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    By cavanagh15, Apr 16, 2010

    Couple of interesting parts to the episode, but for the most part it was a pretty average hour of Heroes. After the blockbuster first two episodes, Heroes has taken a turn for the season two form. Arthur Petrellis power is obviously awesome. I didn't get it at first when he took Adams, but it makes sense now. He took Adams power and because of that Adam was about 10,000 years old and finnaly passed away from old age. The confrontation at the end with the villians and Peter was interesting, though I'm not sure how I feel about Peter losing his power for any length of time. Mohinders storyline wasn't that great, though him turning on Nathan and Tracey was pretty forseeable. Matt Parkman and Daphnie had something going and I wish she would have seent he light and not gone back to Pinehurst. Hiros storyline was boring, I thought. Way too much attention paid to trying to "catch" the African Mr. Issac. And the whole portion of the episode devoted to Claire and her mother? Not good. Not good at all. I think this was the worst of the season.moreless

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  • 9.5

    another exciting installment

    By feraflower, Apr 16, 2010

    So much has been happening with Heroes, it's hard to keep up sometimes. Some of the events this season have happened so fast, a catching of breath is badly needed. In this episode, the stakes are tallied together and the real bad guys begin to reveal themselves. Daddy Arthur Petrelli is getting impatient and finally tired of sitting still, hooked on life support, he manifests another ability of Sylar-esque proportions by sucking the life out of Adam, apparently absorbing his powers, and grinding the poor guy's bones to dust. I will miss Adam, he was a good villain while he lasted. Now Arthur is on the loose and ready to take over the world. Angela slips into a coma, due to her loving husband, and a worried Sylar awakens Peter to try and help her. Too bad Peter's still incensed by Sylar's ability and he's not taking orders by anyone, least of all his newly-rediscovered brother, a fact which he's still not copping to. Sylar continues the path to be good while Peter's slowly losing his head to temptation. At least he's still good enough to teleport to Pinehearst and have a little one-on-one with Daddy. Daphne is continuing her recruit for "villains" with doubts on her mind, flipping from Sylar to Mohinder, stumbling upon Matt in the process. She is a bit creeped to find out what Matt has to say about their future together, but she likes Matt enough to say to stay away from Pinehearst. It is revealed that Daphne is not in this just for cash, that Pinehearst is holding something personal over her head. Nathan and Tracey are still pissed over what has been done to them and they decide to ask for Mohinder's help in curing them of their unwanted powers. Too bad Mohinder's continuing to slip deeper and deeper into a literal monster and is currently holding the two captive. If Maya's still alive, it's up for debate. It's revealed Hiro killing Ando was just a ruse, of course, and Ando is very much alive. Looking real enough for the "villains", Daphne asks Hiro to locate the quirky sage in Africa. Ando and Hiro go and Hiro spends a lot of time getting hit in the head by a shovel as a part of a test by the sage. It was also funny that Hiro called the sage "African Issac". And Claire and her adoptive mother race to save Claire's real mother from the clutches of Doyle, a psychotic 'puppeter' manipulating every move and soon all three girls are caught in a deadly game of roulette. The episode ends with Peter finding out that yes, Daddy is alive and well, Daddy is evil, and now Daddy's has sucked all of Peter's powers from him. Great parenting. The good news is that Peter won't have the Sylar power problem but unfortunately, he's powerless for the moment. Nathan and Tracey are caught in a confrontation with a super-angry Mohinder, Noah asks for Claire's real mother's help in the villain hunt, Matt is at a loss since Daphne's avoiding him, Sylar's incompacitated by Peter, Angela's still in the coma, and Hiro and Ando plan with the quirky sage over what their course of action will be. With all this action, there's bound to be a super confrontation at the end this midseason. I hope it will be worth it.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Another great episode. Revealing.

