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    Coyote Sands: What FEMA concentration camps will be like

    By BevinChu, Nov 21, 2012

    Coyote Sands: A chilling indication of what FEMA concentration camps currently being built will be like.

    Not so good episode from a story-telling perspective. But valuable cautionary tale about what is happening in America today.

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    entertaining but kind of pointless.

    By dafyyd, Apr 27, 2011

    i really like the concept of angela and her sister and the whole storyline behind it, but what i don't get was why they had to visit that place in the first place. they didn't leave with her sister or find out anything tha vital.

    overall i think the whole seeing the sister to bring them togeter was a bit weird

    still love the show though.

    and another mention about claies hair, it makes her look really young, lyk 14 or somethin around that age any way.

    i dont know what else to say so i am writin this o take up 100 words :-)moreless

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    hahaha Syler took Naithan look!!!

    By altaleh, Mar 30, 2011

    nice episode really .. i like how the story goes .. and how everything started now everything make sense .. i dont think that there is still some stuff that we need to know about the past .. but im not sure about the black guy who is him!! maby i just dont remmeber ..

    and i guess Alis will involve more in the future i dont know .. i didnt watch the following episodes . . but Syler haha what a thing he did to appear in the national TV as Nathan .. he is really into something !!moreless

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  • 3.5

    This episode was the big daddy of all the previous episodes that let me down, only this one let me so far down that I feel I will never recover.

    By greatbigmassive, Mar 30, 2011

    So yeahh, lets get into the heads of the story writers here. It's obvious that they are really struggling to get to grips with solid story lines and character building. You can tell it's a case of "inhale.... YEAH! lets do that..."

    None of the hero characters are consistent anymore and you can't feel for any of them. They all claim to be good and then do bad things.

    This episode was just silly.. Did Angela RRRREALLY need to get her family to dig up dead bodies (which they did very accurately by the way) just to prove there were dead bodies there? I mean, couldn't she have just said "Yes, there are dead bodies there and if you don't believe me have a dig". And then, the best part of all, her sister. I mean, in the 40 years apart, did it not cross Angelas mind to go visit that place at least once just to see if her sister was there? It would have saved alot of aggro really.

    Hmm, inconsistancies? (I've lost count to be honest).

    So Sylar is a shape shifter, he got it off a guy who had a wardrobe full of different clothes to match the new human shapes he'd match. Only, Sylar can actually change his clothes too. (A very late convenient fix there)...

    What else.. oh yeah Peter.. now correct me if I'm wrong but he can borrow people's powers yeah? So how come all of a sudden he can keep peoples powers when it suits him... like, the shape shifting power. Surely he would only have that when near sylar? (touching him).. but no, convenience lets him just have it all of a sudden.

    What else, oh yeah Matt Parkman.. so he can tell people what to do but not in a loud noise YET in one episode he was still able to tell people what to do with an alarm going. Why is he even bothered about ANYONE if he can just tell them what to do? I mean, couldn't him and Hero basically solve every problem that ever existed?

    Oh and he can paint the future now (oo that's original writers, well done).

    And dad dude yeah? You are either protecting your daughter or you aren't ok? Just move away for crying out loud. Just pack your bags and move to a different country and stay there for the next few years. Nobody gives a crap about you ok? you are causing all the bloody problems.

    The funny thing about the whole story is that, the whole problem has been caused by the heroes themselves. Has everyone forgotten that Nathan was a complete git and tried to capture them all?? What was that all about? If he hadn't done that they wouldn't have all these problems.

    I really don't care about any of the characters anymore because they are all stupid, ignorant and selfish.

    I'm done.moreless

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  • 8.0

    Angela gathers Noah, Claire, Peter and Nathan at Coyote Sands to tell them what has happened there 46 years ago. In the process our Heroes come closer together to face their common enemy; Danko and his operation.

    By Panicos888, Mar 30, 2011

    This is a flashback episode one that was very entertaining indeed but lacked significance. There was no need for this episode at this point of the season. Maybe if it had been earlier. Nevertheless, Angela's past is revealed. We learn that Angela's has this attachment to socks because it makes her feel warm and safe. Milo Ventimiglia's performance is a little stiff but still makes you feel like he and Adrian Pasdar (Nathan) could really be brothers.

    I was surprisingly shocked with Hayden's performance (Claire), as a teenager who misses living like a teenager for once (something which hoperfully is the main arc for Claire next season).

