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Quotes (4)

  • He-Man: Well, you're certainly not a Cringer anymore! Alright, big cat...lets go!!

  • Man-At-Arms: In today's adventure Orko was warned not to play with certain bottles. Well Orko didn't listen and he nearly caused a lot of trouble. There may be containers like this one in your home. This symbol is a warning of poison. Orko: Hey, that looks like Skeletor. Man-At-Arms: And just like Skeletor it's bad news. It could make you very sick. So if you see this picture on a bottle or box it means 'I'm dangerous, don't touch me. Orko: Be a safe person, not a sorry one.

  • Cringer: ADAM! ADAM! (He-Man is shown still in the 'I Have the Power' pose) He-Man: Easy Cringer it's me Adam. (He-Man changes Cringer into Battlecat for the first time)

  • Sorceress: You may call him Cringer, but he is not entirely what he seems to you just now.

Trivia (5)

  • The whole plot of the episode's second half is a blatant rip-off of "House of Shokoti". They even rip off the classic shot at the end of the latter's first part, showing the danger through the door of the temple!

  • This episode's sense of continuity is so bad that it even contradicts the opening sequence of the show! In the show's intro, He-Man more or less states that Cringer became Battle Cat on the same day that he became He-Man, but this episode implies He-Man had been He-Man for some time before Battle Cat came along!

  • Man-At-Arms claims that the whole of the flashback story took place before Orko came to Eternia, thus messing up continuity big time, since "Creatures from the Tar Swamp" featured a flashback showing Orko on Eternia when Cringer was a baby.

  • What exactly does Battle Cat's origin have to do with the fact that Orko is messing about in Man-At-Arms' lab? The flashback sequence bears no real relation to the wraparound story at all. The writers could have come up with a better reason for Man-At-Arms to tell Battle Cat's origin.

  • Since the young Prince Adam recognises the Sorceress when she tells him that Cringer will someday be very special to him, how long exactly has he known her?