    By LostHero21, Apr 16, 2010

    I felt that this installment was great. The emotions between Claire and her two Mom's we're absolutely my favorite set of characters on this week's episode, although I had a hard time trying to get why she had a hard time having to shoot her daughter. Meredith's life was on the line. The Arthur Petrelli "Pinehurst" plotline was yet another interesting way to go. At first I thought he had the power to make you age, but that all cleared up once during the shocking cliffhanger. I'm still wondering why he's alive. Maybe they'll clear that up in the next episode? Tracy and Nathan go seeking answers to Dr. Suresh (Molhinder). He abducts them away and I'm guessing that he has a form of hunger similar to Peter and Sylar. (and Arthur Petrelli possibly...?) Molhinder's character shifted between a short time period, so I'm nowhere doubting this theory. Also, Daphne and Matt meet up, but are troubled with numerous obstacles. I felt this plot to be sort of dull but from time to time it was actually pretty fun. It's nice to see that he kept the turtle. Hiro and Ando go and visit the "African Isaac." This plotline was average but it added humor to the installment...which was needed. It's been rumored that the writers are trying to get Isaac to come back, and that he's been busy with other movies/films/television appearances...but I wouldn't see how he'd fall in. You never know. A lot of un-explaned re-appearances are starting to take place. Angela wasn't in this installment much, which I disliked. She's my favorite character in the series, along with Claire.

    I have a few questions and I was wondering if any of you could answer my questions via PM(private messing.)

    1. Is Maya dead?

    2. Why did Peter need Sylar's power to save the world?

    3. If Peter doesn't have Sylar's power now...(due to his father) does that mean that his future character was corrupted? I'm having thoughts that Linderman is from the future, trying to change the what is happening in the future. He's corrupting Matt's destiny with Daphne, but I really have a feeling Matt won't let that happen. I think they are destined, no matter what Linderman says. But I do know for a fact that Lindermans orders Daphne to kill Matt, seeing that he won't join Pinehurst's forces. I see good in Daphne and I almost know for a fact that she WILL become a hero by the end of this season.(Volume 4: Fugitives)

    Not much more to say but I enjoyed watching this and I have plenty more to say...I just don't want to keep this any longer.

    Thank you!moreless

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  • 7.0

    You can't chose your family, but you can chose a side. Great tag line.

    High five turtle!

    By SMGslayer97, Apr 16, 2010

    I knew Hiro wouldn't let us down, I didn't imagine he actually killed Ando but good for him for pulling a fast one on the baddies. That was brilliant, still his African friend was right he was becoming a little to reliant on his powers. He's got a good creative intelligent brain and should use it more often. It'll only make him stronger for what's to come.

    Nathan and Tracey, went to see Mohinder who has clearly gone all Jekyll/Hyde. One second he's drugging them the next he's having flashes of the old logical moral Mohinder. Now I'm not one to say anything about what he can and can't control, especially given the track this season in on but he needs some help and he needs to get that power out of him like yesterday. Although the last place he should be looking is the Pinehearst company.

    Claire and her mother, along with Meredith have a creepy encounter with the puppet master Doyle. He totally unnerved me, made me real uncomfortable. To be that powerless and completely at the mercy of someone who is missing a few screws has to me just terrifying. Claire is all bad ass now though, she's no Barbie and even though she can't fight she finds ways to make her power work for her. She down Doyle which is impressive, HRG thought so too. Claire and her father are having some issues but one of them, one of us. Meredith may have the fire power but Claire...

    Back to Pineheart, whatever their point or purpose. Whatever they are trying to do they are clearly compromised of baddies and they are looking for more. Mohinder, Sylar, Matt, Hiro. They're looking for lots of new recruits. But they have a weak link, or should I say a good link. Little miss Daphne isn't as bad as she once appeared, they've got something on her that's keeping her with them. Who knows what but I think Matt will be the one to save her, especially considering she's already showing she's no murderer and she's not a fan of the concept as a rule. With his trusty turtle in tow he came clean to Daph about their future not that she necessarily believed him but they did have a certain connection, at least as much as two people could have having just met. I like them together, Matt is after all one of the few characters on the show who has through everything remained very human and very moral despite everything he has faced. He could protect her, he could save her. Here's hoping he gets the chance.

