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    Interesting start to season three, but is it what we hoped for?

    By lazarius12, Dec 15, 2010

    After nine months of waiting, Heroes is back with the premiere of season three. While it does kick start a few interesting story lines and raise a dozen new questions, it also leaves a bitter taste in some areas. Mohinder discovering the ability to give people powers sounds like an interesting direction, but it takes the unique quality away from the original heroes when anyone can have a power. One thing we can count on with the show will be it's ability to confuse us with each scene. Now with the thought in our heads that any hero could easily become a villain, while any villain could jump ship to become a hero, we should have plenty of twists and turns to look forward to.

    So even with some elements feeling a bit stale, I think we can expect a much better season than season two.moreless

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    A Great Starter, let's hope they keep it up...

    By bangor09, Dec 15, 2010

    There was answers, but still they neglected one that I felt was important, What happened to Peter's Irish Girlfriend who got stuck in a Virus-infested alternative future? ok, with that said... let's start on these one.

    We get YET a glimpse of another future that must be avoid, and at the same answer of who shot Nathan.

    Now don't get me wrong, I love the whole cast, but this series is going to loose a lot of drama if ANY character gets revived, I mentioned that on one of my reviews of last season, (I called it "The Phoenix Pill Effect") and I say it again.

    Cool to see what power the Petrelli's mother has, not to mention she confronts the new visitor from the future without thinking it twice (about time, mom!)

    Weird that Mohinder just decided to quit his work on asiolating the gene so easily and so easily started on a new project just on a say-so.

    Linderman's back, sort of...

    Hiro's got a new quest, a nemesis, and a future shock, every season we see a doomsday scene, this time Tokyo gets it... And to some degrees we get and Star Wars Episode 3 scene....

    Sylar gets what he always wanted, and took him only two seasons, not bad...

    Check this episode, it's one of the most solids season openers yet.moreless

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    They need better scriptwriters... because the plot is good, but the writing? Oh my.

    By JBentham, Dec 15, 2010

    Well, well, Heroes is back. After so many months of hiatus, the show is finally back. You'd thought they at least made sure that the first episode is written well.

    But it wasn't. Seriously, I like the direction where the plot is heading, but the dialogs, the character motivations, well, they are just broken.

    Nathan's cringe worthy preaching, the face palm inducing speedster, the awfully cliché future vision of Hiro; Really, city getting destroyed? Or the world? I don't care. It's been done before.

    Nikki still alive? Why? Okay, different alter ego, but she BLEW UP! How is she intact? Linderman resurrected. How, and why? Why does nobody die in this show?

    Nathan undied, Nikki undied, Linderman undied... all in just one episode.

    Oh and the dialog between Claire and Sylar was probably the worst written 5 minutes of this show yet.

    But my most favorite part is Mohinder injecting himself just like that. Awfully out of character... But still, I do like the villains idea and I did feel excited for some scenes.moreless

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    The two-hour Volume 3 premiere is a step up from the amateur-hour plotting of Generations, but the spark of life of season 1 seems lost forever.

    By pureWasted, Dec 15, 2010

    There was something special about Heroes season 1. Maybe it's that the show was unburdened by expectations and past missteps, maybe it's that the ideas felt fresh and exciting, or maybe it's simply that the writing was witty and even, dare I say it, intelligent. Back then, it was unadulterated, unabashed pop-entertainment, but the quality was high and "guilty pleasure" never really seemed appropriate. Generations did not even qualify for that honor, re-treading many of season 1's stories, making a whole slew of new mistakes, and being generally subpar at everything in the process. The premiere of Villains is certainly a few steps above that -- the characters are once again united by a single interweaving plot, as they were in season 1, which is sure to make the story interesting. There's already been plenty of excitement and certain visions we've seen suggest that lots of explosive conflict lies ahead. But for its good looks, its soapy heart, and its able form, the show seems to be missing a soul.

