NBC Is Reviving Heroes; Which Characters Would You Like to See Return?

By Jen Trolio

Feb 23, 2014

Save the cheerleader, save NBC? Well, probably not, but the network is bringing back Heroes either way. I'm not kidding! The Peacock has ordered 13 episodes of Heroes: Reborn, an "event miniseries" that'll be helmed by original Heroes creator Tim Kring and air sometime in 2015. 

For those who aren't familiar with the superhero drama's storied past, a brief history: Heroes was an instant hit when it debuted in 2006, but faltered late in its first season and never really recovered. The series ultimately ran for four uneven seasons; NBC canceled the show in 2010, and for awhile there was talk of a made-for-TV movie that would wrap up loose storylines, but it never materialized. 

So far, details on Heroes: Reborn are few and far between, and they'll probably remain that way for some time, according to an official statement from NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke: "Until we get closer to air in 2015, the show will be appropriately shrouded in secrecy," she said, "but we won’t rule out the possibility of some of the show’s original cast members popping back in.” 

In the meantime, perhaps we can glean some hints from the last time Heroes made headlines: When news broke last April that MSN was in talks to revive the series, the idea was to assemble an entirely new group of ordinary people with extraordinary abilities and bring in original cast members for cameos. And that certainly seems like most viable way to do it, right? If that's the approach NBC takes, which original Heroes would YOU like to see back? 

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  • roma_acumen Jul 23, 2014

    if time turner is possibility then Hiro is a must. I dont think the cheerleader will come, she is using her new talent in Nashville and peter is Chosen elsewhere. But i would miss The Man in the Horn rimmed Glasses (Noah) and sylar. Also I liked the actor who played Nathan. I have to rewatched the series. I guess even Rumple was in the series.

  • roma_acumen Jul 23, 2014

    Sorry not Rumple I was thinking of Robert Knepper

  • MikeClark Jun 22, 2014

    Hiro and Ando!!! you could make an entire series JUST on the little adventures those guys get themselves into.

  • HiroNukeAntony May 17, 2014

    Well, obviously the show needs something new-better. I mean... come on guys what show can maintain in high standards for 4 season with "new" storyline every year?There is no way to find something new every year with all these limits...they are heroes, so what?All the seasons were almost the same in the end.Someone wants to destroy a city...someone else wants to destroy a city,someone wants more heroes,someone else wants no heroes at all,someone want to tell about the hero thing someone else not.Come on, is this all you can think for a heroic story? In my opinion there has to be one super vilain in the new series, one that was the main vilain in the last 4 seasons but behind the stage,the person who made everything possible,who pulled strings to make everyone do his bide and the one's that the plans destroyed from the "Heroes" without them to aknowledge it. The person who gathered power and knowledge all these years... who fights for a higher purpose(in his mind) maybe?... The one who's now ready to fight and achieve the goals on his/her own. Fill the gaps from the previous 4 seasons with minor details about this person... and climax the story in an epic fight(something necessary in an heroes' story) in the end of the story(if there are, more than one, seasons),obviously not like 1st season's battle(hahah epic ending). I think that the story needs new blood or new powers in our occasion, put in play some people like Micah or so who find clues about the true danger and some glipses of the old cast and their lives in this world who are gonna help with this danger later in the series, try to make the heroes evolve their powers...It's kind of boring to see every time the same thing without having something new to wait for, from them. About the old cast... i don't really want to see Claire again... i mean she's cute and all, but she totally made me get bored every time i saw her the last 2 seasons...she didn't help at all, it was something like save the cheerleader,and that's all. The whole time, running to find help... whatever... The cheerlead had to die from the 1st season,(so Sylar) she made the whole story collapse cause they try to make her stay in the show... with no purpose at all.Hiro and Peter ,these are the heroes who have to come back for sure... Peter is the old fashioned hero guy and Hiro can travel through time and space? come on :P who didn't dreamt, even once, doing this?
    That's my opinion, feel free to express yours as well :)

    PS. Sry about my english :)

  • markomolesmith1 May 07, 2014

    and if you don't put some of the original characters back it's so unfair it won't be pleasant with them

  • markomolesmith1 May 07, 2014

    I want the cheerleader back peter sylar micah hiro ando mohinder matt and tracy

  • binda Apr 22, 2014

    What we need is a new cast of heroes with similar or even newer and better powers that they have been using for a while. We need to be thrown straight into the mix of something big going on. We need powers in action good and bad. We need a bad ass villain and a crazy ass hero who are working together to bring about some ancient plan that they believe will bring about some form of evolution of humans. Though both the villain and the hero know that there can not be good without the bad.
    So while that is going on there's this lone survivor crazy time traveller from the future who is running the entire scenario of the the heroes and villians moving them like pawns in and out of time. The time traveller will have no silly guilty conscience. No reason why he or she is doing it except that it can be done.
    That's just a start.

  • Jautori Apr 18, 2014

    Story goes..... Future Sylar is a god-like guide/protector of people with uncontrollable powers and helps keep the peace. Claire and Matt Parkmans son protect the world fighting injustice with a special team overseen by Noah and Hiro. Ando is running the family company developing a technology that helps Hiro prevent other time travellers from affecting history. The arch nemesis would be a powerful being who has the ability to alter reality within his own vicinity and is responsible for the state of Peter who tried to help but instead got turned into a statue which is retrieved and held by Noah and Hiro. Go 25 years in the future and add characters like Micha and some fresh faces. Almost similar to X-men with with a whole new outlook on the concepts of power and this time don't take 10 episodes to deliver the punchline. Action to action ongoing. Twist to twist.

  • binda Apr 22, 2014

    Sorry, but no no no.

  • zsandmann Apr 16, 2014

    Sure why not.... But you won't get Zach Quino I suspect, he's gotten too big. Maybe a cameo... Calire can go jump off a ferris wheel for all I care, oh wait.

  • CharmedOneP391 May 11, 2014

    Quinto said in an interview that he wouldn't return to Heroes if it were brought back because since American Horror Story, he doesn't want to return to a serial killer role

  • ForeverUnknown Jul 09, 2014

    but didn't he turn good after The Wall? I havent watche dthe last episdoe yet so idk there could be twist, but still.

  • CharmedOneP391 Jul 09, 2014

    Yes, unfortunately that did happen in The Wall. And he did end up staying good in Brave New World too, he was the the character who used the episode title in as an actual line, too. (yeah I'm not a huge fan of that storyline in hindsight)

  • ForeverUnknown Jul 09, 2014

    ya i just watched Brave New World and it seems to me he's good for good this time (lol) but who knows? Silar is always doing this shit. But that line were he's talking about how saving people is better than killing people.... pretty convincing.

  • alexmoore71465 Apr 02, 2014

    Sylar Claire Peter Noah

  • JonnaHoviNyb Mar 30, 2014

    Peter,Sylar,Claire,Noah and Hiro definitely!

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