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    The story is now moving back in the right direction.

    By algrewehou, May 28, 2010

    As revealed at the end of the previous episode, Sylar as decided once and for all who he is. His lack of self identity over the course of the last two seasons seems to have greatly contributed to its shortcomings. And Zachary Quinto brings a marvelous dark humor to the character more than I remember in the past. And the writer's made this change at exactly the right time as the winter hiatus is only one episode away.

    Hiro and Claire in the past was very entertaining, although the motivation to go to the past was a bit odd. But this cause was nothing more than the writers' struggle to reclaim the gold they had lost within the past two years. The Writer's strike is certainly a valid scapegoat. Their actions in the past fixed so many assumptions that the viewer were led to believe. *SPOILER HERE* The revelation that Claire believed herself to be the catalyst was corny. It's obvious that the writers can't attribute every mystery to her. So the writer's show the transfer of the catalyst, and the destruction of the catalyst within the single half-hour period. *END SPOILER*

    The introduction of sketchbook Isaac gave away before his death should finally limit the future seeing. If the writers limit the foresight in future episodes as they have done in the past, the storyline shouldn't be so... bad. However, travels to the past should continue as they are revealing and can be occasionally clever especially as the rule that what's in the past cannot be changed continues to be followed.

    The story for this episode was simple yet entertaining. I feel it is time to celebrate because the slump is over. With the return of a former writer and the freshness of a new story arc, the only place that the quality of this story will go is up.moreless

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    Absolutely amazing!!

    By leroi22, May 28, 2010

    So much happened in this episode that surprised the CRAP out of me.....


    1.) Hiro is the catalyst!!

    2.) His MOM gave it to him...which was a beautiful scene!

    3.) Hiro is stuck in time and Ando needs to save him!

    3.) Nathan is the new leader of Pinehearst!

    4.) Arthur Petrelli is DEAD!

    5.) Sylar killed him!

    Full out amazing episode that felt more like season one than any other episode this season. It gave more depth to many of the characters and gave us an incredible premise for future episodes. This is one that you don't want to miss, so GO WATCH IT!moreless

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    The last of Isaac's sketches are found, Hiro & Claire are lost in time, Ando is planning to obtain an ability, Angela has Peter and the Haitian team up against Arthur, Sylar is back to his old self, Nathan, Tracy, and Mohinder start something dangerous!!

    By luvtheheaven, May 28, 2010

    That episode was amazing!! It almost made me cry, it made me super-excited and worried about my favorite characters' lives, we got a chance to see pretty much everyone who appear fairly regularly on Heroes this season (even Elle regardless of the fact that she was dead), etc!

    Claire's interactions with a 10-year-old, non-English speaking Hiro in a time 16 years prior were hilarious, Claire's interactions with her mother and herself as a baby were so cute, and her interactions with a wary Noah were so exciting and amazing and what I live for when watching this show! :D

    Hiro seeing his parents, especially his father who doesn't believe in him and his mother whom he missed so much, was just amazing. The Hiro/his mother scene - both when Hiro was in the mindset of a 10-year-old and when he was an adult - were both so bittersweet and amazing and brought a tear to my eye.

    The Ando/Matt/Daphne team was the cutest thing ever, and all 3 of them just brought smiles to my face throughout the episode. But Ando is going to get the red lightning abiltiy we saw from the future!! OH NO!! Lol. ;)

    The Nathan/Arthur/Tracy(/Mohinder) team however is quite the opposite from the aforementioned team and is horrifying. WOW. I'm loving and hating confused Nathan - like we should, sort of like season 1. We care about him, he's fun to watch, but we worry for his life and worry about what he's planning on doing to the world!!

    Peter and The Haitian were fun to watch, I was yelling at Peter by the end to just shoot Arthur, his waiting was his doom, lol!! And The Haitian having to strain because of Arthur's power was a really nice touch, I thought.

    Sylar, of course, showed up in the nick of time!! :D And he... well... I guess I have to say it - saved the day! LOL. But I'm worried about The Haitian's fate - well really everyone within close proximity to Sylar now, including Nathan, Tracy, Angela, and even Mohinder! Backtracking a bit to Sylar's scene near the beginning where he killed birthday-girl Sue in her Office and then maybe killed the people surprising her was so horribly and wonderfully funny and a great reminder of season 1 and how much I loved it. :D And the elevator scene - from the hilarious elevator music to Sylar's bloody shirt to panning across to suddenly see a poor office working scared to death, to Sylar's comment about the ability and saying "it does tingle" with that guy standing there - I was definitely laughing out loud.

