Fisto's Forest

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (4)

  • Orko: Hey, don't forget about us! He-Man: How can anyone forget you, Orko?

  • Teela: Adam, go and head them off and I'll come up behind them. Adam: I'll do my best, Teela. Come on, Cringer. Cringer: (stammering) Bu-bu-bu-bu...? Adam: (sternly) Come on, Cringer!

  • Teela:You all saw how Fisto changed from a bad guy who nobody liked into a real hero. At first he caused nothing but trouble. In today's episode Fisto learned that if you treat a person with respect and courtesy, chances are that's the way they'll treat you in return. If you mistreat somebody, you'll only earn their disrespect. Remember the golden rule; do unto others and you would have them do unto you. So long until next time.

  • Fisto: (to a young boy) Anytime I can give you a hand, just let me know. He-Man: And when Fisto offers you his hand, boy, that's a big offer!

Notes (1)

  • First appearance of Fisto

Trivia (2)

  • Given the incredible strength he's displayed throughout the episode, it's laughable to think that Fisto is unable to get that tree trunk off his back!

  • Fisto is convinced to turn to the side of good... because a tree fell on him? Um, okay...