Shot in the Dark

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    I think I am starting to loose interest in this show.

    By mariela06, Oct 31, 2012

    It was an interest episode, yes.

    ============= SPOILER ============

    We see Cristina return to work to manage the hospital. She appears to be ok, but I don't feel she is OK. I do not know if that was intended. She is back, smiling, apologizing to people (Bobby), but we do not see relationships rekindle. Bobby is glad she talked to her, but neither said they missed each other... We have Tom thinking about his marriage, and I thought he was going to try to patch things up, nothing. Then We see Nick come talk to Christina, and he gets shot afterwards.

    I have to say something about nick, good riddance. I know some of you liked the character, but I believe hetook advantage of Hawthorne when she was at her lowest (Of course, as a married woman, she had no business sleeping with Nicks mom and him on the same bed). After all Tom and her went through, all of the sudden, she loves Nick? when in the previous season she clearly left him because she wasn't being sincere in her feelings. And he, if he cared about her, would've not press her into anything.

    I had hoped for Tom and Cristina to get back together. Now that Nick is dead - Or so I hope -, maybe they will.

    Other notes: I think Bobby is staying, if so, I hope her friendship with Christina goes back to what it was.

    Is there something more than friendship developing between Kelly and Dr. Brenda? I hope so, Kelly is so nice to everyone

    It was a good ep., but like I said, I am starting to loose interest, the show has been a bit slow compared toprevious seasons, where they could not even get a break in the ER; characters are falling apart and there is not even strong feelings involved. we'll see what next season has to offer. I hope the show gets renewed because I hate loose endsmoreless

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    Very unfinished..even the surgery on Tom's friend was dull and pretty much unanswered. Much less Nick's fate.

    By jinxstarr, Aug 28, 2011

    Boring! I don't know...just left me with a "blah" feeling. My guess is that Nick will die....Tom will be blamed but of course he is the 'good guy' so we must know he didn't do it. Frankly, I would feel better if he ever did anything at all. Maybe that is why I like Nick better, at least he has some passion. And wouldn't it have been nice if Christine and Bobbie had a "gosh I'm glad we are friends again" moment, something like "I sure have missed you". I just can't see how a long term friendship like they once had can be so unimportant. So I sure didn't see this as a 'pivotal' episode at all!!!moreless

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