    All in all amazing episode, with Elle officially dead and cremated the murderer's way, Arthur really dead (hopefully), Claire no longer the catalyst but stuck back 16 years ago with Hiro, Hiro's memory finally regained, Nathan becoming leader of Pinehearst and giving a first ability out, and Sylar being Sylar again and knowing that he's not really an extension of the already pretty huge Petrelli family, this episode was DEFINITELY a pivotal episode!! Send me a message if you agree or disagree or whatever, I'd love to talk with you about Heroes. ;)moreless

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    Not sure what to think.

    By hopper_mbp, May 28, 2010

    Spoiler Alert!!

    Hiro and Claire go back in time, Hiro gets his memory back just in time for him to lose his power and the catalyst. What was the point of all this BS we've been watching this whole season? I mean, it gets really frustrating when it feels like they build and build and then just derail everything we've been watching for the last two months by making some massive change to everything or killing some major character.

    Case in point is Arthur. All of that and then they just kill him? Really? And isn't this show called heroes? And now the two best heroes don't have their powers anymore? I know they're going somewhere with all of this, but they just do it so slowly and painfully and frustratingly I don't know what to think of the show anymore.

    Granted this episode was better than its been lately. But, its just frustrating how lousy the writing and character development have gotten lately.moreless

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    The best yet :)

    By gummyworldlover, May 28, 2010

    Wow. This episode was by far the best this season. The writers are taking a great step of from what it was previously. Anyone who watched this episode can say that it was much better than the others it was just packed with things but in a good way. Some might say Heroes was going downhill but the episode says the exact opposite time kring promised loast good episodes and he kept it. It was just brillliant words can't describe how good it was you have to see it. This episode reminding me why I watch this wonderful show :)moreless

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    Ready to change the world.

    By SMGslayer97, May 28, 2010

    Matt, Ando and Daph found Issac's last issue...:gulp:

    Claire and Hiro manage to change the present, one of the firs ttimes that has actually been on this show. They change the future lots but rarely do they change the present. Claire convinces HRG not to bring Claire to the place where she becomes the catlyst and Hiro, through a reunion was his deceased mother (very, very sweet scene), gets his memories back and the catalyst aka the light along with them. I still don't fully get what it is but we know what it does.

    Nathan, Tracey, Arthur and Mohinder make the first moves to make a new generation of ordinary people with extrordinary abilities. Manufactured ones that is, there's already plenty of them in the world thanks to the company but now there's another. Kyle...:D (Ironic that he should end of on Heroes after starring on The 4400) I mean Scott. He's stronger then Mohinder, embedding a steal chair in what I'm assuming was a steal wall. That'll end well.

    At the very least though Pinehearst may only have enough catalyst included formula for something like 50 soldiers, though with Nathan now at the healm totally unapposed who knows what he'll do next. Like father like son apparently, though we don't exactly have to worry about daddy anymore.

    Surprise, surpise Peter couldn't pull the trigger. Though I don't blame him especially considering Arthur was his father and Angela is not to be trusted. But more importantly Peter's no murderer but Sylar is, funny if Arthur had just left Arthur alone he'd probably still be alive. Talk about karma. But anyway when Sylar killed Arthur he killed the light as well. No more maufactured abilities, to bad he was a little to late. One thing I wish he have got to know before Arthur bit the dust was what on earth he was trying to do in placing Sylar and Elle together, there was a point we just never got to know it. Then again I suppose that's mute now.

    Speaking of Sylar gods I had forgotten just how scary he can be. It's not that I forgot exactly but after everything that he has been through this season, how much he had changed and how little of that side of him we have actually seen this season I did kind of forget just how frightening he could be. And now that we know that at the very least Angela and Arthur aren't his parents, that they were playing him, trying to weild him as their weapon and took complete advantage of him I don't know where this leaves him. Especially considering that he has totally reverted to form. A big piece that were holding him together (thinking he had a family. A different family, which used to be a big wish of his before he discovered he had powers) has been shattered. He can still take abilities without killing but he doesn't seem to have any interest in that anymore. And yet still spared Peter. He killed that woman who was a human lie detector because he wanted her power, he killed Arthur for everything he did to him and all the lies he fed him, he killed those people in that office because they caught him murdering lie detector chick. But what about Elle? Why did he kill her? I still don't understand, he had her power already. She had nothing he wanted. Was it just because he believed he couldn't really ever changed even if he tried? Then why didn't he kill Peter too? I know he doesn't have powers and back in season one Sylar himself said he wasn't a blind murderer, he kills people for reasons (though they may be rediculous, particularly now) but some of the moves he's making contradict one another. I don't have as much faith anymore that he can still be Gabriel but I'm not convinced all he can be is a monster. There may not be a shining redemption, a family, love, a child or anything even close to Gabriel left for him but I'm not quite ready to let go of Gabriel completely. Not just yet.