    Mr. Petrelli is doing a lot of damage left and right, he killed Adam. Aged him, crushed him, disintegrated him I'm not sure but Adam is dust (thus proving that even those characters that can't be killed aka Sylar, Peter, Claire can in fact be killed. I read a spoiler that says he's crunched for good too, which I understand because they had to show if there was in fact a way to kill those characters who we previously thought were unkillable but I was still a little upset to see such a great character bite the dust). I couldn't believe it, I realize Arthur and Adam have some kind of past but wow! I mean he just dusted him like nothing, needless to say Arthur is a big power and his comeback is going to be huge. Angela, through I'm assuming her vision of her ex-hubby or her ex-hubby himself is in some kind of coma. Sylar cares, he's worried and brings Peter out of his own coma (What is up with these comas lately? Everyones got one.) to save their mother. Peter is a little less then receptive though, they come to blows and it feels so strange. Their roles have been reversed. Peter is highly unstable, though I don't exactly blame him considering the upsetting news that Sylar is his brother combined with Sylar's power/hunger now in him, and Sylar is so different. He's calm, he's in control and he's caring. He's already becoming the man we saw in the future. During their little match Sylar barely fights back, only using his powers to restrain Peter at times. He doesn't even hit him back. He's already so different, Peter on the other hand is having serious internal issues. His comment about being the most special, which has significance later in the episode, kind of makes me think one reason he has such a problem with Sylar being his brother is because Peter over the years has learned he is one of the most special people in the world even among all the special people. But Gabriel, he's in the same league as daddy....somehow or another though Peter bests Sylar and puts him in yes you guessed it a coma. Comas for everyone!

    Speaking of daddy he and Peter have a little reunion now I'm not saying for sure that Peter shouldn't have hugged him but come on! How naive can you be! He saw his dad was back from the dead, now some people can do that but he was in the room with villains and bad guys...always a bad sign. But he hugged him and boom, he did some weird light thingy, Arthur took Peter's powers and his newly obtained hunger with them. He's not the most special anymore, not by far. Among other things, daddy is some kind of power sucker/absorber/life sucker similar to his boys powers (not including Nathan that is). Sylar, Peter and Arthur share original abilities. They haven't gone into great detail about how Sylar's works, or Arthur's for that matter. But from what we have seen the three of them share the same ability, in variations. Interesting, very interesting. Makes me think Sylar and Peter together may just be enough to take him down, of course with his bad of baddies and now Peter's powers I wouldn't place money on it at least not while Peter and Sylar are where they are now.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Exciting, but personally flawed...

    By lazarius12, Apr 16, 2010

    I'm gonna first off say that some parts of this episode are flawed for personally reasons. Mainly the supposed death of one of my favorite characters. My score is not effected by this answer however.

    That aside, I did enjoy this episode very much. The big news this time around is the mysterious Mr Petrelli and his power. His character seems intriguing and I can't wait to see him develop more.

    The other big thing, I'm sure people will talk about, is every scene with Doyle and Claire's family. Definitely 'edge of your seat' kinda stuff that we've all been wanting since this season started.

    The little things about this episode are what bring it all together I think. Like Sylar and Peter's continued struggle to swap alignments. Or how Matt's turtle kicks so much ass...But that's getting into the personal again. Lets just say, this episode will most likely have something everyone can enjoy. Keep it up Tim!moreless

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    Great as always!

    By alen76ers, Apr 16, 2010

    This episode is awesome!

    Claire, Meredith and Sandra were controlled by Eric Doyle. He's a real psycho! It ended up with Sandra shooting Claire (because he controlled her) and then Claire revived herself and knocked down Eric.

    I loved the fight between Peter and Sylar. Peter stated "I'm the most special".. Well, a few moments later all of his powers were gone! They were stolen by Peter's father, Arthur who killed Adam by taking his ability. I liked Hiro in this episode. He and Ando were funny. I'm so glad Hiro didn't kill Ando! The part when Hiro was in Africa was funny. "Mr. African Isaac!" :)

    And Daphne is getting better by every episode as a character! I like her! She is one of the good guys, I hope she will soon realize Hiro is good too!

    I like the fact Flint is back. Daphne helped him to escape from Level 5. He tried to bring Sylar with her but he resisted. Arthur put Angela in coma. Seems like he's really powerful! And now he has all of Peter's powers! Finally, a villain is the most powerful one!

