Food Network (ended 2008)
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  • S 2 : Ep 7

    The Cookie Monsters

    Aired 6/9/08

  • S 2 : Ep 6

    The Big Chill: Swanson's and Stouffer's

    Aired 6/2/08

  • S 2 : Ep 5

    Where's the Beef? Taco Bell, Subway and KFC

    Aired 5/19/08

  • S 2 : Ep 4

    Top Dogs: Oscar Meyer, Nathans & Hebrew National

    Aired 5/5/08

  • S 2 : Ep 3

    Big Burger Business: McDonald's and Burger King

    Aired 4/21/08

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  • Food Network profiles brands side-by-side in this series that examines marketing, feuds, brand dominance and how these actions have changed the face of American food and affected our pop culture. Broadcast History: Season One – Saturdays at 8:00 pm in two-episode blocks.

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    • (Häagen Dazs marketing executive discussing Ben & Jerry's populist commitment.) Dave Ritterbush: Today it's important for every company to run responsibly, and to benefit the environment and all the rest. Some people use that as a way to speak about their company, we just choose to talk about ice cream. Because that's what we're about, we're about ice cream.

    • Stephanie Thompson: Ben & Jerry's was created around the idea of hippies and free love, and Häagen Dazs is more what you might buy for a dinner party. Ben & Jerry's is what you might buy for watching TV.

    • Ben Cohen: (about Ben & Jerry's beginnings) We decided to take a food trend that was starting off in the big cities and bring it to a rural college town, and originally it was gonna be bagels, but bagel equipment cost more money than we had and we figured ice cream had to be cheaper. Jerry Greenfield: And so we learned how to make ice cream from a correspondence course, bought an old used rock salt and ice ice cream machine and opened up in Burlington, Vermont.

    • Roy Sloane: I would tell people when they asked me that Häagen Dazs was the best tasting Scandinavian-style Kosher ice cream ever made in the Bronx.

    • (About Häagen Dazs' made-up name and early packaging with a map of Denmark on the lid.) Ben Cohen: Reuben didn't think that Americans would be willing to pay for an ice cream that came from America that was that expensive, so he… had a good sense of fantasy (chuckles) and fantasized this product coming from another country.

    • Cie Nicholson: Being such rivals over the years I think has definitely got us to where we are today. I think we never rest because of the fact that you had, like, you know, such a major competitor, you know, right there. So I think that we've definitely been good for each other.

    • Jesse Kornbluth: Michael Jackson does not drink a Pepsi in those commercials. If you look, the bottle comes – or the can – never comes near his lips. So what you've got in those commercials, is not a Pepsi commercial. You've got a Michael Jackson MTV video, made better than any MTV video had ever been made.

    • Joshua Karant: That was kinda my generation's D-Day, when they dropped the original Coke for the new Coke.

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    • Also Featured: > Shannon Jackson Arnold – Author, Everybody Loves Ice Cream > Dylan Lauren – CEO, Dylan's Candy Bar > Melissa Lavigne – Director of Marketing, the Intelligence Group > Roy Sloane – Former Häagen-Dazs Advertising Executive > Dave Ritterbush – Senior VP of Marketing, Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream > Andrea Strong – Writer/Creator of "The Strong Buzz.com" > Stephanie Thompson – Brand Marketing Expert > Gary Rogers – President, Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream > Jon Snyder – Owner, Il Laboratorio Del Gelato > Chet Gulland – Youth Marketing Expert, roboyouth.com Graphics misspelled Melissa Lavigne as Levigne

    • Also Featured: > Katie Bayne – Chief Marketing Officer North America, the Coca-Cola Company > Joshua Karant – Author, The Porkchop Express > Bob Stoddard – Historian, Pepsi-Cola > Mark Pendergrast – Author, For God, Country and Coca-Cola > Andrea Strong – Food Writer, www.StrongBuzz.com > Chet Gulland – Youth Marketing Expert, www.RoboYouth.com > Alan Pottasch – Senior VP, Worldwide Creative, PepsiCo > Allen Rosenshine – Chairman Emeritus, BBDO Worldwide > Jesse Kornbluth – Co-Author, The Other Guy Blinked: How Pepsi Won the Cola War > Cie Nicholson – Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer, Pepsi-Cola

    • Also Featured: > Josh Ozersky – Food Editor, New York Magazine > John Brescio – Manager, Lombardi's Pizza > Mike Gammarino – Manager, Lombardi's Pizza > Chet Gulland – Youth Marketing Expert, roboyouth.com > Adam Kuban – Blogger, slice.seriouseats.com > Bill Ogle – Chief Marketing Officer, Pizza Hut > Jeff Ruby – Co-author, Everybody Loves Pizza > Mark Douglas – Writer, the nosebleeds.com > Rob Gorden – Writer, the nosebleeds.com > Mitzi Miller – Author/Trendwatcher > Melissa LaVigne – Director of Marketing, the Intelligence Group Graphics misspelled Melissa LaVigne as LeVigne.

