Heat Guy J

TBS (ended 2003)
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  • The world is a much different place. Most of the earth's land has now fallen under the rising sea. In the place of nations, city-states populate the earth. One of these is the metropolis of Judo, a city that is controlled by a shadow figure and full of mafioso. The government, unable to deal with the threat, has commissioned an elite crime bureau: The City Safety Management Agency Special Unit, an experimental section designed under the auspices of the Safety Agency's top man, Shun Aurora. The three agents assigned to the unit are Shun's younger brother, Daisuke, Kyōko Milchan, and the android called Heat Guy J. While Kyōko manages affairs at the office, Daisuke partners up with J in order to take care of the problems that the Judo police seem unable to handle.They needed a hero...So they built HEAT GUY J. J was secretly built by the government as a special agent to combat crime in the oceanic city-nation of Judo. While J initially appears to be human, the illusion quickly disappears in clouds of scorching steam when he fights. Together with his partner, Daisuke Aurora, the most dangerous criminals will soon find themselves on the run from Heat Guy J!Season 1 Intro: 「Face」by Try Force Outro: 「心の隙間」-「Kokoro no Sukima」-「Gap in the Heart」 by WYSESeason 2 Intro: 「Face」by Try Force Outro: 「Hikari」-「Light」by Saeko Chiba (seiyū for Kyōko Milchan)moreless

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  • S 2 : Ep 13


    Aired 3/25/03

  • S 2 : Ep 12


    Aired 3/18/03

  • S 2 : Ep 11


    Aired 3/11/03

  • S 2 : Ep 10


    Aired 3/4/03

  • S 2 : Ep 9


    Aired 2/25/03

  • Cast & Crew
  • Wendee Lee

    Antonia Bellucci

  • Kirk Thornton

    Ken Edmundo

  • Lex Lang

    Shun Aurora

  • Dave Wittenberg

    Ian Narse

  • Kari Wahlgren

    Kyouko Milchan

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  • Quotes (68)

    • Misia: You've got no bullets left. Daisuke: Hmph. You're a real know-it-all.

    • J: Daisuke, it's time to get up. A man should not show signs of pain in front of the enemy. Daisuke: If I'm lucky, the rain will rust your mouth shut.

    • Shun: This connection between smugglers of illegal merchandise and the shop is quite interesting. Do your best to catch them. The mission of the Special Unit is to prevent future crimes. Prove that you're capable, Daisuke. Daisuke: I'm only working as much as my paycheck is worth, pal.

    • Neil:Heh. You're pretty young for this line of work, ain't ya? Daisuke: Well, J's got a boyish face. He looks a lot younger than he actually is. It's hard to believe, but he's already three years old.

    • (Daisuke cocks his gun and points it at J) Daisuke: Machines can kill humans, can't they? J: If they've been programmed that way, yes they can. Daisuke: That's why the Judo regulations prohibit androids in the city. My father was killed ... by an android. J, if you're ever reprogrammed that way, I'll use this gun...to destroy you, partner.

    • Daisuke: A strange odor again. J: That makes 36 incidents reported in the last week. Daisuke: Somethin' stinks. J: Odors usually do.

    • (After Claire shoves a grenade into Wei-Long Lin's mouth) Claire: Next time, serve me something else; I don't like chicken. Try to remember that.

    • J: Use your gun and stop that truck. Daisuke: If I use the red tab, those bombs will blow sky high! J: Shoot the driveshaft with regular bullets. Daisuke: That's easy for you to say. I've already used two of 'em. I've only got one left! J: I know you can do it, Daisuke. Daisuke: Heh. Flattery won't get you anywhere.

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    Notes (46)

    • Japanese Title: 「街」 - 「Machi」 - 「City」

    • Director Noboteru Yuuki and Creator Kazuki Akane have gone on record as saying that the inspiration for J was Sean Connery.

    • Translation Error In the outro credits, the outro song has been translated by the English dub staff as "Kokoro no Sumika", which would translate as "Home of the Heart". However, the actual Japanese title is 「心の隙間」 and is transliterated as "Kokoro no Sukima", which translates to "Gap in the Heart". The group who sings the song, WYSE, is very popular in Japan. While this song is only available in the 90-second, TV-size outro on the Japanese version of the Heat Guy J OST (the North American version replaces the song with the second season outro theme "Hikari"), it is available on the WYSE record entitled Calm, which can be found on the shopping site Amazon Japan.