    I hope Matt will try to connect with Daphne even now when he was rejected. And it seems like Daphne has a secret which is held by the Pinehearst Company. Can't wait for another episode!!!moreless

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  • 9.5

    When Parkman met Daphne.

    By ionee24, Apr 16, 2010

    As a quick flashback shows us how Hiro never killed Ando Daphne quickly races to the airport to pick up Parkman, conflicted enough by the murder that never happen her would be husband only makes matters worst as he greets her not as the creepy bad guy she was expecting but rather the friendly owner of a pet turtoise. If only Papa Petrelli would've greet Adam Munroe the same way but the sad reality is that he was brought to Pinehearst only so Arthur could drain Adam for all his worth until a pile of dust is the only reminder of what once was the immortal Taketo Kenzei, I guess this means Peter & Gabriel do take it after daddy.

    As Claire pulls out a stunt to free both of her mothers as only HRG would've done, Hiro finds the pre-cog Pinehearts wanted (none other than Matt's african friend) and Sylar learns that his father did love him, Daphne manages to recruit everyone on her list - plus escape from Dr. Suresh - just in time for dinner ...with Matt... only to inform him that he's such a sweet guy he wouldn't fit with the wrong crowd and the only way for her to protect him is to run as far away as possible, back to Pinehearts.moreless

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    So far out of all these wonderful episodes this season, this is my favorite.

    By cervantes60, Apr 16, 2010

    This episode was the best I have seen this season. From the start to the finish I was glued to the television. Think about Mohinder in seasons one and two and how he was this good guy helping people. Now he is becoming this dark villain slowly transforming into who knows what. I loved the way Trace broke free of her bonds, but she and Nathan are by far free of him. Daphne is recruiting people for Pinehearst. Peter meets his dad and he takes away his powers. Nice father. Poor Hiro, I felt sorry every time he got hit on his head. I laughed, but I felt sorry for him. In the three seasons, the poor guy has been knocked out so many times. That was very brilliant the way he traveled back to get a trick sword and blood bag to fool people that he killed Ando.

    The villain, Doyle was cool. The way he can control people. Poor Meredith was at his mercy. Soon, he had Clair and Sandra in his evil clutches. The Russian Roulette game was great. Lucky he did not know Clair can regenerate, she saved the day. Did you notice the coldness Clair has to here Dad? I wonder if she is slowly turning into the Clair of the future?

    There is no doubt in my mind that Heroes is back and better than ever.moreless

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  • 6.0

    Falling apart at the seams

    By entil2001, Apr 16, 2010

    This show is becoming increasingly difficult to review, not because of its complexity, but because of its chaotic inability to settle into meaningful plot threads. The story is propelling along towards something, as this complication-laden episode attests, but it's hard to know what the endgame might be, beyond setting up yet another powerful villain from the days of the Twelve.

    Arthur Petrelli may be the worst of them all at this point, because he has the ability to steal abilities (just like his sons Peter and Gabriel), but the process takes them from the original "owner". This is an important distinction, especially for Adam, as it meant instant death. It also means that Arthur has immortality from Adam, a hunger for power from Sylar (via Peter), and a wide array of offensive and defensive powers from Peter. In short, Arthur is the kind of villain that Sylar was supposed to be by the end of the first season, only far more powerful.

    Making him this powerful by the middle of the third volume should give the writers the opportunity to take the season in a logical direction. Arthur has been assembling those with abilities he wants or can utilize in other respects, but despite Angela's best and equally questionable efforts, there's no assembled team ready to counter Arthur at the moment. So for a little while, at least, Arthur will have his way.

    Ironically, I think Sylar is going to be the focal point of the resistance against Arthur (in a nice bit of generational strife, harkening back to the second season). I think he'll do it in the name of his mother, the only person who treated him as someone special. And in turn, he will make himself into something special, perhaps explaining the process how he could overcome the negative aspects of his ability. If the writers want to make something of this mess they've made, that's the most direct way to accomplish it.

    The trick is going to be making sense of the journeys for nearly every other character. In particular, Hiro's journey is becoming a major annoyance. The second season supposedly advanced Hiro's character out of his awkward phase into something more assured. This season, he's once again the bumbling idealistic fool. Hiro is one of the most powerful of the metahumans when given the chance to express his ability properly, so why reduce him to a laughing stock?

