News Briefs: Hawaii Five-0's Michelle Borth Is Leaving After This Season

By Tim Surette

Mar 28, 2014


... Actress Michelle Borth is leaving CBS's Hawaii Five-0 after the current fourth season, meaning it's the end for Catherine "Cat" Rollins, a character who's been around since Season 1. There's no word on why she's departing, but according to random internet comments I read, her character doesn't have anything to do on the show anymore, she will be missed greatly, and also some people hate her. So it's a mixed bag. [TV Line]


... TV recap and snark site Television Without Pity is being shut down by its parent company, NBC Universal. Boo! TWoP has long been one of the internet's biggest resources for detailed, hilarious television recaps, but NBC Universal, which purchased the site in 2007, is shuttering it due to low traffic. Its last day online will be April 4. This is a sad day for quality websites. [Re/Code

... Amazon might be making its original programming free for everyone (well, everyone with high-speed internet) instead of keeping it exclusive to Amazon Prime members. The idea is to make it an ad-supported thing, so think of it as more akin to Hulu than to Netflix. Amazon's original programming includes four new shows that were recently ordered to series, as well as the previously released Alpha House and Betas. [Wall Street Journal]

... Defiance's second season has a premiere date! The shtako will hit the space-alien equivalent of a fan on June 19 at 8pm on Syfy. Also premiering that night: The network's new drama Dominion, which is based on the characters from the 2010 movie Legion, at 9pm. In related news, the network will release a series of five Defiance webisodes called Defiance: Lost Ones to bridge the gap between Seasons 1 and 2; they'll be available to watch starting Friday, March 28 on [HuffPo]

... I don't know if this says more about Modern Family's reliability or about American Idol's fading popularity, but last night, Modern Family (10.06 million viewers) beat American Idol (9.33 million) in total viewers last night for the first time. How many more seasons does American Idol have left in it? [Deadline Hollywood]


... Eat it, Tommy Carcetti! Andre Royo, who played crackhead Bubbles on The Wire, will play a mayor in the Amazon pilot Hand of God. The odd series stars Ron Perlman as a judge with loose morals who hears voices he believes might be God through his son's life-support ventilator system. I said it was odd, didn't I? [TV Line]

... John Cusack is producing a pilot for CBS about Wall Street, and he's found the perfect big-name guest star for the show: John Cusack! The drama follows a hedge fund manager (Charlie Cox) as he wolfs down Wall Street, and Cusack will play a former trader who left the business. [Deadline Hollywood]

... USA's Graceland will bring on CSI:NY's Carmine Giovinazzo for a big-time arc in its second season. Giovinazzo, who played Detective Danny Messer in the New York edition of the CBS procedural, will play Graceland's brainiac head of the LAPD Gang Task Force who befriends Briggs. [USA via press release]

... LeBron James' Survivor's Remorse, an upcoming pro basketball half-hour comedy on Starz, has made a bunch of casting announcements, but you'd probably recognize random players from the Charlotte Bobcats before you recognized these guys. Jesse T. Usher (Level Upwill play basketball phenom Cam Calloway, a superstar in his mid-twenties who just broke the bank as a new member of the pro hoops team in Atlanta. Ronreaco Lee (Let's Stay Together) will play Cam's buddy, Erica Ash will play his sister, and Tichina Arnold (Everybody Hates Chris) will play his momma. Survivor's Remorse makes its debut this fall. [Starz via press release]

... Now that Dunder-Mifflin's Scranton branch is closed, actor Brian Baumgartner is making the rounds. He was recently cast as a stone-cold killer in Criminal Minds, and now he'll drop by FX's bordertown crime drama The Bridge. Ummm, branching out a bit, are we Brian? Baumgartner will play an AA sponsor for booze-abuser Daniel Frye, and could show up on a recurring basis. The Bridge returns for Season 2 this summer. [TV Guide

... Cedric the Entertainer will host the fourth annual Critics' Choice Television Awards. The ceremony will be broadcast on The CW on June 19. [CW via press release]


... Remember when I told you about ABC Family's shutdown of its Alice in Arabia pilot? Well that came about largely because of backlash toward the script, which leaked to Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed then proceeded to eviscerate it, and pro-Muslim groups stepped forward to call for the end of the project. Well, the woman who wrote the script, Brooke Eikmeier, has shared her side of the story, and it's an interesting look at what happens when a network decides how to describe a pilot without consulting its author, how the media can attack something it hasn't seen, and how season-long character arcs can get a pilot into trouble. Read it and pick a side for the big debate! [THR]

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  • awaryfool Apr 18, 2014

    Grace Park and Michelle Borth were described as "gorgeous" in (at least) one of the comments here; neither woman is anywhere close to being gorgeous (i.e. strikingly beautiful or magnificent) .

    Grace Park has the body of very skinny 12 year old girl; and she is cute at best.

    Michelle Borth needs every bit of the makeup she wears to look as "good" as she does on the show. She's definitely not unattractive. However, she's not gorgeous; not by any stretch of the imagination.

    When she was 35, Catherine Zeta-Jones was gorgeous. And I think she's still gorgeous.

    Park and/or Borth could not carry a television show. And neither one is believable as the character they play in this show. I could do without both, never did miss Park when she was out for all those episodes.

    "Hawaii Five-O" is an entertaining show that is driven by the chemistry and relationship between its two main characters; and the story arc. Every other character is expendable, although I think that Daniel Day Kim, as Chin Ho, is a great supporting actor/character. Kim is the only supporting cast member I would hate to see leave this show.

    Bottom line -- I will not miss Michelle Borth.

  • Tinker54 Apr 14, 2014

    I would rather see Grace Park leave than Michelle.

  • MichelleHood24 Apr 06, 2014

    After watching this last episode I have a bad feeling the mystery man that Steve's going after will hurt or kill Katherine to make a point to Steve and this is how she leaves. I'll miss her character and half of me hopes they leave it open for her to come back but another part sees her dying may give Steve a bigger story and arc.

  • easy55 Mar 31, 2014

    Grace Park and Michelle are gorgeous...and made Five 0 great to watch. There was room for both... it would have been great to see both get on a case and see them both do what Steve and Dano do... I sense they do have the same chemistry. I hope her character will come back at some point later in the series.

  • numberonecubsfa Mar 29, 2014

    I'm excited for Dominion. Legion had a great concept that unfortunately didn't get the chance to really flex its muscles. A TV show will let it do that.

  • indy2011 Mar 28, 2014

    Really sad that Michelle Borth is leaving. She was good.

  • dark7angel Mar 28, 2014

    Really sad that Michelle Borth is leaving HF0. I always loved her character.

  • fweak Mar 28, 2014

    Go Modern Family! Fight the good fight!

  • kloaknet Mar 28, 2014

    Its getting worse and worse with those spam ads in the topics.

  • ukeishiro Mar 28, 2014

    "and also some people hate her" Who said that? Jealous women because she is attractive and with McGarett??? :D.
    Well I understand that she want (or is pushed) out. She's here since season 1 ok but just for shorts times. She had some screen times during Park absence but now Grace is back Borth has nothing to do. I just hope that they won't kill her.

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