Watch the First 15 Minutes of Syfy's Helix (VIDEO)

By Tim Surette

Jan 05, 2014

Oh sure, you could be one of those people who doesn't watch special previews of TV shows because you like to watch an episode all in one sitting, OR you could be the guy who tells everyone else what's about to happen in the first 15 minutes because you've already seen the first 15 minutes. I think the choice is clear. 

Below you'll find the first quarter-hour of Syfy's new science-fiction thriller Helix, produced by some guys involved with Battlestar Galactica and Lost. It's about a team of CDC scientists who travel to a high-tech research facility in the Arctic to investigate a possible viral outbreak. Over the holiday break I watched the first two hours of the series—one of our most-anticipated new shows for 2014—and when it's good, it's really good. However, I'm obligated to warn you that the opening 15 minutes are the snooziest part (backstory and exposition, mostly) of what I've seen so far, so I think Helix is better than this preview suggests.

Note that the video is on Hulu, so geographical restrictions apply. Maybe someone in America can help out our foreign friends by describing it in detail in the comments, or inviting them to come over to your house to watch it.

Well, what did you think?

Helix premieres January 10 on Syfy.

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  • Detective_xo Jan 07, 2014

    compelling bunch of characters, I'm in more than ever

  • MikeUK123 Jan 06, 2014

    Seemed ok. Agree with others about the very early soap-opera style relationship issues being thrown at us.

    Still, weakest point of this 15 minutes was how everyone treated each other. No respect, demands made, non-optional implants (surely the first question for a scientist be "what's in it?" and "any chance this might contain the virus?").

    Such an environment would more likely have respect in abundance, so i presume this is a too obvious method to tell us all is not right in this place.

  • Whedonrules Jan 06, 2014

    I may be biased because its Ron Moore but this one had me at Burt Bacharach.

  • dolphin_intern Jan 06, 2014

    Possible BSG tie in the blond CDC lady said Frak LOL. Maybe this is in the same world as our BSG characters lived that would be tight but I'm probably just grasping at straws because of frak.

  • Sanity_Bleeds Jan 06, 2014

    Well, this hardly makes up for losing Alphas or the lackluster of Defiance, but any scripted show on SyFy is a blessing at this point, and it looks pretty good to boot!

  • tonyaking5036 Jan 06, 2014

    I placed this on my watch list for 2014 last year since I don't have any Friday shows I watch on a regular. I'm definitely giving this a try. Fingers crossed that it turns out to be a really good show.

  • JJanpheng Jan 06, 2014

    Oh sure, if you are smart you can watch it on youtube, because syfy have uploaded it there as well. Where any country can watch it.

  • gzeigler3 Jan 06, 2014

    Yes, Tim, I am one of those people that doesn't usually watch 15 minute previews because I want to watch it all in one sitting. However, I was on the fence about even giving this show a try since the recent fare that Syfy has been serving up(Defiance, Continuum) hasn't been grabbing me and they are cancelling the shows that I actually enjoyed (Eureka, WH13). So I watched this particular preview to help me decide. I'm glad I did because now, at least, I have a feel for the show and its characters. I'll be giving it a try. Thanks, Tim.

  • moonstruck1515 Jan 05, 2014

    Well, i think hulu sucks :P

  • TrevPlatt Jan 05, 2014

    I'm going to Pro and Con this sucker:
    Con: Being a scientist I recognising some of the "high tech" equipment they use and know what it's real purpose is - and I'm sick of the use of supposed sub-dermal implants that can be "injected" without consequence or even drawing blood, that scene pissed me off. *
    Pro: It certainly looks like it has potential.
    Con: Within five minutes they sneezed a load of potentially soapy relationship cliche at us.
    Pro: Despite the obvious budget constraints it does look pretty cool, although...
    Con: The "make-up" on Peter certainly won't win any awards.
    Con: Not only was there the obvious relationship BS, but none of the characters showed any indication of being anything other than a stereotypically constrained cliche - are we placing bets on who will "do" who, who will betray the group, who will die etc?
    Pro: Regardless of the Con heavy list, I'm sufficiently interested enough to be looking forward to it. It was only the first 15 minutes and there is a long journey ahead of us, plenty of time for me to be completely wrong, but most of all it's sci-fi and good sci-fi is depressingly scarce these days.

    ----Mini-rant alert----
    *The problem is, why don't they just use a fingerprint scanner? All the "implant" achieves is exactly the same as a key card would have so why have a foreign object forced into the muscle of your thumb? If they are scared about tampering then it's a lot easier to match a radio-frequency than it is to replicate someone's fingerprint, unless hand severing is going to be an issue - in which case they still haven't achieved anything because the implant is in the hand. Then there is the fact that a hand is a complex appendage that could be easily damaged by shoving a piece of metal into it completely randomly. I know that most of you really don't give a toss about this, but it really is one of my biggest annoyances. It's simply unnecessary.

  • Whedonrules Jan 06, 2014

    Another pro - BURT BACHARACH!

  • Sanity_Bleeds Jan 06, 2014

    I was disappointed when nobody reacted in pain or revulsion when getting the implant, but hey, they must be the hardier sort of scientist used to being probed and prodded. I have to agree with others though, I think the RF implant will likely be used for more than just opening doors, possibly for tracking and time stamping whereabouts and such...

  • Laurpr2 Jan 05, 2014

    I wondered about this first thought is that the implant is something more sinister than a keycard. Or maybe the fact that the radio frequency can easily be matched will play into the series later.

  • TrevPlatt Jan 06, 2014

    I suspect it was just for effect, I doubt that there's anything more to it than just trying to look cool.

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