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  • 8.5

    Rebel, Rebel. Not just the character but Bryan Fuller the writer as well.

    By AegisAtreyu, Apr 19, 2011

    This show, although relatively better this volume, has kind of wallowed in mediocrity since volume 2 and been written badly since the start of volume 3. Yeah there has been some good episode's here and there but mainly it became character's motivations led by plot. Bryan Fuller is therefore a Rebel who restores faith in the audience that the characters can drive plot as well. He also mostly leaves out the big 3 of Claire, Peter and Sylar (well Peter appears at the end, Sylar's prescence is felt with the delivery of The Puppetmaster). In fact, Nathan doesn't appear either. What's more important though is that with this episode Bryan Fuller has the guts to kill off, redeem and re-introduce characters and their powers. He starts to streamline and incapacitate, or in one case, give a character an ending that is more than, 'shot in the shoulder, who cares'. When Daphne was supposedly killed in chapter 2 for a few eps she was mostly forgotten. Not till now do we see her again, and as she lies in a hospital bed, Matt's storybook ending for her was touching and charming. Her character could have been so much more but was wasted when she became Parkman's unlikely girlfriend. The writing is good enough to acknowledge that, as a couple, they made no sense but still gives us a glimpse of the way their relationship should have evolved, in the first place.

    So onto Rebel which was obvious from the start. This was set up very similar to the Linderman/Maury Parkman mystery from last volume but not as successful in tricking the audience. It was Micah by the way and even though Tracey was surprised it felt too underwhelming for me. The main surprise came from how much the actor looks different because he's grown up a little. This story was mainly Tracey's anyway, a way for her to redeem herself. Her shop lifting felt novel and (like Matt) the sudden increase in power felt right and long overdue. She sacrifices herself for Micah and shatters with a little help from Danko. Whether she is dead or able to do a T-1000 isn't entirely clear though. It was the scene itself that was able to look cool as well as serve a purpose that made it work.

    So third and 4th strands. With the death of Daphne we are re-introduced to Matt's wife who when last seen was pregnant. Well she's had the kid now and it's up to Hiro and Ando to save it from Danko's men. Along with better comic-relief we get some actual character moments as well. Hiro reveals to Ando he saw his mother die when he was stuck in the past. You sort of feel this should have happened already but gives the character added warmth and gravitas that he hasn't had since that episode. The fans will also be happy as well because baby touch and go reboots Hiro's freeze power. No teleporting though as that makes time travel possible and we don't need that after so many problems its caused with plotting on the show. Add to that Ando's power increase and more progression emerges.

    The last strand is fugitive Angela Petrelli which lives up to the name of the Volume. Her little talk with friend Millie reminded us that the character has flaws. We are nicely reminded of her shoplifting after Arthur's death and that made me feel for the first time in a while that this was a 3d character and not a 2d villain.

    So a good episode, one thing though is that it serves amongst everything to propel the plot, resolve loose ends and get rid of or push to the side unnecessary characters. Also, 3 character's in particular had a sudden upgrade to there powers in this episode out of nowhere. If Bryan Fuller had been around earlier then at least this could have been hinted more frequently. Basically this episode, although a return to form, was let down by having to resolve and move forward some of the mess that had been created beforehand. With it we at least can have a more clean slate and his next episode can be an absolutely amazing one.moreless

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  • 8.0

    Is Bryan Fuller a Godsend? Is his return to the Heroes writing staff the change that is needed to give the show a much-needed shove in the right direction?

    By screenagedkicks, Apr 19, 2011

    Is Bryan Fuller a Godsend? Is his return to the Heroes writing staff the change that is needed to give the show a much-needed shove in the right direction? Well, judging by his first effort since Pushing Daisies, well, pushed the daisies, yes and no. 'Cold Snap' certainly sees a general upswing in quality: the script is solid, engaging and eventful and contains some of the most sparkling dialogue we've heard in aeons. There's an emphasis on character development here but not at the expense of the story, which is the problem that has plagued Heroes since Kring pressed the 'reset' button at the beginning of volume four. While fans have been crying out for a return to the halcyon days of the first season, it hasn't really been achieved... until now. Although this is not an exact return to form, it still shows promise. Tracey Strauss gets a satisfying character-arc-resolving death and it looks well cool. Rebel's identity is revealed and it's entirely logical. Hiro and Ando get an amusing side-story involving 'baby Matt Parkman' that's silly but rewarding because it advances things. Daphne's swan-song is unexpected and engaging, even if one does feel rather like the aforementioned 'reset' button is being pressed on characters far more frequently than it should. I mean, she renounces her entire relationship with the guy after professing her undying love like, three episodes ago. It's a bit much, a bit fast - one of the problems crippling Heroes is the juxtaposition between slow-moving action and ludicrously-paced allegiance/personality shifts - but as it seems to signify the end of this problematic storyline, I'm willing to overlook it. A good effort on the whole and hopefully a sign of things to come.moreless

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  • 8.0

    Pointless episode with fewer and fewer characters, even characters being killed off. I'm starting to worry about Heroes' future.

