The Gauntlet

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  • Xena: Credus, you made it clear anyone who raises a sword against us will die? Credus: They said they'd rather die defending the fruits of their labor than give into renegades. Xena: Then tomorrow they'll get their wish.

  • Salmoneus: (disguised as a woman) I'm a modest woman, please don't touch me there. (after the soldier removes the scarf, exposing his beard) I work in the circus.

  • Salmoneus: Please don't kill me, please, I beg you!
    Xena: Give me one good reason.
    Salmoneus: It would be very unpleasant for me... we haven't even been introduced... my mother will cry...?

  • Xena: (to Salmoneus who is trying to remove his dress) Leave it, it becomes you.
    Salmoneus: Right, certainly. You got excellent taste.

  • Salmoneus: There's more than one way to wage a war. Xena: Oh? Tell me about it. Salmoneus: Well, an army such as yours, with such a beautiful leader like you, you need publicity. Public relations. Xena: Ha! I prefer my relations to be private!

  • Xena: Don't stop amusing me now! Salmoneus: Yes, your highness, your worship, your, um, what's your titular, um, how do you like to be undressed... addressed.

  • Salmoneus: (talking to himself as he escapes) All right, all right, you're safe. You found some armor, you don't know where you're going, but you're making really good time. Let's hear it for me!

  • Hercules: (shocked that Salmoneus defends Xena) You're serious- that she's not a cold-hearted, evil bitch!
    Salmoneus: Believe me, compared with Darphus she looks like the Goddess of Love and Light.

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Trivia (2)

  • Xena claims she never killed women and children. Xena's later seasons establish that this was in fact, not true, although it is made clear that she never killed non-combatant women or children intentionally.

  • This episode marks the first appearance of actor Dean O'Gorman (Iloran), who would later play young Iolaus on Young Hercules.

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  • Movie similarities: This episode was based on the martial arts movie The Bride With White Hair.