    In the two-hour Villains premiere moments of true greatness are not only nowhere in sight, they would be wholly inappropriate given the content of the episodes. Cheap, efficient dialogue moves scenes along at a brisk pace and only Hiro and Ando seem to walk away unscathed as usual. They've lost little of the charm -- and seem to have gained some due to the reunion after Generations split them up. None of the cast get to work for their keep in the Villains premiere, through no fault of their own: neither the writing nor the directing offers any of them opportunities to shine or test themselves. Those that can regularly be counted on glide by with the simple material they are given, and those that cannot are not exceptionally embarassed. Even the score is mediocre, though, to be fair, there is little material worthy of scoring on the screen.

    Villains seems bent on fixing Generation's missteps such as splitting up key characters and separating their stories into uninvolved filler. The problem is that Genesis made many similar mistakes, but it was forgiven because of the show's unique identity. And now in pursuit of its former glory it loses track of the qualities that made it stand out. More than ever Heroes seems solid in its footing as a pulp show, and the relative successes over Generations only accentuate this change. It is an efficient show - and that is saying much after Generations - and for that, next week it will retain a viewer, but for now that is all that can be said.moreless

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    A hero from an alternate reality tries to fix everything that's happing in the future. He travels to the past to undo all the damage.

    By sijbrenrintjema, Dec 15, 2010

    The episode starts with Future Peter running for his live, he jumps into a building where he finds Future Claire with a gun 4 years from now. Future Claire shoots him, but he stops time, takes the gun and goes back to the past at the press conference where Nathan is going to reveal his powers to the public. Peter shoots Nathan, runs and is chased by Present Peter. Future Peter captures Present Peter and sends his body to the future into the body of Jesse Murphy, a level 5 prisoner at the company prison. Nathan heales from the shooting by apparantely "Mr. Linderman".

    Hiro gets a DVD message from his father. The message says that Hiro never should open the safe. Hiro doesn't listen to his father and finds a half formula inside. The formula gets stolen By Daphne, who calls herself a "Speedster".

    Hiro travels into the future because he wants to know what happens with the formula and to the world, he finds Ando there which somehow has a power now. Hiro sees Ando stealing the half of the formula.

    Sylar visits claire at her home to steal her powers. Sylar keeps her alive. Mohinder Suresh finds out how the abilities of evolved humans appear and injects himself with a dose. Mohinder changes into a human with advanced reflexes.

    Matt gets send to an unknown place by Future Peter after Matt found out that Peter is not the Present Peter but Future Peter.

    Angela Petrelli confronts future peter and reveals her power.moreless

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    Claire is enjoying her time on the set of Scream while Peter decides the gun really is mightier than a conversation...

    By FluffyBullet, Dec 15, 2010

    So, overall I'd say decent comeback. I mean, I'm on the fence because Heroes can be both brilliant and awful. It started off slow, took of big time towards the end of season one and pretty much crashed and burned all through season two. Still, I wont pretend I'm not hooked.

    Starting off, the beginning was awesome, even though Claire still bores me (people, Hayden Panettiere can't act, why wasn't she sent to that creepy ass facility?), future Peter shooting Nathan? Loved it, even though I don't really see why he couldn't just go back and, oh, I don't know, TALK to Nathan and tell him not to tell because it would destroy the world? Anyone? I also wish Nathan would have stayed a creepy looking instead of a boring man of God preaching about angels. Still. Linderman is back so it might turn out interesting, plus coupled with Suresh's injection this might turn into an interesting take on man playing God and reconstructing humanity in the shape of divinity.

    Also, it could end up being pointless crap.

    Hiro was a delight as usual, the first scene when he's bored in his office playing with the minutes was rather awesome, and he and Ando are always hilarious. The Speed-y chick wasn't really impressive but the fact of her was, I mean how speed looked in its frozen state and how she could move around and stuff even though time apparently stood still. Could be cool. The glimpse of the future was appropriately tantalising, all arrows are pointing in one direction, and it may be good, but there's no way to know for sure…

    Which would be an appropriate time to bring up Suresh and Maya, while this is of course highly relevant and important to the plot it was kind of boring. I mean, they don't really have that much chemistry, neither of the characters are all that interesting… Give them some better material and maybe, but that was just kind of bleh. Not as bad as the cheesy horror flick Claire and Sylar stumbled into though. Man, that was bad. Why would she hide in a closet, seriously? And the humming? Please.