    By whiteraven2005, Mar 27, 2011

    I can't even call this a filler episode, it actually served almost no purpose, it wasn't even informative. I can only hope more of an effort is made for the finale because if the season doesn't end on a high note, it's really in trouble.

    Angela warns Bennet to sacrifice one of them to win Danko's trust. She knows who Rebel is! Maybe driving around in the Petrelli limousine is not the best plan. Bennet literally gift wrapped Doyle for Danko! A prophetic dream lets Angela gets out. It gets ugly, why do they need so many guns, she's just clairvoyant! Peter to the rescue and it's very obvious symbolism with the Statue of Liberty.

    Danko tricks Mohinder into walking into the facility under his own steam, under the guise of helping the prisoners. Why is Tracy still the only one not drugged? Rebel comes for Tracy, letting her out so she can release the others. A good move, we get Matt, Mohinder and Daphne in the deal. Rebel is Micah! Hind sight is always 20/20, who else would it be?! Surely there was a better way to save Micah than sacrificing herself!

    I love Ando and Hiro but they are morons! They finally figure out who the baby is and he has a power! He can power something even if it's not plugged in. Hiro's powers are back! Well, at least his freeze power.

    Matt convinces the staff that Daphne is Gwen Stefani! Incredibly sweet how Matt tries to give Daphne her fairytale ending.

    Not a great episode, very little happened and the strain on the budget is becoming increasingly obvious. Fewer and fewer characters in an episode and interacting with each other, characters being killed off. Really worrying.moreless

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  • 10

    extremely good episode

    By DerickBentham, Jul 23, 2010

    Cold Snap was good for so many reasons. This episode managed to make me teary eyed, to make me laugh and to put me on the edge of my seat. It made me teary eyed when nikki 3.0 allowed herself to die in order to protect micah also known as the rebel. It also made me a bit teary eyed when parkman was taking Daphne to paris in her dream bc she was dying and he didnt want to let go of her. It made me laugh because Hiros storyline is hysterical with baby "touch and go". It put me on the edge of my seat because for the first time in quite a while mrs petrellis storyline was actually good! Another reason to love this episode is because hiro got his power back finally!moreless

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  • 7.0

    Strong special effects, Weak plotline.

    By IProcrastinator, Jul 23, 2010

    Even though this episode contained some of the strongest special effects of the series so far, that wasn't enough to make this a great episode. While it did reveal some key events and characters (including the somewhat predictable identity of REBEL), the episode itself was still rather weak. There were two deaths in this episode, and I'm glad for both of them. Tracy has been the weakest character of the series, and she needed to go. Daphne, while I've seen many reviewers take a liking to her, was also a pointless character in my opinion. The show is attempting a transition into something new by weeding out some characters, but I doubt it will be enough to fix the various plot holes that have brought this show from being great to mediocre.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Fuller is back with a vengenance!

    By vintango, Jul 23, 2010

    Lets face it folks, this series NEEDS and has always needed Bryan Fuller. This is the first episode with his as the key writer and if you will notice the HUGE boost in quality. Now I've nitpicked Heroes to death over the last few episodes and I think I was pretty write in my judgement. For the longest time, 3 Volumes to be exact, Heroes has been floundering, sputtering along without any real goal or sense of purpose, and the writing seems to be shifting on a constant basis. Things happen out of the blue or worse characters change motivations at the drop of a hat without any real build up or worse, too much build up and not a lot of execution. Everything about this episode was great, even Tracy Strauss, and I can't believe I just typed that. Ali Carter is beautiful but she's been handed some annoying characters on this series and now she's finally gone. Oh sure she probably will come back, with the winking ice face indicating some sort of trickery but who knows? Back when Fuller was writing Season 1 no one was safe, and Strauss has had nothing to do this Volume but sit in front of a lamp. Boring. The only reason I didn't give this episode a 10 was because Daphne was killed off without much of a way to come back, indicating that she might be gone for good. They gave her an excellent send off though, truly touching. Makes me wish they had done the same with Elle instead of the cheap meaningless death they gave her. The series needs strong female leads and they offed two women in the cast in one episode, that's kind of sad but not a huge loss. Good to see Micah again, he was never my favorite character but I didn't hate him, and he was pretty useful in this episode. Anyways, keep up the good work, I am once again loving Heroes again.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Not bad...