    I felt for Mohinder (and I thought this might be one really good opportunity to kill off the character since it has lost any importance to this volume and to the Heroes universe in general). In general, the flashbacks are really well written but the present story is quite boring. If the whole episode was a flashback it might have been better.

    As far as I can remember the season becomes better in the last two episodes although the last episode could find you a little bit disappointed. Then again you may not have the chance to be disappointed as the new season begins in 2 days. Enjoy!moreless

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    Another great episode!

    By Sinteligente, Aug 13, 2010

    Angela uncovers the dark secrets of her past, while Mohinder learns of his father's involvement in a forgotten government operation.

    We start to understand why the Company was founded. The episode reveals a lot of things, and explain little things like the socks´s theft by Angela on season one (and that shows that we back to basics). Alice is a great character.

    The Petrelli´s and the Bennet´s are together and the final scene was awesome. On TV, another Nathan Petrelli (Sylar and the shapeshifting) appears. Now it´s time to the battle. Who will die on season finale?

    Answer to the question of haris1189: The guy with the glasses was Bob Bishop.

    Sorry for my bad english!!moreless

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  • 9.5

    This wasn't a action oriented episode, but it did bring the characters together. There were some nice twist. The black and white is pointless, and Chandra Suresh is a fake, at least one of them is

    By smak712, Aug 13, 2010

    With commercials, yeah this episode was a little boring. Without commercials it's a lot better. Remember Angela when she stole socks in the very first episode in season one. Now we know why. It reminded her, which meant something. It's was surprising that Alice is alive and kicking. Now Sylar can take that weather ability and bring tornado's and hurricanes. It's nice to see younger versions of characters, and the family now getting along. At least I feel for the characters again. Not like the first half of season 3, where I didn't care anymore. The only thing I disliked was the black and white flashbacks. It felt like it was made in 1961. Color would of been just fine. Chandra Suresh was white before. It raised questions. I wonder who the real Chandra Suresh. One of them is a phony, or they really messed up there. There better be answers for that or I will rate this episode a 5 in the future. Other then that It was a nice character development. Next week I think is a Bryan Fuller episode.moreless

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    I thought the episode was a great idea, stepping back from all the chases and fights, and instead focusing on what the persecution and alienation are doing to the characters

    By CharlesTheBold, Aug 13, 2010

    I thought the episode was a great idea, stepping back from all the chases and fights, and instead focusing on what the persecution and alienation are doing to the characters -- in this case Angela, whom I've never liked before. It's much more convincing than Matt simply snapping and trying to shoot somebody. The fact that the victims are kids, who lack the sophistication to understand what is going on, makes the emotional effect on them even more convincing.

    One quibble: in their last conversation in the past, the sisters used current slang like "cool" and "make out". Did kids talk like that in 1961? I was 6 years old then and I don't think so.moreless

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    Finally we see why Angela is the way she is and why did she want to keep everything a secret. It is a great episode. Finding out something that has been secret for so long...

    By ma_liky, Aug 13, 2010

    This episode was refreshing one for me. I really enjoyed finding out the truth and links to the seasons 1 and 2 and 3 all fitting together. Finding out what were their motivation how they felt what were they thinking why they became the way they did. From the first season there has been that question what had happened in the past that is so terrible what did they do and now we have some answers (most of them). They were teenagers when it happened and they were left all alone. They did everything they could to keep it a secret. Developing episode, very good!moreless

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    I would actually give this an 8.5, but I see there are some lows scores here that it did not deserve. I think people have too large of expectations for the show.

    By seafoampheonix, Aug 13, 2010

    I'm writing about what I hated first, so feel free to skip to the next paragraph.

    First the negative: This episode was boring at first imo, but I feel it got interesting once Angela's sister was trying to be injected with that needle, then all craziness broke loose. It seemed as though adult Alice was sort of a psychopath to me, after those events years ago. I personally thought the storyline was too random to be taken seriously. I would've enjoyed it better if Alice didn't survive, and Angela was just remembering the past, but they had to give a purpose for it, this being that Alice was still alive. Positive: I really enjoyed the scene when Alice caused the storm and Mohinder tried to calm her down, and she thought of him as Chandra. That was a nice touch. The conclusion of this episode was also epic, Nathan seeing himself on TV, even though it was Sylar. That was epic. Plus Angela got more depth to her character from this episode. PS Deveaux using his powers to dance with a white girl during segregation was genious.

    Conclusion: This was a necessary episode. It had character development, and it introduced a potential villian to the series. I'm glad for it, but I can't wait for next weeks episode.moreless

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