    • Japanese Title: 「炎」-「Honoo」-「Blaze」

    • Japanese Title: 「噂」-「Uwasa」-「Rumour」

    • Containing scenes of buildlings being destroyed by bombs, this episode aired later in its run on MTV2. It aired as the seventh episode instead of the third.

    • Japanese Title: 「獣」-「Kemono」-「Beast」

    • Japanese Title: 「童」-「Warabe」-「Doll」

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    Trivia (32)

    • Daisuke's binoculars have a label inside the scopes that says "Maked (sic) by Echigo". Keep that name in mind for later episodes.

    • The picture above Daisuke's bed is of Che Guevara, the Cuban Revolutionary. The one time leader of Communist insurgents in the 1950's and 1960's, who was instrumental in the "26th of July Movement" that brought Fidel Castro to power in Cuba in 1959, Che Guevara (his full name is Ernesto Rafael Guevara de la Serna) was assassinated in Bolivia in October of 1967.

    • At Solosso's, the words on the sign above the restaurant's name, МЕСТНАЯ КУХНЯ, say Myesnaya Kookhnya or "Local Cuisine".

    • Chinese Mispronounced The English voice artist for Neal pronounces Feng Shui incorrectly. The artist pronounces the "life discipline" in the Anglicised way when it is supposed to be pronounced Fehng Shoo-ee.

    • The English subtitles spell Misha's name as Misia. Japanese, whose letters are actually syllables based off the five vowel sounds, does not have the letter si. The closest approximation is the letter シ or shi. The Japanese letter ya, or ヤ, is then combined with the shi to make the syllable sha. Misia is written in Japanese katakana (block script) is ミシャ. It could be that the Japanese staff, when converting the name to the Roman alphabet for the English staff, spelled the name as Misia.

    • Just above the Under the Sea sign with the gyrating fish are the Chinese characters (Hanzi) in blue: 海鮮. They say Haixian or Seafood.

    • In the scene where the photographer Monica is first seen, there is a man walking past with a tatoo on his left arm. 侍 is the kanji (Japanese character) for samurai.

    • The sign above Shōgun's shop, 東風, says Kochi Kaze or East Wind.

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    Allusions (9)

    • Towers: Lupin the III: The Castle of Cagliostro In a few episodes we see J on top of a certain building that has a view of a clock. The clock has castle like towers with blue roofing. The tower is a combination of two towers from the 1979 movie Lupin the III: The Castle of Cagliostro by Hayao Miyazaki.

    • Special Unit Building: Flatiron Building The Special Unit's building is modeled after the real Flatiron Building at 23rd Street, Broadway, and 5th Avenue in New York City. At it's narrowest point, the Flatiron Building is only 6 feet wide.

    • Solosso: The Godfather Solosso, one head of a mafia family in Judō, is a reference to one of the heads of the five families in New York City in Mario Puzo's The Godfather, which was made into the 1972 film by Francis Ford Coppola.

    • Daisuke's Computer: The X-Files One of the selections that Daisuke can choose from the main menu on his computer is X-Files. The selection is a reference to the popular American series The X-Files, which aired its last episode just five months prior to the airing of this episode in Japan.

    • Boma: You've got some good moves for an unaltered human. Daisuke: My grandpa started training me when I was a little kid. Daisuke's grandpa plays a very important role in the series. However, his identity is not mentioned until episode 24, "ALTERATION".

    • Stadium: Millennium Dome The exterior of the stadium where Daisuke, J, and Boma encounter the Beast Master looks similar to the Millennium Dome in London, England.

    • Blade: Star Wars Iwanami uses a small blade that looks like a shorter version of a light saber from Star Wars. The blade glows purple, which is the color of Mace Windu's light saber in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. There is also a shot of Iwanami from a distance that shows the light saber as blue, which was the color of Luke Skywalker's light saber in Star Wars: A New Hope and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

    • Serge Echigo: Howard Hughes The life, and urban legend, of Serge Echigo loosely resembles that of the late billionaire/recluse Howard Hughes.

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  • Heat Guy J follows Daisuke, and his andriod partner, aptly named "J". The story takes place in Judoh, where a futuristic mafia keeps Daisuke and J on their heels. Daisuke works for the Special Services Division of the Bureau of Urban Safety, which is unde

    By echostasis, Apr 07, 2006

  • Set in the future in the city of Judoh, Heat Guy J provides an action-packed experience. Titled after the android in the series, Heat Guy J creates a new brand of urban police work in a city rife with crime.

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  • Take a gander at the main page ;)

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  • HeatGuy J fills the void that cowboy bebop left in our hearts. Action packed and beautifullly animated heatguy J offers alot to anime fans

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