Heathcliff and Marmaduke

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Quotes (114)

  • Heathcliff: I can't stand to see a grown alligator cry.

  • Heathcliff: Well shave my legs and call me smoothie. You're not a cat, you're an alligator.

  • Heathcliff: An alligator in cat's clothing? Oh boy.

  • Alligator: I'm so smart, I should have been a fox.

  • Alligator: Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  • Heathcliff: Poor kid, at least it was over very quickly.

  • Heathcliff: How corny can you get? He thinks I'm going to fall for the old abandoned baby trick.

  • Heathcliff: (he gets covered in a sauce and vegetables) It's either raining heavily or I'm being invited to dinner.

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Notes (4)

  • Claim Jumper: I'd say you're all washed up.

  • Billy: We sure showed that old claim jumper.

  • Phil: Come on every one, we'll check it out (gold nugget) in town. Marm, you stay here and guard our claim. Billy: We want to wait here, dad. Barbie: Sure. We'll be safe with Marm. Phil: That's two hundred pounds of good argument kids.

  • Dottie: Come on, Phil. We came out here to visit a ghost town, not to go prospecting. Phil: But Dottie, this used to be a famous mining area and I'll bet there's still gold in these hills.

Trivia (7)

  • When Heathcliff swallows the fish bone, his eyes are orange instead of white.

  • When the alligator hits the armored car, the top of his head is beige and it should be green.

  • Crazy Shirley's ponytail is missing in the last scene.

  • When Heathcliff is leaning on the fire hydrant, it's in the middle of the road.

  • Marmaduke's tail disappears briefly in one scene.

  • Marmaduke's sheriff's badge is on the wrong side right before he gets hit with the boulder.

  • Billy makes it to the school and is seated in class when Marmaduke passes by outside even though he pushed Marmaduke ahead of the bus and Marmaduke should have made it to the school first.