He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002)

Cartoon Network (ended 2004)
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  • S 2 : Ep 13

    Awaken the Serpent

    Aired 1/10/04

  • S 2 : Ep 12


    Aired 1/3/04

  • S 2 : Ep 11

    Rattle of the Snake

    Aired 12/27/03

  • S 2 : Ep 10

    Web of Evil

    Aired 12/20/03

  • S 2 : Ep 9

    The Power of Greyskull

    Aired 12/13/03

  • Cast & Crew
  • Garry Chalk

    Duncan/Man-At-Arms, Whiplash

  • Scott McNeil

    Beast Man, Clawful, Mer-Man, Ram Man, Stratos, Kobra Khan

  • Kathleen Barr


  • Brian Drummond

    Odiphus/Stinkor, Tuvar [Two Of Two-Badd]

  • Nicole Oliver

    Queen Marlena, The Sorceress of Castle Grayskull

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  • "I am Adam, Prince of Eternia, defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull..." This was a revival of the classic 80's cartoon He-man and the Masters of the Universe for the modern age, it focused on the early adventures of Prince Adam, who, having just become Eternia's most powerful guardian He-Man, had to learn how to handle his new powers, and lead his allies into battle against the evil Skeletor. With the aid of his own Evil Warrior henchmen, Skeletor schemes to blanket Eternia in chaos, and rule over the planet in dominion. Only He-Man, guided and advised by the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull, stands in his way. With the aid of his trusted friends and Masters, he vows to end Skeletor's evil and the other evils that plague Eternia including King Hiss and the Snake Men's evil. The battle is joined as Good and Evil collide in a fight for Eternia's fate! This unique take on the retro fan favorite delighted and entertained the children of this decade as it did to those living in the 80's. For Season Two, the series was re-named "Masters of the Universe vs The Snake Men, complete with new powers, and new adversaries, the series carried on until finally being brought down by poor scheduling and management of the toyline by Mattel.moreless

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  • Quotes (109)

    • Evil-Lyn: Must you bring vermin in here?
      Beast-Man: It's not vermin, Evil-Lyn. It's an ecto-eel.
      Evil-Lyn: Actually, I was talking to the ecto-eel.

    • Skeletor: Revenge is like jah'vah'ri stew....it tastes best when served cold.

    • Evil-Lyn: (to Beastman) Impressive hounds you've got there... Can't tell a sixteen-year-old boy from the strongest man in the universe!

    • Buzz-Off: Alliances are for the weak. My people has survived for ages with no one’s help.

    • Teela: (to Adam) Too bad Ambrosia only works on Buzz-Off’s kind. Some of it might make a warrior out of you...

    • Adam: Buzz-Off's got some nerve! If everybody felt that way, Skeletor would stump all over Eternia! Teela: This from the Prince who somehow never seems to be on hand when a battle starts...

    • Evil-Lyn: (about He-Man) He does have a talent for showing up where he's not wanted...

    • He-Man: (to Skeletor) And I didn't think you could get any uglier...

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    Notes (168)

    • In the script for this episode, the notes for the device Skeletor uses to destroy the Mystic Wall is described as "like something created by H.R. Giger". Giger is a surrealist artist best known for his work on films like Alien and his works will be referenced several times in scripts for this show.

    • The crystal Skeletor uses to power his device, which later appears again in "The Deep End," is Corrodite - which previously appeared in the classic He-Man episode, "Evil-Lyn's Plot."

    • Unlike the classic series Cringer never speaks and sounds more like a domestic house cat.

    • Although this episode reveals the secret history of Eternia, He-man and Skeletor, their origins have long been a part of the He-man and the Masters of the Universe story bible created in the 1980's by Filmation's writing staff whilst they were producing the orginal series

    • Cringer's transformation to Battle Cat has changed when compared to his Filmation appearance. In the old series, Battle Cat was a larger, armored version of Cringer. In this series, Battle Cat is a saber-toothed tiger (literally), whereas Cringer is just a green tiger.

    • The scipt notes call for the machine Skeletor tells Tri-Klops to create to look "Giger-esque", another reference to H.R. Giger, a surrealist artist. His works will be referenced in script notes several times throughout the show's run.

    • A VHS tape of this episode was packaged as a give-away with several of the action figures.

    • Stratos's desire to return home forshadows the next episode.

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    Trivia (73)

    • What happened to Stratos after he was attacked? We don't see him for the rest of the episode. Obviously, he wanted to get back to Avion to deal with the Andreenids, but you'd think he'd care enough about waking up to find Adam missing after the attack to tell someone! Either that, or you'd think SOMEONE would wonder what happened to him.

    • When Adam turns into He-Man and is about to turn Cringer into Battlecat, Cringer is still purple, however you can see that he has stripes, where he wasn't supposed to have.

    • Though it is never explained in the episode, the script identifies Hawk as Stratos' sister. This is later confirmed by the comic series that came out in conjunction with the show.

    • The extreme close-up of Teela's face is reused footage from "The Beginning (2)."

    • During Orko's second "flashback," the "narrator" explained that he provided laughter when they needed it most, but there was never an explanation of why the cheering up was needed.

    • When 11-year-old Adam is stuck in the swamp, he has a younger voice, but in the next flashback, his voice is that of his older self.

    • Unlike the original series, where many of the Masters were seen visiting Castle Greyskull at one time or another, it seems that in this series few people outside of He-Man, Duncan and Orko are aware of the Sorceress's existence.

    • Goof: Although both Stratos and Man-E-Faces are seen headed towards the battle in the beginning of the episode, neither are seen during the battle or afterwards during the explanation about Castle Grayskull.

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    Allusions (22)

    • Ambrosia refers to Greek Mythology where Ambrosia was the food of the Gods. Eating Ambrosia gave the Greek Gods immortality and it was said that mortals who consumed it received temporary God-like powers. This is, in effect, how Ambrosia works for Andreenids, giving them added strength and power for a duration.

    • There was an episode in the old He-Man series called "The song of Celice", also about a syren and her song. The idea of this episode is taken from that one but changed.

    • The Odyssey Circe was the name of a witch in "The Odyssey " of Homer that could turn men into animals, and Odysseus (or Ulysses in the Roman version) only escaped thanks to the intervention of the god Hermes. Circe was also prominent in other myths, such as the origin behind the monster Scylla.

    • The village of Felis-Qadi that Adam and Teela visit in this episode is described in the script as "African meets Polynesian". Felis and Qadi are Latin and Turkish respectively and the pair translate as Cat-Cat, a fitting name for a village of cat-like people.

    • "Nighty-night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite!" Skeletor: Nighty-night. Don’t let the Shadow Beats bite! This is a funny paraphrase of "Nighty-night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite!" which is what parents use to tell their children when tucking them in to sleep. It is more common to her just "Nighty-night, don't let the bedbugs bite!".

    • The name Anwat Gar is a play on Angkor Wat, the famed temple complex located in Angkor, Cambodia.

    • Both He-Man and Skeletor are seen in this episode in their "Samurai" armor from the toyline.

    • In chess, a "gambit" is an opening move in chess in which a player, usually white, sacrifices a piece or even two, usually pawns, in an attempt to gain the upper hand in the game. This refers to both Roboto's moves in the chess game he plays with Man-E-Faces in the beginning as well as his sacrifice of himself later in the episode to give He-Man time to deal with Tri-Klops.

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