    By lazarius12, Jul 23, 2010

    I laughed. I cried. I was intrigued. It wasn't perfect, but this is what Heroes of old was all about.

    The reveal of Rebel was a needed, pleasant surprise and I hope the character(I won't spoil it) is used again in the near future.

    Hiro and Ando's storyline is definitely the comic relief of Heroes, as always and I loved the moment when Hiro got his powers back. I wouldn't call it 'classic' as the previews said, but it is more than a welcome thing to happen for me to love this show again.

    To top it all off we had some emotional moments at the end and had to say goodbye to a few people, but the writers handled it much better than deaths in the past. It was no 'Lost moment', but it was pretty powerful for me.

    Overall, the only complaint I have is that I wish Heroes had a structure more like Lost where each episode specialized on 1-2 people at a time instead of splitting up between as many as possible.moreless

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  • 10

    Welcome back Bryan Fuller!!!

    By NIGHTWIN6, Jul 23, 2010

    Just when I thought Heroes was entering the pit of despair never to return again the return of two familiar faces brings it closer to its glory days.

    The return of Micah as Rebel was expected but I'm a little shocked that he was able to do all of this ON HIS OWN. No matter how mentally advanced he is I don't really buy him being able to plan everything he did. Now I know that starts things off on a negative note (forcive habit after the previous heroes episodes) but I will still give Heroes the benefit of the doubt that Micah might not be alone on this Rebel business.

    I haven't been a fan of Tracy Strauss (or Jessica or Nikki) but it was nice to see her have a fitting end and those final words of "you have to continue what you're doing" were rather heroic in the end.

    Angela is another character that I have never really cared for (despite being acted wonderfully by Christine Rose) but her storyline in this episode was very new and refreshing because she has essentially been doing the same thing over and over again for this volume (having secret meetings and conversations with different people). The scene where she was cornered in the elevator and nearly caught by Danko's men was paced beautifully to when we saw Peter standing there and saving her in Superman fashion.

    Interesting opening scene with Danko getting his 'special delivery' from a mystery guest (probably Sylar).

    Hiro has been very annoying since Season 2 and it seemed like he was a little more tolerable in this episode with some nice scenes between him and Ando and some classic Season 1 comedy between the two. Not stupid Season 2+ comedy.

    And finally, I have never been a fan of the Matt and Daphne romance because I never really saw much chemistry between the two actors. It always seemed like they had a "the writers told us we like each other" chemistry to it, but again the show started bringing that full circle when the two characters FINALLY started asking themselves the right questions and made their situation a little more believable. When the scene in Paris came and Matt had suddenly been able to fly I started yelling "HOW" and "WHY" at my television and when they started going all Superman Returns on me again I told myself it figures that Heroes would do something to mess up a pretty good episode. But then Daphne came out with that line and it all came together. For a guy that can put any image in a person head why wouldn't he try to create happiness out of a horrible situation. Really well written there and I'm really sad to see Daphne go as well.

    This episode really shows how far an episode of heroes can go if there is a good script on the table. Kudos to you Bryan Fuller, keep up the good work and I hope Heroes can keep up the momentum for the rest of the season and return to its glory days.moreless

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  • 9.5

    What can I say? This episode is hopefully the start of the former glory this show had. Although this

    By A_Lost_Scrub, Jul 23, 2010

    What can I say? This episode is hopefully the start of the former glory this show had. Although this Volume has been better than the previous Villains Volume (didn't take much) it was still lacking something. But that was until Bryan Fuller returned and gave us this episode. The identity of Rebel is revealed and which was predictable but still good nonetheless. Ms. Petrelli on the run was a thing that kept me on the edge of the seat. Hiro finally got his power back in a cool and original way (nothing too Sci-Fi and thank god for that). The ending was great. Finally, I am again worried about the characters of the show. Characters are getting killed off, yes even a main characters. And they died in an unique and entertaining way. Overall this was an excellent episode.moreless

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  • 8.0

    Adventurous, pivotal, surprising and emotional. Heroes is so on this week! Can't wait to see what they come up with for the rest of the season.

    By SMGslayer97, Jul 23, 2010

    This episode was on! Surprise after suprise and I hardly saw any of them coming and I read spoilers quicker then I can get my hands on them.

    The episode begins with a semi-weird, semi-cofusing scene (no not Danko shaving). Last we saw Sylar he was in Danko's apartment.