    Part of it is that I'm clinging to hope about Peter and Sylar, all their similarities. Their lives, their different connections, their similar powers and everything can't just be a coincidence. It can't have all been for nothing, I'm not sure that if there is something there it will be enough to save Sylar in any way shape or formanymore but I still think there may be something there. I'm not willing to let go of the fact that they may be brothers (especially given the extraoridnary lengths they have gone to just to place them together this season), I know it's highly unlikely but a year ago we would have said that about a lot of things when it comes to this show. And as a rule nothing is impossible in the world of Heroes. I'm thinking Vadar in the last minutes of Jedi, with redemptive powers and self sacrifice. One more episode to volume three and in my opinion one last chance to see if there is truly anything in Sylar worth saving, anything that can be saved. Killing Elle, giving into the hunger more ferosciously then he ever has before doesn't leave a lot of room and he's running out of chances.moreless

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    By feraflower, May 28, 2010

    The eclipse is over and the real fight is finally here. Several people are going to be upset about this but Elle's dead. Completely dead. Sylar did kill her. She's gone and Sylar is back to being a villain. That does somewhat annoy me. I liked Sylar being the good guy. The writers though, obviously like Sylar being the villain. Even when he doesn't seem to be the villain anymore, they like to bring him back to being one. Sylar is fed up with being played around by Arthur and Angela but he doesn't quite believe in Noah either. He wants answers and to do that, he'll murder a woman who can detect lies for her power and in a semi-comic moment, kill her employers wishing her a happy birthday. Angela and Arthur sure did a number on their fake son. Peter is tasked by Angela to kill Arthur and he brings along the Haitian with him. Nathan joins up with Arthur and Tracey and gives his decision to join them, if he can become the head of Pinehearst. Arthur initally refuses but Tracey pulls him in. Nathan is somewhat pissed Tracey went behind his back with Arthur but she's not sorry. She's power-hungry and she doesn't care what she has to to get power. Nathan and her have work to do. Pinehearst has rounded up some military commandos for formula experimentation in a sort of supersoliders moment. Nathan talks with a soldier who lost a lot in combat and Nathan thinks he's doing the right thing. Again, no one filled him in on power corrupting. The world will split over who gets to have powers and those who don't. Hiro and Claire stumble into their past to see their origins. Claire meets the past versions of Sandra and Noah and in a confusing time paradox moment, comes into contact with baby Claire. Weird. Claire convinces Noah to not make her the catalyst. Hiro meets up with younger him as well, as well as Mom and Dad. Finally, Hiro's mother is revealed. Sorry, it's not Angela. Hiro's 100% non-Petrelli. Hiro's mother is revealed to be a healer but in the past, she's dying, probably due to the fact that her healing takes health off her. She tries to convince Kaito that Hiro can be the catalyst. Hiro's father mistakes him for a chef. Hiro confronts her and there is a sweet moment as his mom gets to see him as an adult. Hiro reveals his memory loss and his mother heals it. He tells her everything that happened, except that Kaito died, and tells her he's willing to be the catalyst. She trusts him and gives him the power. Hiro's mother was the catalyst. She had the "light", whatever the "light" is. Claire and Hiro meet up. Everything good, right? Nope. Arthur intrudes on the past, sensing Hiro's involvement. In a shock, he steals Hiro's power and the catalyst, whisks Claire back to the present to tell Angela he won, and strands Hiro in the past. Not good. In the present, Matt, Ando, and Daphne look to recover Issac's last story. Ando at last trusts Daphne and Daphne's more accepting to being a good girl. She worked out all her issues with her dad. It takes awhile and outcunning a post-carrier but they get the story, and it reveals Hiro being stranded in the past. The story ends with that. The three deduce that there might be another time-traveler. Ando thinks it could be him and he walks off for Pinehearst, willing for a power. The Haitian senses Peter's conflict with killing his father but Peter's sense of duty outweighs the conflict. He'll do it. Arthur comes back, catalyst with him, and the formula is completed. Nathan, Tracey, and Mohinder are willing to test it out. Arthur senses Peter coming and decides to confront him. The Haitian does his best to block Arthur's powers but Arthur is too strong, a super, superhero. The Haitian can't block forever. Peter hesitates and Daddy goads him that he can't do it, he's weak, how can Peter be his son? Peter fires and. . .Sylar intrudes on the moment, sparing Arthur's life for a second. It's not because he's being nice, he wants to know the truth. Is Sylar a Petrelli? He's not. Peter had to hear it too since he was tricked into believing Sylar was his brother. Sylar says he won't let Peter become a killer, Peter doesn't have it in him. One final kind act for his not-brother. Sylar lets the bullet free and Arthur dies. Sylar lets Peter go because he's powerless. Peter thinks since Daddy's dead, it's over. No. Killing Arthur came too late. The formula is made. The first experiment subject was a success and Nathan is in charge where Daddy left and the future is starting to become true. If people felt frustrated over last week's episode, this episode makes up for it with plenty of surprises, supense, humor, and action. It is too bad Elle had to die. Only one more episode until the next volume. Will Peter get a power back? Will Hiro die? Daphne? How will Nathan and Peter's confrontation play out? And will there be a plane crash as indicated in the spoilers? Next week's episode will answer it all.moreless

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    Lost but not found. The beloved magical touch made legendary in Season 1 has finally made its Second Coming. Welcome back Heroes, and may you have a long life ahead of you. The best this series has to offer.