    • Also Featured: > Gabriella Petrick – Professor of Food Studies, New York University > Chris Santos – Executive Chef and Owner, Stanton Social Restaurant > Stephanie Thompson – Former Reporter, Ad Age > Dave Rader – Executive Vice President and CFO, Frito-Lay North America > Douwie Bergsma – Marketing Director of Snacks, Procter & Gamble > Chet Gulland – Youth Marketing Expert, RoboYouth.com > Joshua Karant – Professor and Author, The Porkchop-Express.com > Jared Dougherty – Spokesperson, Frito-Lay North America > Rob Gorden – Writer, the Nosebleeds.com > Mark Douglas – Writer, the Nosebleeds.com > John Mills – Brand Director, www.CirclesStudios.com

    • Also Featured: > Rich Seban – Chief Marketing Officer, Interstate Bakeries Corporation (maker of Hostess and Drake's products) > Jennifer Appel – Owner, Buttercup Bake Shop, New York City > Chris McKee – Executive VP of Marketing and Sales, McKee Foods Corporation > Matt Lewis – Co-Owner, Baked Bakery, Brooklyn > Renato Poliafito – Co-Owner, Baked Bakery, Brooklyn > Josh Ozersky – Food Editor, New York Magazine > Mitzi Miller – Author/Trend Watcher > David Leavitt – VP of Snack Marketing, Hostess & Drake's > Andrea Strong – Writer/Creator, www.THESTRONGBUZZ.com > Nichelle Stevens – Blogger, www.CUPCAKESTAKETHECAKE.blogspot.com

    • Also Featured: > Joan Steuer – President, Chocolate Marketing, LLC > Jay Cooper – VP of Chocolate, the Hershey Company > Matt Lewis – Co-owner, Baked > Renato Poliafito – Co-owner, Baked > Gabriella Petrick – Professor of Food Studies, New York University > Josh Friedland – Editor and Publisher, thefoodsection.com > Brice Russell – Global Chief Procurement Officer, Mars > Chris Santos – Executive Chef and Owner, Stanton Social Restaurant > Mike Vaughn – Former Advertising Executive, Ogilvy & Mather > Dylan Lauren – Chief Executive Officer, Dylan's Candy Bar > Josh Karant – Blogger, porkchop-express.blogspot.com

    • Also Featured: > Andrea Strong – Writer/Creator, the StrongBuzz.com > Gabriella Petrick – Professor of Food Studies, New York University > Joy Santlofer – Department of Nutrition, Food Studies & Public Health, New York University > Kenneth Rader – Founder, the Cereal Bowl > Josh Rader – Founder, the Cereal Bowl > Beverly Smith – Hostess, "Dinner with Bevy" Parties > Stephanie Thompson – Advertising Reporter > Alan Snedeker – Advertising Creative Consultant > Kara Zuaro – Author, I Like Food, Food Tastes Good > Jason Liebig – Cereal Box Collector > Jennifer Leuzzi – Editor, Snack.Blogs.com

    • Also Featured: > Gabriella Petrick – Professor of Food Studies, New York University > Andrea Strong – Writer/Creator, TheStrongBuzz.com > Will Kussell – President & Chief Brand Officer, Dunkin' Donuts Worldwide > Melissa Lavigne – Director of Marketing, the Intelligence Group > Ellen Rogers – Manager of Coffee Excellence, Dunkin' Donuts > Dave Olsen – Senior VP Culture and Leadership Development, Starbucks > Jennifer Leuzzi – Editor, Snack.Blogs.com > Mark Douglas – Writer, the Nosebleeds.com > Rob Gorden – Writer, the Nosebleeds.com > Ben Leventhal – Editor-in-Chief, Eater.com > Anthony Carroll – Manager Green Coffee Quality and Taster, Starbucks > Mike Caswell – Founder, Roasting Plant Coffee

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