    Turns out he was there to leave him something? Doyle wrapped in a pretty red bow, in his words a gift. Not sure if he was dead but still. Anyway, I don't know what to make of what's happening with Sylar but I have some thoughts.

    Old habits die hard and I'm taking it as things get darkest before the dawn, aka Sylar will be more evil then ever before perhaps things get better for him and we get a return to volume 3 Sylar. But things are going to get dark, dark, daker before that might happen at least according to spoilers. I want to believe Sylar can return to Gabriel, especially after hearing the title for volume five (Redemption) but where he is right now...seems like it's going to be harder then ever. I think it was an understatement when someone said that Sylar might end up more evil now then before he went down his redemptive road in volume 3. But only time will tell and I still have hope. One way or another we'll find out and it's going to be epic that's for sure. Evil or good, Sylar is the character that I adore most. Peter, my other most beloved character, only had a small appearance in this episode but it was great just the same. Now that Nathan is out of the operation he started Danko is at the healm and apparently he's not leaving anyone to their free passes. He goes straight for Angela but as always our beloved Peter saves the day (not sure how he knew what was going down but whatever) and finds them a cozy little hide out, at least for now. That was so cool and so random that he took them to the statue of liberty but come to think of it's proably a safe place for the night at least. I'm hopeful that we will once and for all, after months of teasing find out some on Angela's secrets. I'm sure they won't give it all away but with the upcoming flashback episode 1961 about the beginnings of the company I think this time it will actually happen. And can I just say, YES! Hiro and Ando play babysitters to the coolest baby ever! Matt's son, little Matt is (as far as we know) the youngest person ever to have an ability. He's a touch and go. Close as I can tell his power is a little like Ando's. Ando super charges something, like a battery in a way. Little Matt touches something and turns it on like a battery. How cute was that kid though? And thank goodness he has the power he has otherwise the government would have snatched him up right quick. I was pleased to see the manner in which Hiro's ability returned and to see Ando crank his ability up. Very impressive on both counts. But what about the actual Matt? I mean he has a kid, apparently. I certainly hope he finds out.

    But right now he has bigger issues. Apparently he and Daphne won't be having the future we once saw for them but when it comes to this show that's expected. Whenever they skip time and show some future event, character, change it's almost a guarantee that it won't be happening (at least most of the time). But I was still shocked that Daphne died. Had a couple tears for her, especially for Matt's sake but I feel like I should have saw it coming, how could Matt get to Paris so quick? How could he fly? He just couldn't, poor Daph. I really liked her and I loved that Matt finally had someone but hey he's got another little someone out there who needs him so I think Matt will find the will to go on. And at least he got to her before she died, it could have been worse.

    But surprisingly my favorite part of this episode was the Tracey stuff. I am not an Ali Larter fan and while I found Tracey more interesting then Nikki I still wasn't a big fan. She was one of the few characters who somewhat deserved to be locked up. So Danko has everyone neutralized in Building 26 (where is this palce is that no one notices it? Another paper company?) and of course Rebel comes to the rescue and helps Tracey escape. There's clue #1, Rebel goes to great lengths to help Tracey in particular. Tracey gets out and frees Matt, Mohinder and Daphne but of course doesn't exactly play as part of the team but Rebel has it all under control. After Tracey pretty much ditches the others she has lots more help. Including some cash from an ATM, clue #2 we've seen a certain little someone do that exact thing before. And then boom! I wasn't prepared for him to just be standing right there but there he was. Micah! I pretty much went nuts when he appeared.

    I'm psyched they brought him back no matter how long it's actually going to be for.

    To bad, in Tracey's case, his help was somewhat unwarranted. We know her his history and she hasn't been a well behaved girl. But Micah inspires something in her (I knew there was a reason they met at the start of season 3), she originally lead HRG and the boys straight to rebel but when she found out it was Micah she toasted them or to be more accurate froze them.

    Apparently her power has some juice she hadn't yet tapped into and she froze them all I'm assuming alive but at a price. She froze to and that gave Danko the oppurtunity to kill her once and for all (yes she's down permenantly). I was surprised but it was a great way to send her off in a moment of rare integrity for her character and very fitting given the season we've had so far.

    There's good and evil in everyone, powers or not. These powers can corrupt, make heroes out of people and make them do all manner of strange things but that's a part of it. Doyle, Sylar, Tracey, Peter, Matt, Mohinder they've all done bad things and to a certain extent they've all had their good moments. Some more then others but it's in them all, good and evil. Villains, heroes. The lines aren't so easily drawn, so easily defined. Things aren't so black and white. In fact they're gray. ;)moreless

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