    I was relatively happy with the direction they took with Claire in the previous episode, but I'm not so sure what this episode was supposed to accomplish. Was this experience meant to toughen Claire by showing her what kind of animals have abilities, thus increasing her already potent fear of being victimized again? If so, then the writers didn't quite sell it in that fashion. Instead, it felt like a way to pad the episode.

    The time spent on Denise and Matt's "first" meeting was a little better, because it began to explore some of the divisions growing among the metahumans and Denise's faltering faith in the rightness of her actions. Similarly, it was great to see Peter and Sylar have a little family spat while they still could. But I have no idea what Mohinder's role in all of this will be, or why Nathan and Tracy had to wind up in his clutches.

    I can speculate that Mohinder's ongoing work to find a cure to remove abilities will eventually succeed, despite Peter's trip into the future, and the result will be a weapon that could be used to defeat Arthur Petrelli at the end of the "Villains" arc. Perhaps that's why the next arc is called "Fugitives"; one would imagine that Arthur's minions would run for the hills and need to be apprehended.

    The problem with "Heroes" is the same as it's been since the first season finale: wasted potential. The first season had its issues, but it still made a strong case for future growth. The first season finale was a huge letdown, and the show has struggled to find itself since that defining moment. There are some great ideas and good stories here, but I don't think these writers are still capable of making them work.moreless

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    Petrellis rule!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well maybe Peter, Sylar and Arthur. Hiro king of comedy. Shocking. Brilliance. Not keen on the other characters as the petrellis and Hiro stole the show.

    By matwamango, Apr 16, 2010

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode as it was a mix bag of everything from Drama and boy was there drama, Comic relief through Hiro, Emotions and bundles of suspense along with mayhem. I will only include the best bits from this episode without bringing in boredom of Claire and her brood.

    Hiro goes back in time and warns Ando to play dead. Then he goes back to the present and stabs Ando with a fake sword with fake blood. Ando does this. Knox invites Hiro to the fold and Daphne is shocked Hiro killed his friend. She gives him an assignment to bring Usutu from Africa and leaves. Hiro and Ando go to Africa.

    Knox brings in Adam to see Arthur. Adam tries to run but is stopped. Knox makes Adam face Arthur who Knox makes touch him which leads to Arthur absorbing Adam's power causing him to age fast. Adam ends up in ashes. Arthur is healed up and has Adam's power permanently.

    Claire goes to see Doyle to resue Meredith.

    Nathan and Tracy seek Mohinders help but the tables are turned when Mohinder tricks them. Daphne gives pinhearst card to Mohinder seeing a problem she escapes from his clutches before revealing that the Pinhearst company has already found a way to give abilities to people.

    Daphne goes to see Sylar trying to break him free. He doesn't want to be bad. Daphne leaves him a card if he changes his mind. She runs off with Flint.

    Syler goes to Peter freeing him to save their mother. Peter and Sylar get into a war of words about Sylar calling Angela his Mom. They both see Angela lying on the hospital bed. Peter notices that Sylar genuinely cares for Angela. Sylar mentions that she was the only person that embraced him for who he was. Peter delves into his Mothers mind and see the double helix symbol. He draws it and shows it to Sylar. Sylar shows the card to Peter. Peter attempts to go to Pinehearst by himself but Sylar tries to stop him as its not safe. He calls him his brother. Peter calls Syler weak and thrashes him and electricutes him. He leaves telling Sylar he is the most powerful.

    Daphne meets Matt and they talk about what happened in the future. He wants to know what the people she works for have against her.

    Hiro attempt to catch Usutu but failing everytime. Hiro said"Helli African Isaac". Until Hiro uses his brain. He gets to see the villains for the first time through a painting by Usutu. Peter like a bull in a china shop marches in to fight going in invisible first time this season only to be shocked by the person staring back at him. His presumed dead father who was alive and well. Arthur stops anyone from attacking Peter saying its his son. He wants a hug from Peter. They hug and Arthur absorbs all of Peter's power rendering him powerless.moreless

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