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    Aired 11/20/15

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  • Ian Hislop


  • Paul Merton


  • Angus Deayton

    Host (1990–2002)

  • Alexander Armstrong


  • Ross Noble


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  • "Have I Got News For You" is a long-running, satirical panel quiz, poking fun at the news stories of the past week. Each week two guests join team captains Ian Hislop and Paul Merton, with a guest host presiding over the points.

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    • Angus: Good evening and welcome to 'Have I Got News For You', taking a look at the last seven days, the last seven pulsating, vital days of world news.

    • Kate: What was he accustomed to do with his hand that was worth $9 million? Sandi: I don't think we want to get into that really, Kate!

    • Angus: The new Star Trek series will be the first to feature "interstella" sex. We're not sure who Stella is at the moment but we'll be sure to keep you posted!

    • Angus: Good evening and welcome, as this historic week for world peace and unity comes to an end.

    • Angus: Hello and welcome to the show which out of respect to calls this week for stricter impartiality in broadcasting, will be making the utmost care to be openly offensive to everyone.

    • (During the tabloid headlines round) Angus: "America Is Shut" Paul: Is that last word spelt wrong?

    • (During the introductions) Angus: And with Paul you may have noticed his guest is not the Rt Hon. Roy Hattersley, sadly he had to pull out at the last minute. But at least it saves us the bother of putting windscreen wipers on the cameras!

    • (During the missing words round) Angus:"I made Mrs. Thatcher..." what "...boasts Nigel"? Paul: Swallow! Angus: No, he's not talking about food!

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    • Final scores: Ian - 25, Paul - 21

    • This episode marks the only apperance of Kate Saunders on the show.

    • The series originally aired on BBC2 on Fridays at 10pm, it didn't move to BBC1 until much later.

    • Final scores: Ian - 23, Paul - 25

    • Final scores: Ian - 23, Paul - 25

    • Robert Harris replaced Roy Hattersley at the last minute. A foreshadowing of episode 48.

    • Final scores: Ian - 24, Paul - 26

    • This episode marks the only apperance of Gill Pyrah on the show.

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    Trivia (23)

    • Sandi Toksvig was also one of the main contenders as host for Have I Got News For You. The producers went for Angus Deayton instead.

    • Ian won the first episode. It was all downhill from there.

    • This is a rare episode, as the final scores are not given at the end of the episode. Instead, Angus simple declares that Paul's team is the winner.

    • This episode's guest publication is Powder Technology.

    • Angus Deayton passed a brown envelope to Neil and Christine Hamilton for their fee.

    • In his 2014 autobiography, Paul Merton states categorically that he considers Neil Kinnock the worst-ever guest host in the show's history.

    • This episode's guest publication is Cracking Matters: The Journal of Concrete Repair.

    • Ian makes a suitably frustrated face when Marcus announces the new "pop music round".

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    Allusions (11)

    • Angus: Good evening and welcome to 'Have I Got News For You', the show that makes 'Neighbours' look like an Australian soap opera. Neighbours is an Australian soap opera which has also enjoyed an extensive run on BBC One.

    • Angus: Good evening and welcome to 'Have I Got News For You', or 'You've Been Libelled' as it would be called if it were on LWT. This is a reference to the home video show You've Been Framed which airs on ITV (a.k.a. LWT).

    • In this episode, Paul wears a shirt with Zippy the puppet on it. Zippy was a character on the classic ITV children's seris Rainbow.

    • Mastermind Long running BBC quiz, originally hosted by Magnus Magnusson, and later by John Humprhys.

    • Section 28 Controversial amendment to the Local Government Act in 1988 in the UK, repealed in Scotland in 2000 and in the rest of the UK in 2003. The amendment stated that a local authority "shall not intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material with the intention of promoting homosexuality" or "promote the teaching in any maintained school of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship".

    • Ian: We're lucky it's not Dick & Dom's election coverage. Dick & Dom are children's entertainment double act, best known for their Saturday morning show Dick & Dom In Da Bungalow.

    • Paul: Ian's going to be the new Doctor Who! When this episode was originally broadcast, the new series of Doctor Who had just been produced.

    • Paul: Anne Robinson, Simon Cowell and now George Galloway! This is an allusion to Anne Robinson moving to America to film the US version of The Weakest Link and Simon Cowell appearing on American Idol. George Galloway was currently in court in the US.

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  • Fan Reviews (8)
  • Satire show, which often takes cheap digs

    By therealancy, Jul 27, 2006

  • A great panel game with Paul Merton and Ian Hislop.

    By roseypikapika, Nov 16, 2008

  • A good show which is endlessly funny

    By MarkystobartPSP, Mar 20, 2007

  • The best satirical show ever!! Mock the Week a close second!

    By paulmerton4pope, Aug 20, 2006

  • Better now than ever !

    By AnthonyR_TVTome, May 31, 2006

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