    Ezekial Tyler

  • Sam Rolfe

  • Mike Kellin

    Alvah Brent

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    • (Three young women clad in sarongs enter the Carlton lobby and pounce on a startled--but agreeable--Paladin) Werner: You speak that stuff, same as them, Tahitian? Paladin: The language is French. Werner: Well, anyway, it's Greek to me. I use the sign language when I talk to them. Eh, name's Werner. Sol Werner, booking agent. Paladin: Mr. Werner. Werner: This is my act, won it off an Aussie. Paladin: (Chuckling) This is an act?

    • Paladin: Hey Girl. Hey Girl: Yes? Paladin: Will you pack my things, please? Werner: Uh, wait a minute. You look like a man who knows his way around town. I was gonna offer you a job of shilling tickets. Paladin: Well, thank you very much, Mr, uh, Werner, but I don't think it would be seemly in the eyes of, ah, three such impressionable young ladies. Excuse me.

    • Tyler: Mr. Paladin? My name is Tyler. Glad you got here, sir. Will you watch the boy until the stage comes tomorrow morning? Paladin: I might. Kesler: How much? Paladin: If you have to ask, you can't afford it. Doctor: There's six hundred dollars in the public fund. Paladin: We all agree that he's my prisoner? Tyler:We agree. Kesler: How about his brothers? Paladin: No changes, no additions. I watch this boy, and I take him in, and that's all. Tyler: That's fair enough. Paladin: One condition. Tyler: What's that? Paladin: Once I start, I don't stop, no matter who wants to call it off. Tyler: We wouldn't want it any other way, sir. Paladin: I hope I don't have occasion to remind you that you said that. Tyler: You won't, why should we want to call off anything as right as this is? Paladin: This is going to be a long night. Before it's over, the difference between right and wrong may not be quite as clear as it is now.

    • Paladin: I have looked into the face of evil many times. This is the first time I ever looked into the face of a man who would poison pure water.

    • Paladin: You ever try learning a trade, Bobby Joe? Bobby Joe: Water doctorin'. That's my trade! Paladin: Well, you've got your whole life ahead of you. It's not an impossible task. Bobby Joe: Save the sermons for the lambs, killer. I'm my own man. Paladin: Not anymore, you're not.

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