    By NeoBasch, May 28, 2010

    Not since two years ago has Heroes left such an impression on me that has me jumping up and down with joy. What would prove to be very embarrassing for a grown man has awakened my inner geek inside. Everything... everything about this episode was simply mesmerizing: the characters, story, music, writing; I enjoyed everything.

    Season 2 had the character development of Season 1. Season 3 had the story. Now, Our Father has not only managed to combine the two winning aspects of Season 1, but trumped any previous attempt. This is by far Heroes' finest hour, and I couldn't ask for a better lead in to the volume's finale.

    I was on the edge of my seat the whole hour; couldn't miss a single beat.

    I am geeking out right now. Matter of fact, this is my first time writing a review for this site. Not that I have never tried before. Believe me, I have. It's just I had no idea what to write about, and it took me a long time to just come up with one sentence. Everything had to be just right. I realized then, that it sounded to recap-ish. So I deleted everything, wiped it from my hard drive as who would want to read a boring recap for a review. Now, I understand.

    This episode has inspired me to take a more spontaneous approach. Works wonders. For me, this is the best way to go about giving impressions, and I can think of no other episode more suited for my first review. Here is to many more to come.

    Whether you have this on DVR or waiting for NBC to throw the episode up on their website, you owe it to yourself to catch this once in a lifetime episode... What are you waiting for?!? Go; GO NOW!!! Watch Heroes' historic comeback! And last but not least, may I extend an open hand to all those who jumped ship prior to this episode. Welcome back! Heroes is here to stay.moreless

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    Best HEROES Episode EVER!!!!!!!!(spoilers warning)

    By monda44, May 28, 2010

    this episode was the best in the series till now, well atleast in season 3. the 3rd season was really great actually, i loved it, and i dont care about the stupid critics, I LOVE HEROES!. But this episode was special, i never thought not even a single moment that hiro will be lost in time, and arthur, yes arthur DIES! And my Lovely sylar that i miss in the show is back, and what a hell of a return. And peter, he acually shot his father....that was really shocking. Overall this episode was absolutely amazing, Ireally give it a 100 not a 10. This show really shows the meaning of TV series, and not bunch of crap like supernatural and some stupid comedy shows, THIS IS the BEST!moreless

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    In this episode we get to meet some old and new Heroes. See new and synthetic abilities evolve. Hiro continues his journey with Claire 16 years in the past and meets his father and mother once more.

    By sijbrenrintjema, May 28, 2010

    The episode starts with Hiro and Claire at the deveaux rooftop where Bennet accepted baby Claire as a company assignment. Hiro read in the comic that he and Claire need to prevent baby Claire becoming the catalyst.

    We see Ishi and Kaito talk about using baby Claire as the catalyst which is now in Ishi who is very ill. When young Hiro sees a pigeon who is almost dead in a cage he asks his mother to heal it.

    In the present dat we see Sylar getting a call from Arthur. In this conversation Sylar is telling Arthur that he wants to now the truth and that he is operating by himself from now when the name Sue Landers shows up. The scene continues with Sylar burning Elle's body.

    Peter and The Haitian are going to try and stop Arthur because Nathan has gone native. Peter and The Haitian are the only ones who can stop Arthur now.

    In the next scene we see Nathan joining with Arthur and supporting his plan for use of synthetic abilities. Claire meets Sandra in the past and helps with taking care of little Claire. In the next scene Sylar is visiting Sue Landers to take here power which is 'Human Lie Detection'. Daphne, Matt and Ando get their hands on Isaac's Sketchbook. Hiro gets his memory healed by his mother and becomes the catalyst. When he and Claire try to leave Arthur shows op and absorbs Hiro's power and the light, Arthur now becomes the new catalyst. Arthur sends Claire back and pushes hero of the rooftop

    Sylar now has the ability to detect lies and confronts Arthur when he meets Peter and The Haitian, Peter fires the gun. Sylar stops the buleet claiming Peter is not a killer, and he kills Arthur which already used the light to make synthetic abilities.

    Scott, the test subject now has the synthetic ability of 'Enchaned Strength'.moreless

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