    But we have to love future Peter, I mean, he's hotter than current Peter that's for sure, and he got rid of Matt! Oh Matt, if only you would stay gone… Still, it's all very important plot wise obviously. Which is what I always enjoyed about Heroes, the strong plot. Plot is important people! Arch-stories are all well and good but nothing beats a good plot, makes us believe there's some meaning to this world! Though they are a bit obvious, first the destruction of Tokyo, then the image in the desert, then the graffiti on the wall just after Suresh gains his super powers. Way to bludgeon in the nails people… For more reviews see

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    Redefining moment for a unique show.

    By LyndaM, Dec 15, 2010

    The first episode of season there had me very worried. It could either be very good and make me want to turn in or it could leave me asking why do I bother to watch. The season three first episode ("The Second Coming") made me stand up and cheer. HEROES was back and in fine form reminding me of season one and the terrific turns and angles that made me leave "24". I want to offer Tim Kring and cast, writers, production crew a huge kudo for the work they did. The writers strike looks like it paid off.

    Of course, when I saw the title, I knew that it would involve our favorite villian, Sylar. He's got a huge grude going, and he wanted Claire. He had not succeeded before in getting her ability so he would try again. More on that in the next episode!

    I was so afraid that Nathan was going to die. Here he is, shot twice in the chest, heading to the hospital and we learn that it was his brother, Future Peter, who did it. His miraculous healing took me by surprise. Not more so than the revelation he had and Lindeman's appearance.

    I could write more but that would ruin the fun of this first episode!moreless

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    By Ploki_Ikolp, Dec 15, 2010

    So, Heroes season 3 starts off with a bang, this episode was really intense, I feel like I have to watch it all once again to properly follow all the twists and turns. This is exactly why I watch this show, the writers never disappoint me. Well, apart from a dip last season, they haven't disappointed me at all. I was hoping for a great start of the season, because there are few other shows on tv right now, that keeps the anticipation up every week. I've really missed this show and I'm so happy it's back, will be tuning in every week!moreless

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    Shaking off the doldrums of Season 2

    By jamoon2006, Dec 15, 2010

    "Heroes" comes back in a big way with a new season and a story arc that hints that the show may be fully embracing its comic book roots and setting up some epic confrontations. But future plot points aside, the show has already rectified some of the problems that plagued Season 2:

    1. Hiro and Ando are back together. These guys were the best part of Season 1, and I'm glad they're together again for more misadventures.

    2. An established threat has been set from the season premiere. We know Sylar is back and the other villains are on the loose. In the earliest episodes of Season 2, we spent so much time in feudal Japan and with Maya and Alejandro, it took forever for the new bad guys to be introduced. Fortunately, with Season 3, unnecessary exposition has been cut out and we get right into the action.

    Maybe too much happened in this hour, and there are still flaws (Milo Ventimiglia is a terrible actor, no matter how you cut it), but "Second Coming" did a great job of kicking off the new season.moreless

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    A fast paced, adrenaline charged, action packaged season premiere.

    By ionee24, Dec 15, 2010

    Heroes starts with a bang as unseen twists and double crosses - the least of which is the identity of who shot Nathan Petrelli - sends beloved characters

    through much darker paths than we ever expected. Time travel breaks families apart, the least of them being the Walker-Parkman-Suresh, as Peter tries to fix the future even if he must break both the Petrelli and the Bennet clan in the process while Claire & Mohinder discover the true nature of a power that might change each of them forever in their own unique way.

    All in all a great opening that shows the audience what to expect from this season.moreless

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