Have Gun - Will Travel

The Waiting Room

Season 5, Ep 24, Aired 2/24/62
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  • Episode Description
  • Paladin is hired to escort the infamous Wilder brothers to Denton, Texas to be hanged. Paladin and the brothers know that other members of the gang are out there waiting to free the Wilders. A war of nerves ensues.

  • Cast & Crew
  • James Griffith

    Dave Wilder

  • L.Q. Jones

    Bill Ren

  • Albert Ruben

  • Harry Dean Stanton

    Sim Wilder

  • Howard Joslin

  • Fan Reviews (1)
  • This is an excellent episode. It has fine acting, good characters, considerable tension, psychological warfare, and an exciting climax. Plus, it currently gets my vote for the best opening teaser in the series.

    By dkhenderson1, Jun 07, 2011

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    • Paladin: Pull up! (cocks rifle)
      Dave: That's an ugly sound.
      Paladin: I pull the trigger, it's even uglier.

    • Margaret: Don't you lay a hand on me, don't you touch me! You're impossible, you wretch! There are just no words--you're impossible, you are a cad, sir, (aside) call me a cab, please! Paladin: Uh, Miss Thorndyke, uh-- Margaret: You are not a gentleman. You are most decidedly-- Paladin: Margaret-- Margaret: --not a gentleman. You are a beguiler! And a deceiver! Paladin: Margaret-- Margaret: And-- (Paladin snatches her to him) Paladin: Darlingggg! (Whispers in her ear; Margaret instantly calms, beams at him, and quietly departs.) Hey Boy: What did you say to her? Paladin: Well, if I tell you, you'll know, and then very shortly everyone will know, and then there will be absolutely no point in my knowing, will there? Hey Boy: Inscrutable, Bacadali.

    • Dave Wilder: There's, uh, somebody waiting out there with a rifle. Maybe one, maybe two, maybe three with a long rifle. Long way away. Waiting for a clear shot. There'll be some of my children in Derby. Waiting in a doorway. Maybe from a hitch post out in the street. Maybe from an upstairs window! Maybe inside the station. Waiting for a clear shot. Waiting to kill you.

    • (Dave Wilder stares at his dead brother.) Dave: You takin' him with us? Paladin: Yes. Dave: Well, I want him embalmed. I want him to go in a casket. I'll pay it, pay for his burial, too. But not his killing. You'll pay for that.

    • Dave: We may as well be friends. One of us is gonna be with the other for the rest of his life. Now, you're worse than I am. I kill for pleasure. Or to take power, or, the love of a fight. Huh. But you. You kill for money.

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